Lucidity Challenge 50—obfusc8 wins!

^ Okay, got it. The final week of tasks goes live in about 24 hours, so dream harder, everybody!

The scores are updated.

Walked on a beach and visited/explored an urban environment here.

^ Noted. Tasks go live in about 12 hours!

The scores are updated.

I’d like to claim points for a short lucid two nights ago. Nothing task related, unfortunately.

Okay, here are the scores as we enter the last eight days of the LC.1. obfusc8 (1915)

  1. En’enra (1510)
  2. Jer (1365)
  3. Scipio Xaos (990)
  4. Koharo (705)
  5. Eilatan (600)
  6. Susan_Y (590)
  7. Siiw (560)
  8. Mew151, drd (470)
  9. James_UK2008 (430)
  10. Lumessence (280)
  11. Letaali (240)
  12. Coasty (160)
  13. Zaibatsu (70)
  14. Yanshuf (60)
    A cursory glance at the scoreboard reveals that obfusc8 and En’enra are both vampires while nobody else is on a team, so they both win the team competition for Week 6 and will get to make a task for Week 7.

Our last two leg winners are Eilatan and James_UK2008 with 110 points each!

The final week of tasks will be in my next post, which will hopefully be in about a half hour. I have way more formatting to do than I anticipated, but I’ll do all I can to get the tasks live quickly.

Okay, time for the final days of the LC!

[spoiler]The LC participants head back to the city of Elcedia for the final week of tasks. As everybody walks, Thorn is fairly vocal about only getting one vampire and one vampire-werewolf out of the prior week. “I expected more out of you guys, really. I mean, I’m not mad or even disappointed. I’m just surprised.” Thorn is so wrapped up in his conversation that it takes another participant to notice something eerie about the city and speak up about it: “Where is everybody?”

The group stops and looks around. The streets truly are deserted. One person suddenly steps out from seemingly nowhere and walks up to the group. She is dressed in a rather regal outfit and carries an air of importance about her. Thorn seems to recognize her, although he seems sheepish about addressing her. “…Qu?”

Qu speaks up. “Thorn, I need to ask your group a question. I’ve seen this in a few dream journals, so I need to know. Scipio, what is ‘snip’?”

Scipio’s head drops as he tries to avoid making eye contact. Qu turns to Mew151 and asks the same question, only for his head to drop too. Many of the other LC participants begin fidgeting, which causes Qu to speak again. “I’m disgusted. Thorn, you only had to promise me one thing: you’d run a clean LC. Yet you couldn’t do it. We’re done here. The LC’s been getting crazier and crazier, and I think it’s about time we wiped out all of this nonsense and started anew. Let me just get the first LC host to reset everything.”

As suddenly as she appeared, Qu disappears. Thorn has a look of horror on his face. “No…she’s summoning ian1, the host of the very first LC. Er,no, he goes by eMander now. Either way, we’re…” The ground suddenly starts rumbling slightly. It then rumbles a bit stronger, and then a bit stronger still. The group turns around to a terrifying sight: an absolutely colossal monster with a semblance of eMander’s avatar to it is stomping its way towards Elcedia.


Credit to Wyvern for lineart.[/center]
Thorn tries to act strong, although he’s clearly shaking a bit. "Okay, here’s the plan. If you won a leg, stick with me. I hope you guys liked the LD4small tasks, because we’re gonna need LD4big to save this city. LD4all’s known for dragons, and we’re gonna have to be some to take this thing on. If you didn’t win a leg, just don’t get hurt.[/spoiler]
Week 7: The Big Finale

It’s the 50th LC, and special numbers necessitate certain things. For the LC, that means a need for dragons (the LD4all mascot) and a need for a throwback to the very first LC as in our story. If you’re a leg winner, you’re a direct participant in the big finale and on the dragon team, and if not, you’re sure to have fun watching the “festivities” on the spectator team. [i]As in Week 2, you will get full credit for performing tasks for your team and half credit for other tasks.

Also note that you cannot do both of these tasks in one dream. No watching things from afar and then stepping in as a dragon for an instant hundred-or-so points![/i]

Here are the possible LC dragons for those incubating other people for tasks:* obfusc8

Become a colossal dragon: I need my leg winners to show their might the way LD4all does best! Any kind of dragon will do, so don’t fret about being bipedal, quadrupedal, or anything-else-pedal. “Colossal” means exactly that; go big or go home! Oh, and don’t worry about knocking anything down: I can undo it if you do it, but I can’t undo the damage without risking a ban if a servant of the head admin does it! Leg winners: please post a picture of a dragon similar to what you’d like to become for the sake of helping others incubate. 50 points* Do so in a city: 40 points

  • Fight a giant monster: 50 points[list][]Fight eMander as pictured in the story: 40 points
    :m][]Meet another LC leg winner dragon or LC host dragon: 40 points[/:m][]ROOOOOOOAR!: 40 points[/:m][]Exhale classical dragon breath (fire or whatever else): 40 points[/:m][]Cause some destruction: 40 points[/:m][/list:u]Witness a giant monster while normal size: Just because you’re not on the fighting team doesn’t mean you can’t have an epic dream. The sheer spectacle of the other team’s actions should definitely give you something to focus on! 50 points* Do so in a city: 40 points
  • See eMander as pictured in the story: 40 points
  • See an LC leg winner dragon or LC host dragon: 40 points
  • Watch a fight between the above monsters: 40 points[list][]Watch while riding on / carried by the dragon: 50 points
    :m][]Witness massive destruction: 40 points[/:m][/list:u]Only two tasks? Is that a lame “big finale” to you? Well, no worries! The influence of the very first LC isn’t limited just to including the first host. Check back every day until the end of the LC for more!

The LC ends on Saturday, August 8 at 2:00 PM ET. As always, dream hard!

Despite the story, Qu does not actually have any problems with the LC. Don’t worry; nobody’s in trouble. I just needed an excuse to make eMander a monster, hehe.

Thorn said I have to become a dragon, and since I have never become a dragon and I am totally the child of a dragon, he suggested becoming their form.


Image credit to Andy Fairhurst[/center]

Hopefully this dragon will be recognisable and easy for people to incubate, as no doubt you have noticed it already as Ysim’s avatar. Here’s hoping this works. :woah:

I had a medium length LD, where I didn’t do anything task related. I had no recall of the LC :blush: . I’ll update here later tonight or early tomorrow (1am or so).

^ I’ve added it to the totals, although you need a lot more points than that to move up a spot. This week’s task is plenty action-y, so it should be perfect for you!

The scores are updated.

Artwork - Jonas De Ro[/center]


Okay, obfusc8 and En’enra have already confirmed the task they want to make as Week 6 winners. They’re requiring you be a dragon for it, so it’s essentially a subtask, although it will not have less points for the other team. They want you to use elemental breath, by which I assume they do not mean hydrogen or helium but rather fire, ice, electricity, acid, or other classical dragon breaths. A shame, as our conversation about the task turned silly and almost ended on two giant dragon team members fighting a double giant DragonThorn. I was almost looking forward to the nonsense (no, I do not know how tall “double giant” is). :tongue:

40 points for exhaling classical dragon breath as a dragon!

Must… resist the urge to post Tiamat…

I’ll try to become something like this:

Author of the image

Think I’ll be targeting for something along the lines of this:

Well, if fictional-DC-Qu was going to complain about this challenge, the snipped sex scenes are the least of it. There’s the vampires … and the werewolves … and now dragons. One might wonder if the “excessive violence” in the forum guidelines applies to all the roaring, and breathing fire, and massive destruction… (I’m only joking).

Non-lucid dream, in which some friends and I buy a government-surplus submersible. It was fun, even if no points scored.

I read this week’s challenges last night and performed a successful WBTB with MILD. I ended up completing alot of the others team’s tasks, but still got some serious points. I also encountered a “Thorn Dragon” who induced chaos in my LD . Here is how the dream went down.

I was in an apartment building, in the city… I presumably lived here, and was on one of the top floor, very high up. From all the way up here, when I stood on the balcony I got a good view of the sky. One of the clouds seemed to be a reddish/blueish color and was moving very fast. I realized this isn’t normal for a cloud, which helped me to do a RC and realize I was dreaming. I looked closer at the object… no that was no cloud… it was a dragon! As the dragon was coming closer and closer to the ground, and I could see more of it’s details. I remembered the LC’s connection to dragons, and tried to picture who this dragon was in terms of the LC members. As it got closer and closer, it was apparent that the dragon was Thorn. Thorn was coming in very quickly at high speeds. I thought he was going to crash into the ground. Just then, Thorn opened his mouth, but instead of breathing fire, he shot out meteors that were on fire. One of these large meteors crashed into an apartment building that was exactly four blocks away. This apartment building fell backwards into another apartment building which also immediately collapsed. When the two buildings collapsed, a giant mushroom cloud explosion formed. A wave of explosive energy was propelled outwards from the explosion. Everything started to shake as if a large earthquake just hit. At this point I started to lose lucidity because I was so afraid. I tried to run and find my family to take them to shelter. The dream was still shaking from the explosion, and eventually became too unstable and ended.


  • Witness a giant monster (“Thorn Dragon”) while normal sized
  • Do so in a city
  • See an LC host dragon
  • Witness massive destruction.
  • Early Combo
  • LD medium Length.

Also, for the LD 's as a dragon…
This is basically what I am going to be using as inspiration.

Jer, oh no! It’s all backwards! The host of the first LC was supposed to be destroying everything! We were supposed to be saving it! Noooooo… that said, did you enjoy the dream and did I look awesome?
/me is trouted

The scores are updated, and I’ve got a bit more LC action for you guys!

[title]Lucidity Challenge 1[/title]

This would be a terrible throwback week if it just involved making the first LC host a villain. The first LC actually lasted for only seven days with a task every day, so I will run the entirety of the first LC within this LC’s final week, and any points you earn in it will count for the current LC too!

Here’s a quick rundown of the first LC’s scoring. Obviously, there are no character bonuses. Lucid dream points were given at the rate of 10 points for wondering if you’re dreaming, 20 for a lucid dream of 10 seconds or less, and 30 for anything longer. You’ll get this in addition to the LC 50 LD points, so lucid dreams are worth more now! Early bonuses are 10 points for doing a task the day it is assigned [color=red]and only that task[/color]: you take a [color=red]10 point penalty[/color] for performing old tasks and forfeit your early bonus if you do the latest task alongside an old task. This is one scoring feature I’m glad we altered!

Anyhow, Task 1!

Note that these points are not additive as if they were separate tasks; you get only the greatest point value you earn instead of all of them.

It’s my pleasure to welcome you all to the first ever Lucidity Challenge! Good luck!

I had a fragment where I was a humanoid version of my dragon. THorn was also with me, and we saw eMander as pictured (with his yucky lickitung tongue). :razz: I don’t remember anything else besides standing next to dragon THorn as we watched the yellow/orange dragon.

Thorn, this might not shape up to be a “terrible throwback wek” after all, because now I see how the whole LC 50 was shaped just for this final week. :woah:

Let’s get the real games started!

Another “just lucid points” but this one was much longer. :razz:

Scipio has a Decent LD ~ Long Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 2
Short LDs: 10
Medium LDs: 2
Long LDs: 2
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1:-C Become your Character & Drive a Motor Vehicle [C] | Wander Around a Bustling City [C] & Fly Through a City [C] | Eat in a Nice Restaurant | Interact with an Anthropomorphic Character [C] Who was An LC Participant
Task 2:-E Walk on a Beach | Fly over a Mountain | Walk through Snow
Task 3:-C Pull an Object out of Hammerspace [C]
Task 4:-E Used Selected HoverGear [C], Sported a Grind [C] for 10 Seconds, Did a Non-Grind Trick [C], and Raced the Host [C]
Task 5:-E Shrink to 6" or Less
Task 6: ~ none ~
Task 7: ~ none ~
LC 1: ~ none ~