Lucidity Challenge 47 - Winner Rhewin

I had a moment in my dream last night in which I wondered if I was dreaming. I urgently needed to get into contact with someone, and kept trying to dial their phone number, but kept getting one digit wrong and having to start over. I realized I typically only had this much trouble dialing a number in dreams, and wondered if I was dreaming. I woke up before I decided this was the case.

The first time you earn some points, is so memorable.

[spoiler]I am categorizing it as a medium length LD. It was long but it had only a few moments of stability.
Despite low vividness I had full recall and lucidity. I could summon rain, it got so heavy that the sound made me ponder if it was raining IRL. Someone woke me up (IRL) before I could do more than that.

eMander: Got it. Getting so close to lucidity can be so frustrating, but whenever that happens to me I find myself just happy that I’m thinking rationally for a change. :tongue:

Tggtt: Congrats! You’re on the board now! And at times it feels like nothing is worse than being woken up by someone in the middle of a lucid dream. Still, the rain sounded rather peaceful. :smile:

Scores be updated!

Another Short LDlast night. Ended before I could do any tasks. Yes. 4th night in a row. :happy: Yep, I know. I’m hogging all the lucids. Mine, all mine! :ebil:

LDs: Short 2, Medium 2, Long 1

Week 1
Pyrokinesis, breathing fire.
Elemental weapon[/spoiler]


I had a short LD and I managed to create a powerful water weapon, constructed by waterbending for waterbending.

After some more waterbendings, I also got more rain, and waterbent rain… the madness. I’m glad it was short enough, because I would probably kill mew afterwards (I believe that fighting mew would be the next task).
I got up and then later I got to sleep again and I had a HLD in which I was mostly sure it was an LD but RCs were failing, then I decided to stay low because I was angry at some DCs (that were also real people IRL).
DETAILS.(Tuesday Entry)[/spoiler]

I was 100% sure I was dreaming, but I was driving a car and couldn’t RC. Afterwards in another dream I was in some other family’s house and believed to be in a dream again and wanted to summon a woman. I don’t recall being lucid in either dream so I guess that was just wondering if I’m dreaming.

obfusc8: Man, you are on a roll! Stop hogging all the LD’s, I want one!

Tggtt: Got it. Summoning rain already got you points, and you cannot repeat subtasks (unless specified). Nice waterbending, and I liked the weapon you made. Also, I counted your “HLD” as “question you are dreaming but not become lucid” points since that what it seemed like. If that wasn’t what it was, but instead a short LD, tell me. Anyway, you seem so sure of your ability to kill me. I won’t go down without a fight. :ebil:

Letaali: So close! Hopefully next time you’ll fully realize you’re dreaming.

Scores are updated

Did you know that you can get lucid by eating microwaved bread filled with candy-hearts? A least that’s what a DC said in one of my dreams last night. She even gave me a whole tutorial on how to make it. Not gonna try it though because it sounds disgusting xP. Sadly didn’t do a reality check but I was close to becomjng lucid. Gonna try tonight as well ^^.

One medium lucid dream, one long one where I lost and regained lucidity, and then I questioned if I was dreaming last night. Not bad for a dry spell that’s lasted since school!

In the medium LD I both summoned rain to make a tree grow to slow down a monster… unfortunately the details are really hazy for me now.

In an ND I also breathed fire.

Dragoon: You should try it some time! Following a DC’s advice can lead to surprising results! A creative way to do passive recall is to put faith in the advice of other dream characters!

Rhewin: There’s the point dump! See you in a few days for your next one! :razz:

The scores are updated. And the Fire and Water team are tied at subtask completions per member right now!

In a normal dream, I had a pet Mew! (Well, I thought it was a kitten, but a DC started talking about it being a Mew…) It was black though… but it kept turning invisible and flying around. There were a lot of random DCs, and it was definitely a party, but no-one recognisable as members of the LC or any of the teams.

I had no recall from the night thanks to the alarm, but I just took a nap and wondered if I was dreaming. Another bad dream I’m afraid.

SPOILER - Click to view

I was in my grandma’s house when suddenly some men showed up and broke in. The one at the front door stabbed a knife into me with such a force that I flew backwards and hit the ground. I feared for our lives and the robbers looked crazy. “This has to be a dream” I though. I recall doing a RC and seeing 4 fingers and not becoming lucid. " I “blacked out” and we were locked into a room. I was crying, but thinking of a way to contact the police. Our phones were taken so I had to escape and borrow a neighbor’s phone. I looked for a suitable window to jump through, when I noticed there was a window in the ceiling and I could see three more floors and a tower. The house was also yellow. “This looks nothing like grandma’s house”. I felt my sleeping body and woke up.

Last night, I had a false awakening where the time on my phone was 9am, which I thought was weird. At some point, I did a nose pinch RC, but I passed so I figured I was awake. Now, I’m about 50-50 on whether I was actually awake at the time of deciding to check. So, I don’t know what to call that.

In a short LD this morning, I set my cousin on fire using my mind.

obfusc8: Nice! Counted for the Water Team’s Team Dream subtask, since it included you interacting with a Mew at a party.

Letaali: Aw. :sad: Hopefully you’ll get lucid soon. On the bright side, you got five points? :neutral: :tongue:

prose42: I’m just going to assume that was a dream and give you the five “wonder if dreaming” points.

drd: And drd finally gets on the board! Woo! :happy:

Updated scores, I have.

Welp, this is going to happen. :woah:

Lucidity Challenge 47 Signups (Name - Team - Personal Goal)

  1. Scipio Xaos - Grass - Update my Scales Armor
  2. Thorn - Grass - Become my avatar
  3. drd - Fire - Fire a mouth laser
  4. prose42 - Water - Become a vampire
  5. Letaali - Fire - Visit the frozen planet
  6. obfusc8 - Fire - Tame and ride a fellbeast
  7. James_UK2008 - Grass - Become a Lizardman
  8. Siiw - Grass - Make something in a dream and recreate it IRL
  9. Koharo - Fire - Learn the werewolf girl’s name
  10. Dragoon - Fire - Grow some wings and fly through the sky
  11. Wyvern - Water - Find out the name of the silver demon
  12. Tggtt - Water - Achieve collective consciousness.
  13. eMander - Grass - Bring an inanimate object to life.
  14. Rhewin - Fire - fly the Red TARDIS while it’s on fire.
  15. Eilatan - Grass - Visit Dream Guy

Well, after many conversations and trying to convince myself, I finally decided to sign up. It’s likely I won’t LD, but I do miss incubation. My reason for joining is because my dreams have been so screwed up over the last year that the other night I woke up in the middle of the night thinking, “Holy crap, if I join the LC my dreams will stop being so weird.”

So here I am. I hope the grass team doesn’t mind me, since I picked them due to my green dreams.

Please don’t kill me D=

Edit: Oops. My class is Lookout Rogue :peek:

Welcome, new challenger! I’ve added you to the score page and PM’ed you your group workspace (though you shouldn’t really need to use it for a while). ANYWAY, more people are always welcome!*

*Until we hit 20 participants, or it’s like the last day of task 5. :razz:

Point dump now.

Alrighty, 2 nights ago I had 2 medium LDs and 1 long one.

In the first medium one, I made it rain. I also made fire appear in my hand.

In the second medium one, I waterbended a lake.

In the third LD which was long, I made a plant grow and had a party with Tggtt and fictional guest Mew, who also happened to conveniently be Mew151. I had an elemental battle with him. :razz:

EDIT: Removed the last claim. Thundersword doesn’t count.

Had a short LD, 3 med LDs, and a long LD. Unfortunately failed to manipulate the required elements, and encountered a Mew with armor somewhat similar to Mewtwo’s. url=[/url]

I had a long LD and grew some plants! :cool_laugh: