Lucidity Challenge 50—obfusc8 wins!

Short LD. Transformed into my character while lucid. Then didn’t so much ‘wander’, rather running through a city being attacked by dragons, whilst searching for my persistent DC (in character still) :dragon:

Not enough to catch En’enra or a ‘rain of tasks’, nor am I satisfied with the length of the lucid dream, but it’s a start. :tongue:

Thanks Thorn :smile:

So a quick Normal Dream i had last night that involved me Riding a Motorcycle (for enthusiasts: an orange/black KTM Duke) into Bumper Cars place at an Amusement park…i was pointing at some people and laughing until thsi FREAKING fly woke me up at 2:30 AM

Mew, I’ve come to the conclusion that Splatoon was designed to invade as many dreams as possible. It’s not just you.

obfusc8, I thought I was the only dragon you’d ever need! I feel cheated on! :tongue:

Zaibatsu, congrats on getting on the scoreboard!

The scores are updated. A new week of tasks will start in just over two hours!

Wait, Honey, let me explain… those were bad, evil dragons. They mean nothing to me. Nothing happened I swear! You know I would never knowingly dream about other dragons. You’re the only dragon for me, babe, believe me!

[size=67]cough lucid points missing on the scores? cough Please don’t kill me. :scared:[/size]

^ Well, tell me next time! I can fight evil. We’re already established that tarrasques are pushovers for me… in that I push them and then fall over dazed. :razz:

In any case, let’s look at the scores at the end of Week 1.1. En’enra (350)

  1. obfusc8 (265)
  2. Letaali (180)
  3. Siiw (140)
  4. Coasty (130)
  5. Mew151 (90)
  6. Susan_Y, Zaibatsu (70)
  7. Scipio Xaos (65)
  8. Koharo, Jer (40)
  9. James_UK2008 (30)
  10. drd (20)
  11. Eilatan, Lumessence (0)
    Our only non-scorers joined late in the week. That makes this an absolutely stellar first week, and on the often ill-fated location-based tasks too! I’m thrilled that people are doing so well and I look forward to this upcoming week.

The new week of tasks will be posted in about 40 minutes!

The “story” continues!

[spoiler]“Okay, everybody gather around! It’s time for our field trip!” exclaims Thorn. Once everybody is gathered, Thorn begins to mumble something that sounds incoherent yet articulated while having his hands, and a white flash suddenly overtakes the group. You close your eyes reflexively and open them to find everybody standing in a field. You can see a tall, snowcapped mountain in front of you, but you also hear waves. You turn around to see a beach and the ocean waves crashing against it. You notice a city, likely Elcedia, not far from here as you turn your head.

Thorn speaks up again. “Funny thing about dreamscapes… they just don’t seem to care about impossible climates. This place should make everybody happy. Anyway, we’re just outside Elcedia at a pretty popular vacation spot. Skiing in one direction, swimming in the other, and a nice picnic spot in the middle; what’s not to love?”

The same participant that interrupted last week interrupts again. “I heard a participant called you ‘hunky’ yesterday; do we get to see you in a swimsuit?” Thorn almost chokes on his own breath in shock before matter-of-factly speaking up again. "The mods are still watching over us. Are you trying to get this competition shut down?

“Back on topic… this is the last week of Leg 1 of our competition. Leg 1’s all about dreaming at specific locations, so hopefully everybody got some practice in. Push yourselves hard, not just to win the leg, but also because I remembered your votes for who wanted to go where, and I’m treating you all as if you’re two teams. The winning team will have say in what we do next.”[/spoiler]
Week 2: Contrasting Climates

Your votes determined what’s worth more points for you. Tasks matching your choice of location award the listed amount of points, while tasks for the setting you didn’t vote for award half of the listed amount. The team with the highest average Week 2 points per member will get to design a task for next week. Notice that this is different than in past LCs, where all subtasks influenced the team competition equally. Frankly, it doesn’t make sense to let the snow team win by doing all of the sun team’s tasks without penalty (or vice versa).

drd and Jer, neither of you gave me a team choice. Coin flips led me to put you both on the snow team.

Walk on a beach: Some LC participants likely live inland where there are no shores, so what may sound simple to you may be completely new to others. Hopefully those people enjoy it! 20 points

Participate in a beach or water sport: Play some beach volleyball, surf over the waves, kayak, race somebody while swimming, or do whatever you like. Just be sure to do it for the sport of it: simply ending up swimming by happenstance does not complete the task. 20 points* Play a beach sport (volleyball, frisbee, etc.): 10 points[list][]Do it with an LC participant or the host: 20 points
:m][]Get involved in a water sport (surfing, kayaking, etc.): 10 points Do it with an LC participant or the host: 20 points
[/:m][/list:u]Build a sand structure or sculpture: If you didn’t finish this in the last LC, now’s the time! A realistic sandcastle is fine, but so is willing a large amount of sand to form an actual castle. 30 points Explore inside a sandcastle: 20 points

  • Sculpt an LC participant or the host from sand: 30 points[list][]Possess it or bring it to life: 20 points
    :m][/list:u]Turn into an aquatic creature: Don’t be one of those people that walks up to the water’s edge and only gets his/her feet wet. Dive in and truly make yourself at home! Remember to carry over key features of your character for an extra five points! 40 points

Available after earning 300 points:
Fly over a large body of water: As in Week 1, the goal isn’t to fly high above it. Swoop down, graze the surface, and watch the waves crash just below you. I’ll openly admit to just pushing my own lucid interests off on you guys for this task; I did this in a dream once with a lovely sunset over an ocean and was awestricken. 40 points

Walk around in the snow: Straightforward, right? For those of you that live in places without snow, this could be quite an experience! 20 points

Participate in a winter sport or snowball fight: Ice hockey, skiing, snowboarding, curling, and speed skating are some possibilities, but you’re free to be more creative. 20 points* Participate in an ice arena sport (ice hockey, curling, speed skating, etc.): 10 points[list][]Do it with an LC participant or the host: 20 points
:m][]Participate in an outdoor sport (skiing, skeleton luge, etc.) or a snowball fight: 10 points Do it with an LC participant or the host: 20 points
[/:m][/list:u]Build a snow fort, igloo, or snow/ice sculpture: The same ideas apply as in the “build a sand structure or sculpture” task. Go nuts if you can! 30 points Explore your built fort or igloo: 20 points

  • Sculpt an LC participant or the host from snow/ice: 30 points[list][]Possess it or bring it to life: 20 points
    :m][/list:u]Turn into a creature associated with snow: Real creatures such as polar bears and penguins will do, but living snowmen, yetis, and other things are fine as well. Again, get those character points by keeping some features in your new form. 40 points

Available after earning 300 points:
Fly over a mountain: Feel that brisk mountain air as you pass over a beautiful, snowcapped mountain. If you have a need for speed, start at the top and swoop down to the bottom! 40 points

Go prove yourselves! Show me who can really get to this week’s and last week’s dream locations to win the leg, or focus hard on the location you voted for to give your team the opportunity to design a task next week!

New personal goal (matches the one in my profile): Visit my royal dream residence, The Palace! It is very decidedly and almost universally purple and has a nice garden and a lake.


I had a short LD while taking a nap today.

Word spreads quickly, doesn’t it? What lc participant do i need to turn into an ice sculpture for spreading such silly rumors…

I shouldn’t have neglected to get on this morning… But last night I did have a dream that was sort of revolving around my old town, and how it had changed… I went exploring a bit, and visited what used to be an old church, which had become a restaurant (unfortunately i didn’t eat anything!), aswell as another place further down the road that what was once a rental store, had been refitted as a computer shop… Furthermore, I had traveled up to where I used to live to find that someone I knew (not someone i knew irl… actually, it was SUPPOSED to be my brother, but he wasn’t my brother irl, just in the dream…) was now living… He had his friends over, and the dream was random gibberish from there… None of this was lucid, however… Just normal dream of me exploring my old town.

Since i’m reporting this late, I’ll leave it up to you to decide if I’m eligible for points or not… But the dream did happen before task two was posted… I think…

drd, when do we get tasks from you? How will you win without tasks?!?

Lumessence, it’s fine. A delay of under a day is really not a big deal.

The scores are updated.

In a non-lucid dream, I did the “walk around in the snow” task.

I walked/ran/rolled around in snow and flew over a mountain in a ND here. Too bad I chose the wrong team. :content:

En and obfusc8 just keep having awesome dreams with dragons and everything :thumbs:

^ I have invaded their minds, of course. Give them a month and they’ll feel compelled to visit me at my home and bring me gifts.

The scores are updated.

Oops! Sorry about not choosing a team, I forgot. Snow team sounds good to me! I will embrace my cold Canadian nature! :content:

June 25th, I had one of those “Am I dreaming?” moments, but never became lucid because the dream ended very quickly.
“I was standing in the street with a plastic bag in my hand. There was no one on this street except for one man, who was standing on the sidewalk a ways down standing completely still, with his legs slightly apart. I could only make out a rough shadow of his figure. I felt a very eerie presence, as if something wasn’t right. I asked myself, “is this a dream?”, I suddenly then remembered some tasks that had to be done for the Lucid Challenge. Before I could even fully realize It was indeed a dream, the whole dream collapsed in on itself. It felt unstable, as if the dream was an upside down pyramid, trying to stay balanced. Everything ended quickly, and faded out of existence”

Also Last night, I had 4 ND’s where I did the following:

  • wandered around a bustling city
  • Walked on a beach
  • Interacted with an anthropomorphic creature. (Part human, part ancient dino snake… there were four of them. They seemed friendly until they tried to kill me)

The DJ was really long so I thought i’d just summarize. If you want the full DJ I can also post it here later. Hopefully this is satisfactory. :happy:

^ I’ve got all of that marked down. The scores are updated. Now hurry up and have some LDs! :smile:

am I too late or I still can join, because I wish to join.
Should I choose a task or I will get one?
I’m very confused…

^ To sign up, simply give us a personal goal that you want to complete while lucid dreaming. Any time you wonder if you dreaming, realize you’re dreaming, complete your personal goal, or complete any of the tasks assigned during the LC, post saying what you did and you’ll earn points for it. Many people have also created and described alternate personas to try to become while dreaming; you’re welcome to do so as well, and you’ll get a small amount of bonus points for every task you complete as it.

Thanks for the info
So well I want to summon a wood golem which heighs minimum ten meters
But if I fail at this then I’ll do a sand building, maybe a pyramind.
I will create a character later…

^ Got it. For the sake of balancing the competition, for this week’s team-related tasks, you’ll be considered to be on the orange task team, as they had one less member than the blue task team. You can still do blue tasks but will get half credit, as shown on the scoreboard.

Best of luck!