Lucidity Challenge 49 - winner: drd!

Not many points for the LC challenge last night,
but I did have a dream where I questioned whether I was dreaming. It was my fifth ND on June 3rd to 4th, which can be found here. It was funny, I questioned whether this was a dream and started to write down everything that was happening as if it was my DJ. That is, until a DC came and stopped me.

^^ Noted

As with the previous weeks, please post any current task claims before 13:00 GMT for them to be included in the team advantage calculation.


Non-lucid dream, in which I see a wallaby on a porch roof and my camera doesn’t work when I try to photograph it … but I still don’t become lucid, despite the obvious dream-signs. No points scored.

The Frozen dreams were deliberately incubated to do the task; the rest of the Disney references (The Little Mermaid, Pirates of the Caribbean …) are presumably unconscious association with Frozen - once I’m in one Disney Princess movie, it’s relatively easy to shift to a different one.

I am looking forward to dreaming a setting without corsets :smile: These ones make me feel like I should go on a diet.

A legendary 36 tasks were completed by you all combined last week! Wow! Great work :happy: Here are the scores so far:

  1. drd 705
  2. Thorn 645
  3. Scipio Xaos 450
  4. Awe 410
  5. Susan_Y 385
  6. Letaali 360
  7. Jer 350
  8. footballfreak 250
  9. James_uk2008 185
  10. Mew151 100
  11. sea-dove 80
  12. Oleg, Koal44 20
    13.CornBrick 0

Team Advantage
SKY RANGER: 7 task completions / (5 team members * 10 tasks) = 0.14
NIGHT DRUID: 2 task completions / (2 team members * 10 tasks) = 0.1
SPACE MAGE: 4 task completions / (6 team members * 10 tasks) = 0.07

The SKY RANGER team wins the advantage this week and get to design a task based on this week’s theme of ‘Party’. Here is a link to an online document for them to discuss ideas.

They have 48 hours to come up with a task and then PM me their choice. Their task must not overlap directly with any of the existing tasks. This task is worth 40pts to members of the Sky Ranger team, and 20pts to everyone else.

[center]Task 4: Party[/center]

The eat/party/host subtasks are a tradition in the lucid challenge and practically obligatory. Also, it’s almost my birthday! :partying_face: In any case, we don’t need an excuse for a good time. The first round is on me! :cool:

The story continues…

[spoiler]The power of the time control orb has started to wane. At first you could zip through time and space at will but now it’s barely capable of rewinding the last few moments of the dream. The bright glow from when you first picked it up is now just a dim spark lurking somewhere within it’s opaque centre. You shake the orb, hoping to reactivate it’s power. Nothing happens.

‘Well, that’s the end of that, then’, you think, about to tuck the orb into your pocket. Light surges out, blinding you temporarily, dragging you away from your current dreamscape into the void. A feeling of tumbling, falling through space, but with no visual points for reference you cannot tell how fast or how far you are travelling. The sensation stops abruptly. You blink.

The dream reforms. A large hall filled with people… some kind of costume party? Although, some of those costumes… are they real or are they full transformations? Is that Scrooge McDuck? Is that a pirate queen or an 18th century lady? Did that guy just turn into a fish and dive into the punch bowl?! Someone taps your shoulder and you turn to see Obfusc8 in that weird metallic mask.

“Glad you could make it.” The voice is slightly electronic - distorted by the mask. Before you can answer Obfusc8 puts an arm around your shoulders and starts to lead you through the crowd. “I’ve been keeping an eye on you these past few weeks. You’re doing well. Maybe it’s time to relax a little? Forget the scoreboard and just enjoy the party? Or… while I’m still the Task Master and have the ultimate powers of lucid dreaming, I could help you out?”

Obfusc8 takes a step away, giving you time to consider. Around you everyone is celebrating. Your favourite music is playing, people are dancing. There is no ceiling above you, just a clear sky filled with stars. Fireworks explode in amazing clouds of colour. The masked man awaits your answer. “Whatever task or goal you want. C’mon, let’s do this.”[/spoiler]

Each team has one task this week that requires… your challenge task master, me! Or a DC that represents me in some way. If you’re new at summoning, don’t get hung up on looks and expectations, just call out my name and see who shows up. I’m a veteran roleplayer/gamer and games master, therefore used to playing whatever role is required - hero, barman, shopkeeper, villain, child, monster, legendary space outlaw… I might show up as anything. Also, as an added incentive, I’m making myself an honorary participant, which means completing these tasks automatically grants the TEAM UP bonus (although note you can only earn the team up bonus once per week).

Unless explicitly stated, these tasks do not need to be completed at a party. These tasks are deliberately open to help you combo them and complete any other subtasks you might not have managed yet from previous weeks. Since task completion tends to wane towards the end of the challenge, let’s have a high scoring week and a nail-biting photo finish!

PARTY: Attend a party or celebration. Any sort of party will do, if there’s drinking, dancing and music, all the better. If there are LC participants there, congratulations, you just earned the team up bonus too. 20pts

DANCE: Dance in front of a DC. DANCE OFF! Time to show off your dance moves and strut your funky stuff. Dancing in front of any DC will do, or an LC participant if you haven’t earned the team up bonus. Mew151, I wanna see some DDR Dream mix! 30pts

MUSIC: Create or listen to music. Pick up your instrument of choice to pluck out a tune. Drum out a rhythm on whatever is close to hand. Sing, hum, combine it with the week 2 pirate task by singing a sea shanty. Just make it LOUD! 30pts


GAMES: Play a multi player game. If you haven’t noticed, I like roleplay games, board games, computer games, card games, anything really. And playing with other people is more fun! So this week let’s get social and play a game with other people. Online games count as long as you’re playing with or against humans. (Yes most team based sports will count too.)30pts

HOST CONTEST: Challenge obfusc8 to a contest or race. Win or lose doesn’t matter, by all means combo it with any other task you haven’t completed yet - let’s race sea dragons across the ocean, fly laps around the planet, see who can climb highest, play poker, or have a dance off?! 60pts+TEAM UP

FOOD: Use food or drink as a transformation trigger. You know that old saying “You are what you eat?” let’s test that out. Simple really - mmm cake. 30pts

HOST TF: Have a transformation party with obfusc8. I love transforming so let’s see who can become the most awesome thing this week. Convince me to transform myself, or transform me against my will if my DC is being uncooperative and turn yourself into whatever you like too. Couple with any previous druid task you like. 60pts+TEAM UP

FIREWORKS: Set off fireworks/explosions. We don’t need to wait for the new year to set off some fireworks: Let’s celebrate like we mean it by blowing things up! The usual magic is expected but not required applies - shoot fireworks from your hands if you can, otherwise just light the fuse and run like hell.30pts

HOST SPELL: Entertain obfusc8 with a spell. Cast any spell you like. Shoot some fireworks for me. Combo it with any previous subtasks or be nice, nasty, your call. Mess with my shadow, pause/rewind time, build me a sandcastle. 60pts+TEAM UP

SKY RANGER team - be sure to post your ideas in the Team Advantage discussion document and PM me your choice of task. You have 48 hours.

How am I supposed to theme an avatar after these? I mean, I could overeat for the obvious transformation, but I really don’t want to… gah, screw it. I’m going for my personal goal alongside my usual dragon transformation and I’m dragging you along.

Anyway, plenty of points today from the NDs here. In the second dream, I become a large robot for the “transform metal” task from Week 1. In the third dream, which took place after I had a WBTB and saw the tasks for Week 4, I swim underwater for Week 2’s task, listen to music for Week 4 task and early points, and meet everybody’s favorite evil king (no, not obfusc8—the other one) for Week 1’s task.

So… I had a nightmare and then I had a response lucid afterwards. In the lucid I manipulated plastic, turned into metal, and formed it into a weapon for the METAL task. Also… and this one is questionable so I’ll leave it up to the TM, you put the tasks up at 9:13 EST. I had my LD at around 9:30. I hadn’t looked at the tasks yet, but I did sing an original song (original cause it didn’t sound like anything I had heard before). So… I’m tentatively claiming EARLY points for the MUSIC task. Let me know what you think. :razz:

A Nightmare Revisited ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ METAL

Stats so Far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 2
Short LDs: 4
Medium LDs: 2
Long LDs: 1
Continuances: 1

Task 4: ~ none ~

PARTY and MUSIC done in a non-lucid dream. I was with a bunch of friends in a familiar city. There was some sort of festival + a big football tournament going on. I was drinking and I had earbuds for listening to music. It was loud too, since I couldn’t hear what others were talking. :razz: Luckily I could communicate telepathically.

Originally the task was to transform something into food, but I changed my mind since neither you or James did the dinosaur tf yet :razz: Where are the dinosaurs, dammit! Although, cool looking avatar pic this week. That’d do. And grats on stealing first place! :tongue:

@Scipio - I believe the general historic-precedence is that you need to have read about the tasks before you can claim them, sorry. Maybe we should introduce ‘psychic’ points for completing tasks before they are posted.

@Letaali - Great start to the week, keep it up! :smile:


obfusc8: Yea… I figured you’d say that. I just thought I’d try and claim them since I did have the dream after the task went up. :razz:

EDIT: Also… does being inside the multiplayer game count? If so… I have points to claim. :razz:


Well since Thorn is claiming it I shall too! I played multiplayer video games this morning as well. :razz: So that’s task and early points. :happy:

Minecraft & Star Trek (OR) More Minecraft ~ [ND]Non-Lucid Dream[/ND] ~ [ND]GAMES[/ND] [color=green]EARLY[/color]

Stats so Far:

[spoiler][ND]NLDs:[/ND] 3
[LD]Short LDs:[/LD] 4
[LD]Medium LDs:[/LD] 2
[LD]Long LDs:[/LD] 1
[color=indigo]Continuances:[/color] 1

Task 1:[color=indigo]-C[/color] [LD]DISGUISE[/LD] | [LD]SHADOWS[/LD] | [LD]METAL[/LD]
Task 2:[color=green]-E[/color] [ND]UNDERWATER[/ND] | [LD]ADAPTATION & FINDING NEMO[/LD]
Task 3:[color=green]-E[/color] [ND]QUANTUM LEAP[/ND]
Task 4:[color=green]-E[/color] [ND]GAMES[/ND]

Aw, but turning into a gingerbread man would’ve been fun!

In this morning’s dreams, I played a multiplayer game (Week 4 task) in both the second and third dream and I explored ruins (Week 3 task) in the third dream.

EDIT: Also, all of the tasks that say they are worth 60 points in the task post are only worth 40 points on the score sheet. Which is it?

just checking, me going through a portal with in a spaceship and arriving at a different place counts as something?

I assume just jumping five minutes backwards in time in a dream with willpower isn’t enough for OUTATIME, but in case it is, I did it.

@Scipio - Yup, definite points there. :smile:

@Thorn - Points for tasks are now fixed on the scoresheet. It was a copy/paste fail-to-update thing. :tongue:

@Awe - Erm. No I don’t think that counts for anything. :sad: Post the dream and I’ll read through to make sure.

@Letaali - Any sort of time travel that you personally experience counts for that task, so, grats! (You would have got points for time magic as well, but you already had it.)


My awesome ability to nap got me more LC points, as I believed to be in an MMO that looked to be influenced by GW2 and WoW. I encountered a dragon near an ocean, an undead dragon (with white scales as armor and dark purple electric magical essence holding his body together), who was about to destroy this small camp made from dark metal. With my amazing ability to shield myself and shoot dark green balls of magical energy at the beast, I defeated it…TWICE! As it respawned seconds after I killed it. The second time I was killing it with the help of an undead male (like in WoW).

So I get GAMES. Would those dark green, magical, homing orbs be considered fireworks? They caused explosions that killed those dragons :tongue:


i had a multiplayer related dream between the 5-6 jun along side the portal one, so it counts right?
ill post about it soon.

In this dream I became lucid for a short period, with no tasks completed.

In this dream I was lucid for a medium period of time. I played a table top RPG.

In this dream I became lucid, and had a DEILD for a combined long length. I danced in front of DCs, and created music.

SKY RANGER Team Advantage Task:

AIRSHIP: Take part in a celebration taking place on an airship. (Doesn’t grant you double points for attending the party, but if you are a Sky Ranger you can earn more points for finding a party on board an airship.)

Apologies for late posting, was out cycling and enjoying the sunshine. :tongue:

@Letaali - As always, insanely jealous of anyone able to recall dreams from a nap! Yep those exploding magic missiles are perfect for the firework task.

@Awe - points noted, awaiting posting.

@drd - Lots of lucid there, nice. You’re back in the lead. I can only apologise for not attending what sounds like the start of an awesome party. Next time shout “FREE BEER” and I’m guaranteed to be there :razz:


^ I don’t think I ever had a secure lead in the first place; it was always a matter of when drd would next be able to post. :tongue: I should also say that I’m not just jealous of people who can recall nap dreams—I’m jealous of people who can nap in the first place. If my body would let me nap, I’d definitely try to eke out a few more LC points!

I don’t have many points this morning. In this morning’s DJ entry, I attend a small party with family members in the dream “Thorn Times Something”.

I’ve done more tasks than drd at this point, but that could also be my downfall. There aren’t many tasks left that are likely to happen in my normal dreams, so I really do need to have more lucid dreams than him to catch up. He’s way more proficient than me at gaining lucidity, though, so without a healthy dose of luck, this may be where I stall out.