Lucidity Challenge 47 - Winner Rhewin

Well better late than never. Need to play some catch up with Thorn already.

Lucidity Challenge 47 Signups (Name - Team - Personal Goal)

  1. Scipio Xaos - Grass - Update my Scales Armor
  2. Thorn - Grass - Become my avatar
  3. drd - Fire - Fire a mouth laser
  4. prose42 - Water - Become a vampire
  5. Letaali - Fire - Visit the frozen planet
  6. obfusc8 - Fire - Tame and ride a fellbeast
  7. James_UK2008 - Grass - Become a Lizardman
  8. Siiw - Grass - Make something in a dream and recreate it IRL
  9. Koharo - Fire - Learn the werewolf girl’s name
  10. Dragoon - Fire - Grow some wings and fly through the sky
  11. Wyvern - Water - Find out the name of the silver demon
  12. Tggtt - Water - Achieve collective consciousness.
  13. eMander - Grass - Bring an inanimate object to life.
  14. Rhewin - Fire - fly the Red TARDIS while it’s on fire.

Edit: I didn’t see the whole class etc. thing. I guess I will put my class as Avenger (not as in Marvel Comics, but one who seeks revenge).

I will use this avatar:

Right so I’m kicking off with a Medium LD, featuring pyrokinesis and breathing fire. Trying to summon a weapon gave me grief. :neutral: Will have to try again…

SPOILER - Click to view

LDs: Short 0, Medium 1, Long 0

Week 1
Pyrokinesis, breathing fire.


I had a lucid dream last night! I used the SSILD-technique for the second time and it was the first time it worked, which I think is really fast, considering it was only the second try :grin:

The dream onfortunelately was kinda short. I remember most parts really blurry but I know that when I was actually dreaming it was kinda realistic. I remember standing in the living room and suddenly knowing I was dreaming. At first, I tried making the dream as vivid as possible by pushing my finger through my hand as a RC. The first time it didn’t work but after several attempts it finally did. After doing this I was completely sure I was in a dream and tried not to be overexcited. I remembered the LC and thought about which of the goals I’d like to clear. I tried the subtasks but I miserably failed at both. At last I tried forming an elemental weapon, a fire katana which would burn an enemy immedately. I closed my eyes trying to visualize the weapon at my side and changing the environment to something more fitting. I remember feeling the sword at my side but when I tried opening my eyes the dream collapsed and I woke up :sad:.
Well, I hope this is enough to get some points and I’ll definitely try again tonight ^-^.

obfusc8: Alright! First subtask completion(s!) of the LC! I’m a bit disappointed that your fire breathing was so weak, though. :tongue:

Dragoon: Due to the fact that you weren’t able to see or utilize the elemental weapon at all, I’m not awarding any task points. However, I did give you points for the short LD, as well as the seldom-used “first time becoming lucid with a technique” points.

Scores (and team advantages!) have been updated
And while I updated scores I accidentally deleted Rhewin… :neutral: I’ll fix that soon. :razz: While he’s deleted the Fire team advantage is a bit off.

Had a medium-length LD last night in which I made a small tree grow into a massive tree.


Had a medium length LD last night where I took over the body of a massive dragon that was sent to attack me. I then breathed fire to scare the people who had initiated the attack. :razz:

eMander: Nice. Although a bit different from what I had in mind for the task, which was making plants grow out of nowhere, it’s clear that you still made plants grow… with your mind, so I’m giving you points.

I also got your stuff recorded, Wyvern.

Scores are updated and Rhewin is back with his typo fixed. :tongue:

A bit o’ pyrokinesis in an ND last night.

Had a short unstable LD with no tasks, then a medium one. I ignited a throwing dagger then threw it at a skyscraper which made the whole building catch fire. Does this make up for my unimpressive fire-breathing? :smile:

LDs: Short 1, Medium 2, Long 0

Week 1
Pyrokinesis, breathing fire.
Elemental weapon[/spoiler]

Short lucid dream+ waterbending in a non-lucid dream. I also consider a spear made from ice as an elemental weapon. Full dream

Just to make it clear, I was underwater and turned large amount of water into massive ice spears. It’s waterbending.

The Water team has decided for the fictional guest to be a Mew! :razz:
(which may or may not conveniently be our Taskmaster)

I had a lucid moment. It was more than a “I wonder if this is a dream”, but the lucidity lasted for literally seconds. No tasks done.

Rhewin: Rhewin not just point dumping everything? Madness!

obfusc8: Sweet. I like how a small fire dagger made an entire building catch on fire. :tongue:

Letaali: Yep, that’s waterbending. The reality warping machine was rather interesting, and I’m also surprised you came upon a dragon that you didn’t kill! :razz:

Siiw: Alright, counted as a short lucid dream.

Scores have been updated!

Alright, so 48 hours have passed and the teams have decided what to do for Team Dreams!

The Fire Team was given the choice of what EXTREME activity will be done at our LC launch party. They decided to participate in a team-appropriate Fire/Lava drinking contest! Have you ever been dared to drink something super spicy before? Well now we’ll be taking that to the next level! This’ll be pretty hot, so it’ll be easy to pair this up with any of the Fire subtasks for more points! Please drink responsibly!

The Water Team was given the choice of an interesting fictional character or historical figure who would be impossible to meet in waking life to go to the party. They decided to pick a completely nondescript Mew (from Pokemon) as the special guest! This Mew might not be me, but it also might conveniently be me! So, I’d definitely try pairing this up with the host-insert subtask. The other party guests might not appreciate an elemental battle between the two (or more, if other water team members are there!) of us in the middle of a party, but then again, this is the LC launch party!

The Grass Team was given the choice of an imaginary or fantastical food to bring to the party! They decided to bring Ambrosia, the food of the gods, to the party! Food of the gods… so, cheeseburgers? :tongue: Anyway, the team plans to consume some of it to gain godlike powers and get some subtasks done, so that’ll be fun! But wait… who’s bringing the chips?!

So yeah, the Team Dreams are all locked in! I’ve updated the score pages and the task post itself to reflect this. Anyway, I hope you all try to attempt a team dream! They’re worth a lot of points, and hey, these three team dreams all take place at the LC launch party. It’d be pretty easy to chain them all together for some serious points! Anyway, good luck and have fun!

I had a short lucid dream and a medium-length lucid dream this morning, posted here. The second dream has an attempt at my personal goal, but the dream ends before I can finish it.

Got it. Looks like the LC hype invaded your dreams. :grin: Maybe I should try making this LC elimination based… :plotting: or maybe not… :content:

I am very sorry, but I need to pull out of this competition, because of a medical condition which is severely affecting my sleep. There are no dreams to report from last night, but I hope the short LD from yesterday will still count for the team.

Points from other team members will count more when they are divided between fewer people, right?

I haven’t registered for this challenge yet - I’m thinking of sitting this one out, letting my dreams recover for a bit, and rejoining for the next challenge.

As I’m not registered for this one, my dreams don’t count for points, but anyway: last night became lucid from a nightmare. Followed by a false awakening, where I thought that I had been sleep-walking in the previous lucid segment. Which then gave rise to a dilemma when I become lucid again: I know that I’m dreaming, and nothing is real, so I can deal with the ultra-violence that’s taking place in any way I like without it mattering. But what if I’m sleep walking as well, and I really do have a gun in my hand? Am I at risk of killing someone for real, in the waking world, that I can’t see, if I fire at dream creatures? (This fear is somewhat irrational, as I don’t really have firearms in the house, but it gave me reason to pause while lucid.)

Long LDlast night. No tasks. Thought I was doing the Monthly Quest but went Through the Looking Glass instead of Down the Rabbit Hole. #facepalm :cry:

LDs: Short 1, Medium 2, Long 1

Week 1
Pyrokinesis, breathing fire.
Elemental weapon[/spoiler]

Last night, I had an ND, where I created (or perhaps summoned) a spear made out of quartz. And while I think that’s an elemental weapon, I’m guessing it probably doesn’t count because there’s no earth/ground team.

Siiw: I’m hoping that you reconsider pulling out. :sad: The LC is a great source of fun and motivation, and all the team activities are meant to allow people to boost each other’s motivation together. I doubt anyone thinks you are “dragging down the team”, so I hope that you stay in, even if you can’t participate as actively as you wish. For now, I’m not removing you from the LC entirely, because I really wish that you reconsider this. I know you’ll thoroughly enjoy this LC. :content: Also… it’s hard for me to remove members so I can’t do it at school right now. :tongue:

Susan_Y: We all need a break from the LC every once in a while. It’s too bad you’re missing mine though! :tongue: Anyway, cya in LC48, and hopefully you’ll complete some LC47 tasks regardless. :wink:

obfusc8: Got it. And that is quite a sad mistake. So close! :razz:

prose42: Yeah, sorry, but the weapon has to be related to the elemental teams for the task to be counted. Just keep trying! :happy:

The scores, they are updated.