Lucidity Challenge 49 - winner: drd!

That’s funny, because today is my third day in a row posting task points, so I have no idea where you’re coming from. It sounds like somebody’s just picking a fight because he’s mad that I’ll be beating his score when this post and my last one get scored! :smile:

I had a medium-length lucid dream with a chain, posted here, in which I grew to the height of my house. I tried to find James_UK2008, knowing he loves this kind of stuff (and desiring a piggyback ride from him with us both as dragons for more task points), but couldn’t find him. Geez, James, don’t decline an invitation like this!

To clarify, since people seem confused with my wording, the disguise task doesn’t require it to be a willpower change, you could simply put on a costume in order to pretend to be someone else.

@Awe - if you were ‘Disguised’ as Luffy then that counts as a task. Let me know if you wish to claim those points.

@Letaali - Sorry I’m not seeing the metalbending in your dream description since the bus vanished into a black hole? Although you somehow managed to do an obscure task planned for week three…!? Damn now I gotta think of something else. Stop hacking my computer, damn you! :tongue:

@footballfreak - I’m assuming by bike you mean bicycle, not a motorbike. In which case I will allow it as physical effort was required to climb said hill, since walking up a mountain would count, this is close enough. (Basically I’m not going to allow use of motorized vehicles, flying, teleporting or other non-physical means.)

@Mew151 - sounds like a crazy dream. Grats on another incubated task!

@Susan_Y - If you saw or intentionally changed your clothes to pretend to be someone else/change your appearance that would count for the disguise task. Was that while lucid? Please confirm as I have only noted lucid points for you at the moment.

@Thorn - Well, it’s about time! Grats on the lucid task completion.

Hoping I haven’t missed anything. New tasks will be posted at 13.00GMT tomorrow. Please ensure you post any task completions before that deadline otherwise they will not be included in the team advantage calculation.


The clothing chnage was while lucid, but I wasn’t changing clothes as a disguise, so I think it shouldn’t count for the “disguise” task.

Had an LD here this morning. Minus the 5-7 minutes of non lucidity at the beginning it was probably a short one at 1-2 minutes. As per the preplanned LC task, I summoned Thorn but the LD malfunctioned and left me in darkness upon doing so. :cry:

Ok that’s the end of week 1. Here are the scores so far:

  1. drd 255
  2. Thorn 145
  3. Awe 140
  4. Letaali 110
  5. sea-dove 80
  6. footballfreak, Mew151 65
  7. Scipio Xaos 45
  8. Susan_Y, Oleg, james_uk2008 20
  9. Koal44, Jer, CornBrick 0

Team Advantage
SKY RANGER: 3 task completions / (5 team members * 9 tasks) = 0.06
NIGHT DRUID: 3 task completions / (2 team members * 9 tasks) = 0.17
SPACE MAGE: 9 task completions / (7 team members * 9 tasks) = 0.14

The NIGHT DRUID team wins this week and get to design a task related to this week’s theme. As Thorn and James_uk2008 frequent the chat room, I haven’t provided an online document. They have 48 hours to discuss and then PM me their choice. Their task must not overlap directly with any of the existing tasks. This task is worth 40pts to Thorn and James_uk2008 and 20pts to everyone else.

[center]Task 2: Treasure Island[/center]

This lucid challenge needs more pirates! Prepare yourselves for a nautical themed week of adventure on the high seas. Tasks do not need to be completed in the ocean, any body of water will do - river, lake, swimming pool, puddle, or even in the bath tub! There are so many options for combos here, it’s almost rude not to: I’ve already thought of a dozen or so, I’m sure you will come up with even more imaginative ways of combining tasks for big points.

The story continues…
Features Season 2 Game of Thrones / A Storm of Swords (which was on TV in 2012, so not really a spoiler)

[spoiler]A thousand ships battle in the port of King’s Landing. The sky is filed with cannon smoke and dark thick smog created from the alchemists’ wildfire unleashed on the bay. Two fleets are locked in a great naval battle. You find yourself on the deck of a ship. Cries of battle and explosions fill the air.

At the helm, slumped over the wheel is the masked figure obfusc8. The ship is on a collision course with another vessel. You run to the wheel, trying to quickly avert the disaster, knocking the masked man to the deck. The ship rocks violently, almost capsizing. Impossibly obfusc8 still seems to be asleep.

After setting the ship onto a course out into the ocean and away from the battle, you attempt to wake the man lying on the deck. As you shake the body, the ship seems to shake too. Other people you recognise from the dream throne room gather around.

“But I’m lucid. This is my dream, I know it.” You tell them.
“No, this must be my dream. I have control, I have power. See?” Drd demonstrates his mastery of shadow magic.
You point down at the sleeping figure. “No. We might be lucid but we’re stuck in his dream.”
The contestants all look around at each other.
“I hope he doesn’t have one of those dreams, then.” One laughs nervously.
The contestants share a look of fear.
“We have to wake obfusc8 up.”

One steps forward and slaps obfusc8’s face mask, hard.
“Wake up, you lazy bastard!”
As the contestant’s hand hits the mask, the whole ship lurches violently to one side accompanied by the sounds of crashing timber. The deck shifts under your feet. A torrent of water drags you under the waves. A large heavy shard of wood hits the back of your head and the dream scene dissolves into darkness.

You open your eyes and find yourself lying on a sandy beach, the tide tugging at your waterlogged clothes. The small isolated island is surrounded on all sides by calm blue seas. In the distance, a ship is heading towards you, proudly flying the cliché skull-and-crossbones flag. You quickly do a reality check and become lucid once more. Welcome to Treasure Island.[/spoiler]

PIRATE: Talk/act like a pirate or sing a sea shanty. The more raucous the better. If in doubt just make up a song about rum/ treasure. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me! And while you’re at it, why not dress like a pirate too - combo it up to claim the week 1 DISGUISE task. 20pts

UNDERWATER: Explore underwater. To reiterate the above - it doesn’t need to be the ocean. All that is required for this task is to get your head underwater and have a look around. 30pts

TREASURE: Find buried treasure. It might be hidden in a sunken ship wreck or on a desert island under a palm tree. Maybe it’s in your back garden. If you can’t remember where you stashed the loot, check the map: X marks the spot. 30pts


FINDING NEMO: Encounter an aquatic creature. Any life-form that lives in water will do - swim with dolphins, mermaids, talk to your pet goldfish, ask a sea-turtle how old it is. Wake the Krakken or a large sea monster and then fight it if you still need the week 1 BRAVE task.30pts

SURF: Travel on water. It’s time for an ocean adventure, but on the surface rather than beneath the waves. How about hitching a lift on a pirate ship? Run across the surface, windsurf or row a boat. Hitch a ride on a dolphin or whale to combo with the FINDING NEMO task, as long as it’s on the surface. If you can find a mythical aquatic beast, triple combo it with the week 1 DRAGON task! Or come up with your own imaginative way of exploring the ocean waves. 40pts

FLOTSAM: Make something out of things you find in or near water. So examples of things found in or near water: seaweed, starfish, coral, boats, wreckage, driftwood, anemones. If you’re in the bath, yes your beloved rubber ducky is a valid item. You can make anything - literally, anything - a weapon, a tool, a sculpture/piece of art, bring the item to life, etc. All you need to do is combine/transform the items in some way. (The only combo restriction here is with the mage SANDCASTLE task. Working with sand alone will not complete both tasks.) Work with metal wreckage to get the week 1 druid task at the same time. 30pts

ADAPTATION: Transform yourself into something suitable for life underwater. Suggestions include: mermaid/merman, give yourself gills, fins, or fully transform into an aquatic or amphibian animal. 40pts.

PARLEY?: Talk/charm your way past a guard or out of danger. Not all magic is destructive or flashy, sometimes a bit of subtlety and smooth talking can get you what you want. Everyone’s heard of the famous Captain Jack Sparrow, right? Well probably his best talent is his silver tongue… Talking his way out, or in, to places he shouldn’t be and convincing people to not kill him. As this is the mage team, you are expected but not required to use magic or willpower to complete this task. I don’t mind if you use Jedi mind powers, hypnotic gaze, telepathy or your natural winning charm, just use your words and not your fists to convince them. 30pts

SANDCASTLES: Make a castle out of sand! Use your mighty powers to create a building or structure out of sand, or mud, loose earth, small rocks etc. Yes okay, it’s earth magic, but let’s try and go with the theme here yeah? Little bucket-and-spade sand castles are okay, you can claim points for that if you wish, but you can do better than that… can you make a full sized castle? To be clear, again, it’s the mage team, magic is expected but not required. Build it by hand if you have to. 40pts

Thorn and James, you have 48 hours to come up with a task based on this week’s theme of Treasure Island/Pirates/The Ocean. If you have any questions, PM me.

Good luck everybody.

I had a long length LD. No tasks completed.

The night druid team have been super speedy in coming up with their task so here it is:

IMAGINATION: Explore a very small body of water or “normal” sandcastle. Despite all of the talk above about not needing a vast ocean, most people will try to find one anyway—after all, most of the tasks simply work better on one because you need some to deal with DCs or manage other objects. Instead, why not shrink yourself and the task requirements to fit? Miniaturize yourself and explore inside a puddle, a sink/toilet/bathtub, a drop of water or some other fluid, or the like. Alternatively, walk around inside a normal-sized sandcastle you can build for the other task instead of making a huge creation—maybe some very detailed rooms appeared inside! Stop trying to find the task’s best location and bring the task to you! 40 pts/20pts

This doesn’t allow automatic completion of the generic explore underwater task at the same time. If you wish to claim both this and the explore tasks they will need to be attempted separately. Cool task guys! Good luck in completing it. :smile:

Non-lucid dream

I think this counts for the “brave” task. It’s a bit dark and violent.

@drd - You don’t want to claim the grow task? Having your head hit the ceiling in a 2 floor room would certainly qualify.

@Susan_Y - Yep that sounds very brave. It probably wasn’t much fun, but congratulations on the task completion.


I was not satisfied by my attempt at the growing task, so I didn’t claim it. Last night I had a long LD. I surfed, and then explored underwater.

hey! what happened to your avatar?

obfusc (whats behind the name?)
i didnt changed character knowingly, so i dont think it should be counted, one of those dreams that your one person and afterwards youre another, just like it sometimes happens to dream characters but only to you. if that was part of what you meant in the task then thats fine.

The first of these dreams has me completing the “travel on water” task via a cruise ship. Admittedly, I wanted to do something more thrilling, such as running across the top of the waves or riding an animal, but I’m not going to complain about inadvertent task completions.

@Thorn - yeah don’t we always wish that, still, points are points. Although drd is stretching his lead, you gotta up your game, man!

@drd - making that big wave to surf on sounded very cool, nice work.


Well… no LD, but here’s a task done FINALLY.

Pool Bus ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ UNDERWATER EARLY

Stats so Far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 1
Short LDs: 2
Continuances: 1

Task 1: ~ none ~

I’m a pisces and have a lot water/fish dreams (two of my top dream symbols) so these challenges are great for me to score some nonlucid points, so its a big pity I aren’t remembering my dreams at all :eek: (currentl, unless I get lucid Im only remembering 1-2 per week).

I’m going to be peeved at myself if this week goes by with me continuing not to remember my dreams.

@sea-dove - I prescribe early nights and a small glass of apple juice before bed. Seems to help me with dream vividness, which in turn helps my recall. (YMMV :wink: )

@Scipio - Woo, task completion! Grats! That’s just the first of many, I’m sure.


While I didn’t get a task done I was momentarily lucid… You can read about it… but you’ll see there isn’t much to read… :razz:

Something in the Building ~ Short Lucid Dream

Stats so Far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 1
Short LDs: 3
Continuances: 1

Task 1: ~ none ~

Hey guys,

I’m so sorry for virtually dissapearing for a while, I wasn’t planning on it but school work took over. :sad:
I refuse to sit here with zero points on the score sheet any longer! So last night I decided to start knocking off some tasks.
I did the task where you have to see a king/queen/royalty. It was in a lengthy dream, but it was a ND . In this dream I questioned whether I was dreaming but didn’t become fully lucid.

Here is a portion from the full dream journal last night. [spoiler]
…I was walking down a dark path. It was the same dark path from a couple weeks ago in my dreams… I recognized it and questioned if I was dreaming but never actually became lucid… I remained in a ND state. Then out of the darkness came this king. He had a big ego and told me he could give me everything I could ever want. He told me to touch his gold robe. When I did, it changed from Gold to Purple. He once again reminded me that if I needed anything, just ask. I said goodbye and continued my journey…[/spoiler]

@Scipio - um. That was, er, quick. :wink:

@Jer - Welcome back, and a good start. Shame you didn’t question dreaming when the King was offering you help, he might have given you a hand with more tasks. :smile:

…And whoever the woman in the blue dress was in my dream last night, grats on completing the grow task. Good work. :happy: