Lucidity Challenge 48 - Task 3 - VampireVolfGame

I had a long length LD. I also kicked a DC in the groin. He fell over, and then I healed him with a healing ray.

The NDs here have some points in them. In the first ND, my wish for a washcloth gives a bathtub mat a cloth-like texture for the alchemy subtask—unintentional subtask completions are the best subtask completions. In the second ND, I study a creature in detail, heal myself with a magic spell, and summon a magical creature.

oouchhh. oouuch! what a kind of a groin kick that requires healing afterwards?

“Letaali, you saying you doubt anyone would
read your dreams, makes me want to read
your dreams.”
reverse psychology ftw!!!

rhew, medium ld is fair. considering all circumstances. i think i will mostly get more unclear events like that, unless my lding improves.

Oh no I miss the start of the Challenge!! Ok I go to bed, for SCIENCE! :happy:

It’s almost deadline time and the team advantage could still go either way. Post anything you may have missed! If you didn’t miss anything… power nap!

Scores are updated

[u]Team Participation Rate[/u]
Science Team: 11% (1.1 task per member)
Magic Team: 11% (1.1 tasks per member)

…Really guys? REALLY?!

[title]Task 2 - A Hybrid Future[/title]

Alright, is everyone quite finished? Oh, I see you’ve all taken to magic and science. That’s not quite what I expected. Oh my word. A tie. Well this is the worst… I mean, how did you even manage. Oh dear. This won’t end well.

The Story

[spoiler]Rhewin and teams assemble back in the throne room. The King, Lord Veahan, and Lord Szijak are waiting. Both Lords have smug looks on their faces, each looking as if he was sure his team had beaten the other. The King has no expression.

[color=indigo]“Rhewin,”[/color] he bellows, [color=indigo]“bring forward the winning team. To them I give my blessing, to their leader I give the honor of being my highest advisor. The future of my kingdom rests in their hands.”[/color]

Rhewin inches forward nervously wringing his hands.

[color=blue]“Yes, well, you see, I would like to do that, but you see, so many of them like magic and science, and then there was this whole thing about what healing a wound really meant, an-“[/color]

[color=indigo]“Silence!”[/color] the King’s voice echoes through the chamber. [color=indigo]“Are all Lords of Time this incompetent? Which team has won?”[/color]

[color=blue]“Ah, yes.” [/color]Rhewin clears his throat. [color=blue]“The teams have, uh, tied.”[/color]

The King’s eyes widen with rage.

“Yes, well if you let me explain-“[/color]

[color=indigo]“When you came to me months ago convincing me that I should pick between magic and science, I thought that a Time Lord would know best! Instead, you’ve had my two most trusted advisors at each other’s throats for your little game, and for nothing! No more! I hereby declare magic and science to be equals once again! Clearly it is Time that is the enemy!" [/color]

[color=indigo]"My Lords, destroy the interlopers!”[/color]


Rhewin barely manages to avoid the first few blasts of magic and explosions of science and leads the teams back to the TARDIS.

As he closes the door, a flurry of bullets (much too advanced for their time) pound at the ship’s sides. Just before the TARDIS can take off, one last blast of magic sends it spinning through space and time.

Rhewin manages to get the TARDIS back under control and performs an emergency landing. However, not before a small explosion comes from the console, ending the landing with a hard thud.

[color=blue]“Oh dear,”[/color] Rhewin murmurs, [color=blue]“this will take some time to fix.”[/color]

The LC participants shuffle around, partly interested in what comes next, but mostly bored and ready to start the next task. Rhewin rounds on them.

[color=blue]“And you lot! What do you think you’re doing? A tie? I’ve never seen such an incredible bunch!” [/color]Rhewin sighs. [color=blue]“Well, we were going to go to Minstaria, the planet of the Universe’s Most Comfortable Couch for a relaxing week by the Fountains of Diamond, but according to the console, we’re somewhere in the year 2929. I suppose you want tasks, eh? I don’t know, go find someone who needs help, I’m busy.[/color]

Rhewin prints out a list of groups in the area that are advertising the need for new members, not really paying attention to what groups are actually looking. Rhewin didn’t notice that the TARDIS had picked up and happily printed more than one group that was a bit… dubious. Either way, the mix of magic and science in the world was obvious, no doubt thanks to the tie from almost 2000 years before.

The list reads:

[color=blue]“There, that should work, eh? And um… I don’t know, explore a bit. Try some future food or something while I work out the rest of this now-doomed LC. The TARDIS will provide you with a points break down and the Team Advantages. Which is basically an Everyone Advantage. Congratulations, you have nullified the advantage.”[/color][/spoiler]

You’re in the future now, and nothing much to do except explore around and find a new team. I’ll explain what to expect in these new teams further below since they’re less straight forward than before.

Yet again, none of these tasks actually have to be completed in the year 2929.

The Tasks
Eat food not found on Earth: It’s the future! They’ve gotta have some kind of crazy new dish out there. Eat something that isn’t real food in our world. It can be anything from an actual food product that doesn’t exist to a rubber tire to… well, whatever really. Let’s just hope it tastes well. [color=green]+10 pts[/color]

Speak to an alien: Again, pretty much whatever will work. I don’t care if they’re from another planet or another dimension. I don’t mind if you meet them on Earth. Pretty much the only thing I won’t count is a terrestrial alien (i.e. someone from another country). That would just be boring. [color=green]+15 pts[/color]

Visit a space ship/space station/space colony:
This one’s pretty cut and dry. I don’t care what type of ship or what part of the ship. It’s even fine if it’s a current shuttle or a theoretical space ship from the 1800s. If you have a hard time getting to space, try going to a colony on another planet instead. [color=green]+20 pts[/color]

The Teams
PM me your choice for one of the teams below. I won’t be as strict on the balance this time except to say that each team must have at least 4 members. Again, I may need to move you around, so feel free to give me a second choice as well. If there’s a team you absolutely do not want to be on, let me know also. [color=red]You have 48 hours to pick a team, but if everyone responds sooner, I’ll post the tasks sooner, giving you more time to do the tasks.[/color]

[ND]The Cyborg Team: Not quite man, not quite machine. You enhance your body with technology that can do all sorts of things. It could be an eye implant that gives you a HUD, or rocket feet, or a finger that turns into a toothbrush. The Cyborg Team will have tasks focused on technology in dreams as well as enhancing their own dream body.[/ND]

[HI]The Smuggler Team: Smugglers aren’t necessarily bad guys. They’re just willing to do whatever it takes to make their score. You have to be cunning, sneaky, and a tad bit ruthless. The Smuggler Team will focus on infiltration, possible theft, and beating the other two teams at all costs.[/HI]

[FA]The Space Knight Team: OK, ok. I’ll admit it. Space Knights are totally the Jedi of Dreams. You use your mystical dream powers, the last remnants of magic in this world, to alter the world, bend the wills of others, and, if needed, defend yourself using everyone’s favorite scifi weapon, the laser sword. The Space Knight Team will focus on using dream powers as well as duels with their friends and rivals.[/FA]
[color=red]Magic[/color] [color=blue]and [/color][color=green]Science[/color] [color=blue]Advantage Tasks[/color]
Each former team gets to completely create their own task. The only catch is that the science team must do something related to science and use the keyword “crisis.” The Magic Team must do something related to magic and use the keyword “cage.”

This is another team task and can be completed either alone for [color=green]40 pts[/color] or with a partner for another [color=green]40 pts[/color]. In this particular task, since both teams have one, you can only do your team’s task.

I will PM you all a workspace you can use to discuss, but you don’t have to do it. You should get those PMs in the next hour.

Rhewin youre hilarious!! xD Munchkin would probably be too much boring for you lol.
when does the LC end?

had a WILD. not task related but it was amusing.
used a sleep yoga technique. when i reused it in the middle of the night i went into the in-between state, in this stage i usually feel as if someone is touching my body, long story short i came to understand it as another part of my higher self/subconscious, actually used it to power up my chakra since it seemed like a good idea at the time, eventually i do feel like theres another body on top of mine, it seemed as if his face was to my right, my eyes are closed but i can feel it. it was somewhat alarming but that gave me more reason to open my eyes and look at it.
turned my head to the right and opened my eyes and i saw my brother’s face. it all happened very abruptly, the moment i opened my eyes i was in the dream, it was the smoothest transition into the dream i ever had.
we were flying and as i opened my eyes and saw his face he let me go and broke course. i kept flying a bit and then automatically stopped in mid air, around 2-3 meter above the street. it was an “oh ho” moment, i just fell down on the ground, as if in a snap of finger my flight capabilities were gone xD
actually didnt hurt much or at all.
got up. heightened my lucidity a bit.
i saw a group of people coming around the corner of a building, one of the DC recognized me and walked towards me, he was pretty tall, and thats coming from a tall guy’s prospective. the apathetic way he talked was what made this DC so great ^^

as i saw him i turned around.
you know about that theory that as long as something is not in you line of sight in the dream, if you look back it’ll be gone?
i turned back expecting not to see him, but he was still there, standing, saying apathetically “i know you saw me -.-”
i turn around again, with my back to him, waited a moment, and turn around again to see if he still there … and yet again, he’s there standing, saying “i know you saw me -.-”

seems like that technique doesnt quite work, but i just think that it depends a lot on the amount of awareness you leave in the situation, if you stop putting youre awareness into the DC he should be gone.

anyway, so i figured maybe he can help me! realizing that i said “youre here so you can show me where the giant pie is!”
“sure” he said.

woke up.
didnt get to eat it /= wanted to do the monthly challenge

Unfortunately right now that isn’t working either.

I’m still trying to absorb how these challenges all work and forgot we can include ND dreams in them.

Nearly every dream I’ve had since this challenge started has had people hurt and bleeding in them or injured in some way (brain damaged, bleeding, holes in heads, injured hands and fingers etc etc). I’ve had 3 ND dreams of that sort in the past 24 hrs but unfortunately cause I aren’t aware in those, I don’t think to heal the person (the closest I got was a ND yesterday when I was running over to help my daughter who had fallen over in a playground and had bleeding hands but I woke up just before I got to her).

At least my ND recall is picking up a lot again since we started this challenge.

I thought dvd’s healing was quite creative.

haha that’s funny.

Yeah if you are still thinking of a DC it’s likely he will stay there if you aren’t looking at him. If you want him to change, try thinking of something else being there instead even if its just thinking “girl/woman”.

oh wow, I just lucked out again. I’ve done that within the past 20 hrs in a ND. It was in one of the more complex dreams I had last night or during my afternoon sleep today about 4-6 hrs ago. I didn’t write in my journal as though I could remember seeing and eating weird food which isn’t our food at all, I couldn’t describe it as the memory had been vague as I didn’t get good dream recall of the incident in when I went to write about it.

I wont try asking for points for it seeing I don’t know if I had that dream right before or after this challenge got posted.

Timezone FTW this morning!

Read tasks at 6am and went back to sleep, had a Long LD in which I lost and regained lucidity.

Firstly I ate a baseball cap.
Then flew up into space and smashed into a space-station, lost lucidity and then regained it… Teleported to a colony on Mars and then spoke with an alien.

Hat-trick? :cool:

First… wow obfusc8. I was trying to do something similar… unfortunately I forgot my incubation plans in the lucid I had and didn’t pull off nearly as many points as you… :razz:

Anyways… I visited a castle in an LD so points for me! :happy: And another LD by deduction. I hope this keeps up. :happy:

Nuclear Castle ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ Explore a Castle

Stats so Far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 1
Short LDs: 2
Medium LDs: 1
Long LDs: 0

Task 1:-E White Magic | Explore a Castle

@Awe: hey, at least you got the lucid points, right! You still have a few days left in the Quest.

@sea-dove: the increased ND rate is actually a really good thing. It’s means you’re subconsciously paying more attention to your dreams which can make lucidity or incubating a task much easier. I would love to give you points for that task, but you would have had to have read the task before going to sleep. If it makes you feel better, in the last LC I hosted someone did a task a night early three tasks in a row.1

@obfusc8: not even giving the others a chance to catch up, eh? Very well done, sir! And naughty, naughty, peeking up an alien’s skirt like that. -10pts for rudeness! But +10pts because you did all three tasks at once. So… -0pts!

@Scipio: where was that yesterday before the tie?!

Scores are updated

I’ve added a new sheet that shows Task 1’s teams and whether or not you’ve scored advantage pts for that task. Remember, if you go back to do any leftover tasks from Task 1, you’re still a part of your Task 1 Team.

Had another lucid dream! Hooray!

In this one I met a DC who wanted me to prove that this was all a dream… He said if this was really just a dream, I would let him cut my hair… It sounded like a weird proposal, but IRL I have very long hair that I dare not cut :tongue: . Anyways, this dude didn’t look like a professional barber or anything, and the outcome probably wouldn’t be good, but I knew that it was just a LD so I let him do it.

After that I had an FA, but managed to get a degree of lucidity back… although it wasn’t as strong as it was in the first dream. Anyways in this one I was at my favorite restaurant and I saw pie on their menu and remembered the quest, so I ordered that and they brought it out, but It was normal sized, and at this point I wasn’t “lucid enough” to enlarge the pie… oh well… but hey I got a certificate from the DC cashier behind the counter that read “certificate of lucidity”. lol.

Summary :

  • Had a LD, followed by a FA, but manged to gain lucidity again
  • Was close to getting the quest involving the giant pie, but not quite…

haha, that would be something which would happen to me too. I could be intuiting things and obviously no special points for intuiting tasks and doing them early. :tongue: . (Someone used ESP cards on me one time and well against the odds I got the whole lot wrong. It turned out nearly every single card I guessed was the card after the one I was supposed to guess).

Last night… I ND dreamed and completed one of the tasks my team has been discussing for the next task around “cage”. wondering now if it will be that one the team is going to end up choosing sighs what is very strange is I dreamed it in middle of night in what is probably one of my deepest sleep phases, but dreamed it without any dream sight (though in the dream I didn’t think about being blind), I was there though and did it.

lol that is funny. I’m going to try asking a DC for one of those next time I get lucid, it probably would come to me saying something else.

Current sign-ups

  1. Thorn - Visibly and tangibly increase in musculature
  2. sea-dove - Rob a bank
  3. Koal44 - create a DC that have superpowers
  4. obfusc8 - Use Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor
  5. James_UK2008 - Become an Anthro Dragon
  6. Scipio Xaos - S̶P̶A̶A̶A̶A̶A̶A̶C̶E̶! HULK SMASH. (I.e. Hulk TF.)
  7. Montebest - Grow a tail
  8. Susan_Y - Draw/paint something in colour while dreaming
  9. stari_maga - Cover an object in frost
  10. Letaali - Explore the frozen planet
  11. demented - Win a battle against my SC
  12. drd - Fire laser from mouth
  13. Awe - Emit electricity/lightning throughout body
  14. Oleg - Traverse beyond the known universe
  15. Jer - Fly to outer space
  16. Serpentoj - Create a multiplayer game and play with DCs
  17. Zellonous - I want to fly

Hello! I’d like to sign up. I don’t really care which team I’m on. :smile:

EDIT: Because my goal sucked. :meh:

Sorry sir! Don’t know what came over me. Won’t happen again, boss! :alien:

Dream, in which I get to explore the castle’s crypt, in best vampire movie style. It was a bit like a scene from a John Carpenter movie, possibly with set design by H.R. Giger.

Anyway, does this count for the castle task?

I don’t know if semi lucid dreams score points or not? My level of lucidity was rather low for me but I’m probably being way too hard on myself here as I’m used to much higher level with my LDs where I can do my challenges. (It wasn’t a WILD but rather just happened, I wont be able to score well until I get my WILDs coming back)

Here’s the medium length semi lucid dream (its left me pale, nauseaus, cold, shaking and partly in shock. Due to my health problems I can go into shock easy, currently considering hooking myself up to the saline IV. Im definitely happy I didn’t enter into the bloodied wall castle the other day).

ohhh who here mentioned body parts being chewed on the other day. That caused me to have this dream (if Im influenced this easy why on earth hasn’t my subconsciousness influenced me enough to do the tasks!! :grrr: ).

It didn’t hurt but it was very scary and way too graphic but at least it’s helped me some with a phobia I had about being hurt in a dream since I broke ribs during a failed LD flight attempt. (and so realy felt that, I was in agony on that occasion to the point I couldn’t control the dream. I haven’t tried to fly since then due to fear of being hurt again).

[i]Eaten Alive

I’m outdoors in place which is a very dangerous place as people like myself are being hunted. Us people live in immense fear and always on the run, hiding amongst buildings.

I see school children in their uniforms being lined up, probably to be slaughtered, I push myself through these to make my way to a safer spot while avoiding those on patrol for us.

They are coming!! and there is nowhere to hide where I am. I quickly run and climb up something and onto a platform area half way up a building. Too late, they are now coming around the corner and are coming in both the directions towards me. I can only freeze, praying I wont be noticed up here and that they will just walk on past.

The being still is seeming to work. One of the groups of the patrol has walked past me so I figure they must have some kind of motion sensors and as I’m not moving, they are missing me.

I move very slightly and suddenly one of the guys of the patrol coming the other way notices me. I have no chance with all these. No chance at all and nowhere to go. They get me. The zombies start eatting me alive.

I start telling myself, “do not think of this hurting, do not think of this hurting”, “I can have no pain if I dont think of this hurting as this is a dream”. It’s still terrifying for me as I know I can feel extreme pain in lucids so I try hard to control my mind to not allow them eatting me to hurt.

I get horrific visuals as I watch myself being eatten as I feel their teeth go through me, many teeth eatting my arms and legs, my flesh being bitten and ripped off. Fortunately its not a pain thing but rather as a feeling of it happening thing instead.

By the time they are finished with me, Im a broken bloody discarded body on the ground with less then half of one leg as it has been completely eatten away. I’ve now got just a bloodied stump there.

I get myself up, willing myself to still be able to walk though I have most of a leg missing. I manage to do so. Other DCs who had escaped are all looking at me in utter amazement to see me up walking without a leg when I should be dead. I tell them I’m very powerful.

One DC guy really wants to know how I’m doing this so I tell him the secret is that this is all like a dream and all you need to do is believe you can. I tell him to spread to others that “this is only a dream”. So they do not have to fear any more.

Just as I finally absorb this information myself properly (I think I had an extremely low level of lucidity before this as I wasn’t even thinking of the tasks while my life was in danger and then being eaten was just too intense an experience to think of other things), I wake up as I’ve also became aware that I left my bedroom light on and the light is bothering me.


This dream was about 30-40 mins long as it went for quite a time in the hiding part but the semi lucid part was only about 5-10mins (so is this then a short dream??? due to not having any lucidity for long?)

And here’s another NLD’d task. I’d say examining those frog minions counts as finding a new lifeform and examining in detail so here’s my report:

Frog Minion:

  • They work for an evil witch.
  • They hatch from eggs.
  • They’re faces are ugly.
  • They like to kill things. :sad:
  • They’re reaaaaally ugly… :tongue:

Frog People and Minecraft Hovercars ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ Exploration

Stats so Far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 2
Short LDs: 2
Medium LDs: 1
Long LDs: 0

Task 1:-E White Magic | Explore a Castle | Exploration
Task 2: ~ none ~

Due to circumstances beyond my control there is a 1 day extension to this task.