Lucidity Challenge 47 - Winner Rhewin

Long LDlast night. Did some tasks! -Traded my watch for a DC’s coat. Made it rain. Did some waterbending. Grew an oak tree and then erhem, ‘interacted’ with a DC in an inn. :cool:

EDIT: Oh and hopefully that was a suitable town for the main task? It wasn’t a town I recognised, and it had RPG features like cobbled streets and old fashioned medieval/wattle & daub style houses. [size=59](Just ignore the motorbikes :grin: [/size]

Lol… so I’m not the only sad muppet to work out the maths! :content: I have extra long shifts for the next two weeks at work, so I’m probably not going to join the extended task. Simply won’t have the brain power or sleep time to memorise/complete 25 more tasks… although if the bingo boards are publicly visible, might just poach any tasks that interest me for my personal goals list… best of luck to the bingo fans, I’ll sit this one out.

So in a medium LD, I went an rpg-like town, cobble stone floors, medieval housing, the whole works. Pretty much had to visit a dream I had the night before and find a town.
I went to an Inn and despite being a dream, found that I had to use the washroom… >.> Inside, I found a DC who was indeed in distress. The toilet was broken and he was trying desperately to fix it before anyone found out. I found myself no longer having to go and decided to help the guy out.
(I was reminded of this )
Dream logic said all I had to do was stick the plunger in the toilet and voila. The toilet glowed and was fixed! Some kind of achievement appeared before my eyes and that was that.

So uh… is this interacting with a DC in an Inn? Helping a DC in distressed? :razz:

A few people on LD4all are aware that I teach classes in many places but am often in conference rooms such as those in hotels. It was only a matter of time before I dreamed of doing this, which counts for the Inn task (as the description allows modern hotels). I do so in the second dream here.

Had some dreams last night that might be task pertaining. They can be read here. In the first I save an Old Lady who may be a damsel but not in so much distress, and in the second I wake in an Inn. I’ll leave it up to Mew whether either is task worthy.

Siiw: Gambling is fun! Added you to the list of bingo participants. :grin:

Tggtt: Of course the mathy statistics guy wouldn’t like gambling. :tongue: Anyway, added up all those points.

Thorn: Woo! Finally, you will be able to participate in one of these stupid and/or crazy extended task things that only you seem to do. :tongue: Also, points added.

james_uk2008: Yay! Points on the board! Keep at it! :happy:

obfusc8: Nice! I hope that you still get plenty of awesome dreams despite the fact that you’ll be busy the next few weeks!

Wyvern: Sweet. It got both things done. Added the points, though I’m not sure if you need them. :tongue:

Eilatan: I counted the DC in distress subtask, but it seems like the “Inn” was just a house you are familiar with? Maybe I just read it wrong? Regardless, you now have points! Yaaay!

And in a ND from this morning, I grew plants with my MIND POWERS. So I finally get points! :tongue:

Scores are updated

Mew, I wasn’t in a house I was familiar with. It was an Inn in Tortall’s capital of Corus. Which is the town that contains the palace… I just realised how nerdy this stuff sounds. X_x

Oh, I misread the post. (Which is weird because I read it multiple times :eh: ) Awarded points.

I wondered if I was dreaming last night, when a RPG style battle between a knight and a demon was displayed yet another time with yet another background. I didn’t visit a town or trade/buy any visit, it was all just battle.

^Got it.
Also a reminder: Bingo cards will be generated tomorrow and be visible from the individual score pages! If you want to participate but haven’t signed up yet, tell me as soon as possible!

I can barely recall dreams thanks to this flu and fever, but I was with some x-men in a town built on top of a mountain. The peak had been cut off and a town had been built on the new flat area, I guess. There were mountains around us and lakes below. Pretty cool looking area. Also, the town looked pretty abandoned, which was good since the bad guy’s laser destroyed most of it.

^^ Hope you get well soon, Letaali. :sad:

Another Long LDlast night. Rescued some DCs in distress.

SPOILER - Click to view

LDs: Short 3, Medium 2, Long 3

Week 1
Pyrokinesis, breathing fire.
Elemental weapon
Mew at a party.
Made it rain. Waterbending. Made plants grow.
Week 2
Visit a Town. Traded with a DC. Interacted with a DC in an inn.
Rescued DCs in distress.


I had a medium length lucid dream last night. I completed alot of tasks! I breathed fire, peformed pyrokinesis, completed my personal goal and saved a DC in distress (actually a whole school lol).

I was having lunch break at school. Suddenly it was time to go to class. Some people tried to get outside but the door was locked. People started to panic so I dug into my backpack and found my own keys. Suddenly I realised it was a dream and that I could help everyone. I used one of the keys from my backpack to open the door and it worked! While everyone ran outside I thought about what I wanted to do next. I decided I wanted to fly so I imagined big wings and tried to hover for a bit. At first it was hard but then I closed my eyes and imagined I flew high through the sky. While flying I remembered the previous tasks and tried to breath fire. It worked! Then I burned some clouds by looking at them. I did this until I woke up :happy:.

Last night in a couple of NDs, I talked to Neil Patrick Harris and drank orange juice in a bar, looted the store of a goblin in a video game-y thing, and stayed in two separate mansions (ordinarily, I wouldn’t think of mansions as inn-like, but it seemed like whole parties of people were staying at both. Also, I couldn’t figure out who owned mansion #2).

Also, and this has nothing to do with the LC, there were these super-weird ocean cows. Like briny longhorns that couldn’t quite figure out how to walk on land.

Letaali: :sad: Get well soon! Anyway, was the town fully abandoned? I already told Scipio that I want the town in question to be… “active”, I guess. Mainly I just don’t want people to claim points for being surrounded by buildings, but rather be in a setting that sort of provides the conveys the “spirit” of an RPG town. Maybe I’m lacking context though. If you could clarify it, then you may receive points.

obfusc8: Nice! I liked the part where you spit bullets into your hand. :tongue: But yeah, that definitely counts as rescuing some distressed DC’s. :razz:

Dragoon: Awesome! That gave you a lot of points. Congrats on doing your personal goal! You can now choose another one to do for 25 points!

prose42: Sweet. I counted points for going to the bar and the inn, but it sounds like the store part was framed as a video game. If you were actually “in” the video game, then I’ll award you points.

Scores be updated. And, bingo sheets have been generated for those who wanted to participate! You can view them on the individual score pages (which means that anyone else can view them as well!). Hopefully all you who signed up get extra points! But for now, I hope you enjoy your -60 points! :ebil:

I am still feeling a bit sick, dreams are somehow messed up.

[spoiler]Since things are messed up, I will let MEW decide it.
Last LD of Saturday:
(medium length but somehow messed up)
I was absent minded for the most part of it. I forgot the plan for doing the tasks, I was desperate to remember when I got lucid. I somehow got into a futuristic city, got into an inn twice. Talked to the guy who works at the inn twice I was hoping for him to help me to remember the plan, he really did help but not much. Helped a little girl who was crying for being lost on the street and returned her to her parents. Got into a shop but just talked, no trades nor buying (I forgot about it). Got into a tavern and talked to some guy there who made me get into a flying car race.
First LD of Sunday: (short LD)
I got into a medieval town this time but things got dark really fast. In an attempt to let there be light… I lit things on fire by willing it and I couldn’t heal a DC despite trying to.

^Added. Didn’t add points for the store since you didn’t receive any items.

My new personal goal is meeting my dream guide ^^

I can’t recall there being anyone else than my group. We were using it for temporary shelter. Agghh…if I just recalled better! I’m sure I’ve done these subtasks several times already. Imaginary towns and pubs and such are not uncommon in my dreams.

Pooooiiiiint! Duuuuuump!!!

In a short LD I saved a DC from an angry bartender in a tavern who was trying to pull out their organs. I also healed said DC. I also gave the bartender a shiny stone in exchange for the DC’s life.

In addition to that short LD, two medium LDs where I did things I shan’t repeat here.

Had a medium length LD when I took a nap today.