Lucidity Challenge 48 - Task 3 - VampireVolfGame

Lucid dream

I guess we can’t score points until midnight tonight, but that was a lucid dream, 10 minutes subjective duration, which is long for me. I managed about half of my official personal goal, as I managed to change my vision from greyscale to colour. (And I made a colour drawing of the dream image as soon as I woke up; but I didn’t actually draw something in the dream and then copy it on waking, so haven’t quite achieved the goal yet). I also did some personal experiments I’d been meaning to try, which aren’t part of my official personal goal for this challenge (e.g. swimming underwater).

If you keep this up during the LC, you’ll have a good run :content:

someone add me up properly ;3. im on mobile and… reasons, i dont want to frustrate myself too much to prevent demotivation.

Personal goal - to win a significant battle against my sc.

any setting, any form. as long as i know it was my sc and the outcome was truly satisfactory. i dont mind losing the war again in the end, but at least once, at least one serious blow… or a cunning new trick that worked… or at least not breaking up and still standing for too long, against impossible odds… SOMETHING tangable to grasp… something… at something that i find by acident and sc is too late to notice…


Task 1 - An Adventure in Time and Space

Welcome, LC 48 participants. I welcome you all to a new challenge, one that will test your skills as one of LD4all’s top dreamers. But the challenge will not happen here. No, not yet, at least. Instead, you will come with me to another time, another place. You may not see home for a while, but that’s just how I want it. Now, come with me.

Alright, everyone on to the TARDIS! Yes, yes, I know, it’s bigger on the inside. But we’re not here to play with dimensional physics! No, we’re on to somewhere much farther. Hold on!

Ah, we’ve arrived. Out everybody, out!

The story

[spoiler]/me opens the door to reveal the inside of a stone structure. Torches burn from the wall, and small openings in the wall (windows, perhaps?) reveal a green countryside with a grey sky. From the tapestries on the wall you realize that this is a medieval castle. It’s hard to tell what the country of origin is, but your attention is caught by two tapestries. One depicts a mage and the phrase “Magia est potentia.” Another shows what looks to be a stargazer with “Science vincit omnia” sprawled underneath.

[i]You can hear shouting from down the hall. Rhewin leads you to a large chamber. A man sits on a throne with two other men in front of him. They resemble the men on the tapestries, and they do not seem to get along very well.

“You live in a world long past dead,” one exclaims. “If you had your way, we’d still be in caves and depending on your protection!”

“Your inventions doom us all,” the other hisses. “I’d rather live a thousand ages in a cave than live with the consequences of your sacrilege against nature!”

"Silence! the man on the throne demands. “The two of you will bring down my kingdom! No more of this bickering! Either bring my kingdom prosperity, or the two of you will burn at the stake as equals!”

The apparent king on the throne gets up and leaves the room, a series of servants following. The two men glare at each other until they notice you and the rest of the LC participants. Rhewin does a slight bow.

“Lord Veahan of Magic,” he bows to the man on the right, “and Lord Szijak of Science,” he bows to the man on the left. “I have brought champions for you both. As promised, they will give whatever it takes to further your cause. That is, whichever team it is that wins.”

The two men look on solemnly, waiting for their champions to choose sides.[/i]

Well, here we are. Lord Veahan of Magic and Lord Szijak of Science require champions. We’re in roughly the year 800 CE, and magic and science rule equally. From our own history we know that science wins, but that was decided on the edge of a knife.

You will choose a team, Magic or Science. PM me your team choice. Do not discuss your choice with anyone. I will assign you to a team on a first-come, first-served basis. If you wait to choose, do not be surprised if your choice is gone. You have 48 hours to pick a team.

In the meantime, enjoy your time in the Dark Ages. Assuming that’s possible. Please note, tasks do not have to be done in this time period. You’re LD’ers, you’re free to do what you want.

Task 1

  • Explore a castle +20 pts. You can visit a stony fortress like the one above, or perhaps you’ll visit a palace fitting of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Save some villagers from the tax man +20 pts. Think Robin Hood! Well, you could also save them from the IRS since you’re not bound to one time, but that just doesn’t sound as romantic.
  • Joust +30 pts. Ah medieval Europe. Isn’t the violence wonderful? And for those of you who don’t know, jousting is riding on horses at high speeds toward another person in armor with a really long, pointy pole :happy:.

You have 48 hours to PM me your team of choice. If you do not give me a team within 48 hours, you will be randomly assigned. We have enough participants for one team of 6 and one of 5. Once one team has been filled, you will be automatically assigned to the other team.

Team Challenges here

Awesome story. This happened before this LC, but I tried to use a TARDIS for my personal goal in a lucid dream once. The damn thing didn’t work. It was pretty cool looking though. Shiny white walls and floors with green lights/panels/buttons. The problem was finding any planet on the computer. Maybe I should have summoned a tech support or a doctor.

Come on! I’m a Technomancer! Is this really fair? :tongue: Joking aside, I’ve sent you my PM and just wanted to point out it looks like you mixed up the colors based on what Red and Green say in the Story. Or is it Red and Green? :razz:

Count me in. My personal goal is to fire a laser from my mouth.

this is awesome! is it too late to sign in?!
i need a little explanation on the rules, although i read the official post i didnt get it all :meh:

basically i need to say my own goal so if ill actually make it in the period of the challenge ill get 100p?
and in time youll give each of us goals (like you just did) an by completing them we get their points? how does the teams work? we add together our points?
each week new goals to complete? when the next week comes can we still attempt goals from the week before or are they gone?
and the lucids! i PM them to you? open my own journal? where do i write them?

did i get the idea about right?

I had an ND this morning in which I explored a castle in a very dangerous way. It’s the second one posted here.

My number: Oleg - Traverse beyond the known Universe, or something.

I feel sleepy and not particularly motivated to do anything right now. I might forget about this, actually…

emit electricity/lightning through my body!!

I would love to join!! I would “quote” the list of people in front of me but it seems that we’ve kind of led astray from that.

Jer - Fly into outer space

Sorry for being a little late. I usually read these forums but I’ve never looked into the Lucid challenges until now. I would like to join because it sounds like a fun way to grow in my lucid journey.

I had a lucid. :3 It was just a short one, and I didn’t really do anything task related, but it was nice. :smile:

Colombian Lucid ~ Short Lucid Dream

Stats so Far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 0

Task 1: ~ none ~

Sorry for being quiet yesterday, I was at work most of the time. Anyone who asked to join is in the LC. I’ve divided the teams and will announce in just under two hours. Most people were able to get into their team of choice as we were able to do an 8/6 split with the late comers.

@Scipio: So, you noticed that, eh? I was wondering if anyone would. Clearly it was all a part of my plan to see if people picked a team based on its color or content >.>. Also, congrats on the first points! Scores… wait, I need a scoresheet. Right, I’ll have one of those soon.

@Awe: Yes, give me a personal goal and if you complete it at any point in the LC, you get 100pts. As for the rest, check out the rules on the first post. Long story short, you get points for team challenges, points for individual challenges, and points for having LDs. Welcome to the LC!

@Oleg: I’ll remind you if needed :razz:

@Jer: welcome to you as well! And don’t worry, I’ll fix the list :razz:

As far as teams go, I tried to get everyone on the team they wanted as best as I could. A couple of you could not fit on one, but don’t worry, you can still do the other team’s tasks as well. The only downside is you don’t get as many points. Remember, though, most LC winners do tasks for all teams to score as much as possible.

Please remember this is kind of an experiment. I’m trying to make this work as much as I can, but we’re bound to hit a few bumps. It happens any time the LC tries something new. PM me if you have questions, suggestions, or concerns.

No luck for me last night (I’m hoping it wont take me too long to get some points on board). I had two NDs and cant remember hardly a thing about one of them in which who knows could of had a castle in it. I was trying to find vampires but don’t even remember the location till the end of the dream when I finally saw a person in a street carrying a vampire on her back. (I’ve been quite ill and its really affecting my ability to be able to get to my normal WILD state without giving up due to exhaustion… so its not surprising I’m dreaming vampires when Im feeling like every ounce of my energy has been drained).

I had a pie turn up in the other ND (Im trying to do the beauty of the pie challenge) but didn’t get lucid.

Task 1 Team Challenges

[u]The Story[/u]

SPOILER - Click to view

[i]In the main throne room, a horn blast announces the return of the king. He is a portly man, his shape the result of a long, prosperous reign. He wears dark pants and a purple jerkin with a golden dragon on the front. He appears to be wearing chain mail beneath the jerkin. His golden crown seems to glow despite the lack of light coming from the openings in the wall.

Lord Veahan and Lord Szijak stand further down from the throne. Veahan wears a long, green robe that reaches past his feet. The robe is adorned with silver symbols that seem the phase in and out. Szijak wears a tight jacket with pointed shoulders; jacket buttons to his wait where it opens and spreads down to just above his ankles, barely revealing black pants and boots. The jacket is covered with black markings that you might swear had changed when no one is looking at them. Strangely, it almost looks as if it is metal.

“Champions of magic and science, come forward!” the king announces.

The group emerges with Rhewin from the TARDIS. They look hesitantly at each other, not sure who else has picked their sides.

“Champions of magic, my gift to you,” Veahan almost whispers. He throws out small, silver stones that stop just short of hitting the floor and fly out to various members of the crowd. “They can enhance your natural abilities far beyond anything from your world. They can also change your form, if you wish.”

A glow surrounds the team and they find themselves covered in robes similar to Veahan, but red instead of green.

The Magic Team

“Champions of Science, yours is the greater gift,” Lord Szijak yells. Suits of green armor with no wearers appear. In an instant they break apart and begin to form around the science team. While the wearers initially look like knights, Lord Szijak continues, “they make take whatever appearance you wish, just think it. More importantly, they give you the will to create beyond what normal imagination would allow.”

Many Science Team members adjust to more comfortable armor.

The Science Team

Scipio Xaos

“Well, now that we have that sorted out, do any of you have questions before I give you your team tasks?” Rhewin asks.

“Yeah, I know we’re all about the science, but how does this technology exist now? Like, seriously?”

“An excellent question, I’m glad you asked, any others?”

“What’s with everything being on walls around here? Everything is about the walls.”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed. Any questions in relation to the LC?”

“That guy said transformation. There’s a transformation task, right? I love transformation. Can transformation be a thing.”

“You’re lucid dreamers, you can transform if you bloody well want to, but I refuse to make another transformation task! Can’t you people do anything else? Haven’t you seen the number of TF personal goals?”

“But… transformation is-”

“No, no, no, no! I will turn this TARDIS around right now and end this LC before it even begins, do you hear me?! …actually I think I can use it somewhere. But not as its own task!”

After a few grumbles of annoyance and “transformation,” the two teams are silent.

“Remember, Rhewin,” the king says sternly, “my Lords need champions willing to fight. I have seen your friendly teams before, I’ll not have it now.”

“Ah, yes. Quite.” Rhewin quickly scribbles something on the notepad from his pocket. “Yes, see, been there the whole time. Now, on to the team tasks!”[/i]

The Magic Team

The Science Team

Scipio Xaos

Magic Individual Tasks
White Magic: Use your powers to heal a wound or bring someone back to life. +20 pts

Alchemy: Change the properties of an object around you. Maybe turn lead to gold, or a piece of metal into water. It’s fine if you transform the object in general, but the goal is to change at least one of its physical properties. +30 pts

Magic Team Task
Summon magic: Summon a creature into this world to fight for you. Like the mages of old, you must do some kind of ritual to summon the creature, not just make it appear. If you get someone from the magic team to help you, you get double points! +40/40 pts

Science Individual Tasks
Invention: Create a new invention using only objects found around you. MacGuyver tiiiime! +20 pts

Exploration: Find a new type of life form, whether plant, animal, or living toaster etc. Examine it in detail and report back. +30 pts

Science Team Task
Experimentation: Science can’t get anywhere without experiments. Ethics? Psh. Who needs those? Find some poor soul and experiment on them. Give them cyborg implants, turn them into some horrid beast (sigh, yes you can interpret this as TF… but you’d better make the TF part of an experiment!), or maybe just see if you can cure their cancer (if they don’t have cancer, this might be a two-step process). Experiment on another team member for added science! +40/40 pts

Versus Team Task
And now for something different! Whatever team you are on, find and defeat someone from the other team. Now, I won’t be mean and say that they have to use their team’s powers, but you do have to use the power of your team to help you defeat them. You can get help from other team members if you want, but there’s no extra points for that. As you have to do this task with another person from the LC, there’s no 40/40 split. +80 pts for defeating them with science or magic respectively.

List of loopholes you can’t exploit and other useful info

Tasks do not have to be done in the middle ages.

“Defeat” in the Versus Team Task refers to a fight, not a competition like racing etc.

There is no team discussion area as there’s no team-created task.

Tasks can be combined if you’re creative enough, but you can’t use science to do magical things and magic to do science…y things. For example, you can’t invent a device to heal someone and then use that device to claim the first Magic Task. That’s using a scientific instrument to heal, not your powers.

Transforming someone with dream powers is not an experiment. Transforming someone as the result of an experiment is fine. For example, you might make them drink potion you’ve just made.

The summoned creature does not have to fight anyone, that was just flavor text. Still, it would be more fun if it did.

You do not have to wear the clothes from the story. Both the magic stone and the mechanical suit can theoretically change your clothing to whatever you’d like

You can experiment on yourself, but you must be the one doing the experiment. You can’t have your team mate or a DC experiment on you. You and your team mate can experiment on someone else, too, if you prefer, but you still must do the experiment.

If you ask me a question or I make a decision to not grant points for a certain reason, I will post it here so there is as little confusion as possible.

I visited Ironforge last night in a non-lucid dream. A massive fortress built into a mountain. It has a king. I think it counts for a castle.

I also recall seeing a dream forming in front of me and I started to become lucid during it. I felt fear for reasons unknown and wanted to wake up. I’m happy with 5 points from that.

Short LD in which I attempted the joust task. Very unstable dream. Got the sensations of the horse and lance, but not an opponent. Meh. :neutral:

Hey Sea-dove! believe it or not but you can actually use your sickness to you advantage, especially if you keep waking up every few moments, it keeps you in the in-between state, the place where strangeness happens, its real fun. yesterday i found myself sleeping in a friends couch which was no near to comfortable, due to me flipping from side to side constantly i had three false awakening, it was extremely fun and funny!
one of them involving a mad barking fur ball dog which was not good enough to fool me i was not dreaming while in another one i found myself naked in the apartment actually wondering if im REALLY naked in the apartment or if this is another false awakening, when i found a DC i realized it cant be real since that person doesnt exist…

well yeah! fun times, had a few drinks before so they were all short and even though i upped my lucidity once it didnt make much change. but its not fair blaming the booze, i take full responsibility of my actions.

so use every moment to your advantage!