Lucidity Challenge 49 - winner: drd!

Had one long dream in which I regained lucidity several times. I think I reentered the same dream after waking up and became lucid one more time. Claiming two short ones. In the same dream I completed the “create music” task. I performed an angry freestyle-rap in response to a friend telling me he was staying in the same commune in India for a few days as I did without telling me.

Had a very intense dream in which I experienced death. The intensity came mostly from how vividly I experienced the process of dying (waking up right afterwards played it’s role too for sure!), it felt more like a transition of awareness, which was first accompanied by a lot of fear and a sense of aversion followed by a kind of acceptance and trust. All of these thoughts and feelings seemed to happen in less than a second. And then I woke up, wondering how I could have been so excited about a football game the same day :happy:

I also finished the Parley task, the dancing and the party task in one dream: I was dancing very freely and crazily at a live concert (which I consider a party), a guy first pushed me several times or stood in my way. Later he came up to me and took me aside. Somehow he ended up kneeing on top of me, his knees on my chest, asking me why I was dancing in such a weird way.
People came towards us to help but I simply told him that that’s who I am and that I was not trying to offend anyone, after which he let me go.

Don’t you start, with your I-like-z’s-instead-of-s’s and missing out letters! :razz:

@footballfreak - Woah, experiencing death doesn’t sound like much fun, but grats on the lucid dreams and task completions. Even if the dream-dance-police didn’t like your style, crazy dancing = points. :ok:


The lucid challenge ends tomorrow (Friday) at 13:00GMT (or whenever I get around to posting since I’ll be at a friend’s wedding - so there might be a few hours extension). After that you will have 24 hours to post any dreams /claim any points from before the deadline. Then I’ll tally up the scores and announce the winner. Good luck everyone, make this last night count!

Non-lucid dream, in which I attend a music concert in a town square in a European city.

I’d like to claim this for the “attend a party” subtask. It doesn’t count for the music or dance subtasks. because I didn’t get to hear any music or dance … even though it was the kind of event where there should have been music and dancing.

I had another non-lucid dream, where I attended a student party. This dream had some definite manga/anime/comic book influences in its visual style; in the dream, we were students, but the visual style is tending towards something like Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star or Kiki’s Delivery Service. Still no music or dancing.

Last night I had 2 short LDs in which I did nothing, and then another short one plus 3-4 spite DEILDs for a combined long length. I blew something up, then saw a crown, and a king.

So apparently just having an LD counts towards earning points, so here we go

I had my first LD in what feels like an eternity (one which I spent in hell), and I posted it in my DJ. Here it is:

(It’s the first reply, you may skip the lengthy preface)

Welp, I see drd made a point dump. Worst fear: confirmed.

Well, screw you too! :razz:

I definitely played in the snow in the second of this morning’s dreams and get Week 1 points. Whether or not I still have my lead depends on if I need to deliberately dance in front of a DC for Week 4 points or if the DC simply needs to believe I am doing so, since in my first dream, a painful bug bite on the bottom of my right foot caused me to hop on one foot throughout the dream, an act that one DC interpreted as an odd dance.

It would be really cool if I knew if that counted before I sleep tonight, as I’ll incubate it if it doesn’t but won’t incubate a second instance of it if it does. I totally deserve the points for the sake of counter-spite, I think!

went on a really cool spy like never heard of small boat, you lay down in it, its fast, on water yes… it even jumps from water to shore, kinds of, its black. four people in it, two control handls … anyways… on water…

ND medium length

I danced in front of a group of DCs. They were dancing too. Happened in a non-lucid dream.

Well, that’s all folks: LC49 is officially over. Thanks to everyone who took part. I enjoyed reading about all your strange nocturnal adventures, there were some very memorable dream moments. :tongue:

You have 24 hours to post any dreams or claim any points you earned before this deadline (Friday 12th June 13:00 GMT). After that I will check through the scores and announce the winner, who gets the first choice of whether to host “the big one”: Lucid Challenge #50! Hope to see you all back for it. :mrgreen_hat:

I’m sad that I didn’t have many lucid dreams during this. I have no hope of winning an LC yet, but thanks for the challenge obfusc8 :smile:

The challenge has closed, so this is too late to count for points. but the influence of the challenge carried over in to my non-lucid dreams last night.

I climbed down some scaffolding (too late for the “climb something tall” task, alas).
I watched a sunset (my personal goal was to see the sky or a tree, and this was I think achieved in this dream, though the sky wasn’t very visible).

Oh, and we ate a dragon. It was delicious.

small fanfare Ladies and Gentlemen, may I announce the final scores:

  1. drd 1070
  2. Thorn 1050
  3. Scipio Xaos 665
  4. Awe 635
  5. Letaali 545
  6. footballfreak 470
  7. Susan_Y 425
  8. Jer 380
  9. James_uk2008 185
  10. Mew151 100
  11. sea-dove 80
  12. Coast 30
  13. Oleg, Koal44 20

Congratulations to the winner Drd and a round of applause for the runner up, a very close second: Thorn who managed to complete 26/39 tasks.

Collectively you completed 109 tasks and had 1580 points worth of lucid dreams, so drinks and dragon burgers all round, you earned 'em! (Susan_Y tells me that dragon is delicious.) :partying_face: :beer: Regardless of where you ended up on the scoreboard, I hope you all had fun. It’s been a pleasure. :content:

So the big question: Drd, do you wish to host LC 50?


Congrats DRD! And also Thorn, who was close enough.

I am here to just to point that it would be cool to call the next LC as LCL. Got it?

I get it, but I think 50 is better.

This was a great LC. Thanks Obfusc8! Before staring this LC, I had a rough couple of months, with very few LDs, and almost no recall. I had 15 LDs during this LC. I do not wish to host the next LC.

It’s great to see you back on form, drd. :smile:

So moving down the list, Thorn, would you like to host? (Already suspect the answer, but might as well be official about it 'n stuff…:tongue:)

^ I think you knew who was hosting long before today. drd’s famous (infamous?) for not hosting and I’m infamous (famous?) for hosting! :razz:

I’m working out a few kinks in my plans, and I’ll put up sign-ups once I have them sorted out. It’ll almost certainly happen tonight or tomorrow.

I would like to express my grattitude to everyone involved in this challenge and the forum. I had a lot of fun and I definitely improved my recall and lucidity skills.
Looking forward to future challenges :smile:

^ Well, sign-ups already started for the next one, so no need to look forward when you can just get involved. :tongue: