Lucidity Challenge 50—obfusc8 wins!

I had a short LD, and found my floating bike, but it was chained to the ground. I didn’t get it loose before the dream ended. No DJ post, because I have only the phone here.

Lucid dream, long duration (about 6 minutes).

I’d like to claim points for:

  • Long lucid dream
  • Personal goal while lucid
  • Dream in an animated style (the bit where I looked at the sky was definitely animated; possibly other parts as well).
  • Task while lucid

I think that was a near miss (no points) for:

  • Become your character (I woke up attempting the transformation)
  • Interact with an anthropomorphic character. (I assume a statue of a fawn doesn’t count, and an actual fawn would be required).

^ … that dream already had too many literary references to add a Frozen transformation :smile: (Lucy and Mr. Tumnus from C. S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; Lucy Westenra with Count Dracula at night in the churchyard from Dracula; Evie meets V in V for Vendetta…)

Short LD, no tasks

Siiw, your subconscious seems really cruel if it will tie down what you want and not let you use it. :sad:

Susan_Y, congrats on getting a personal goal done! Please post another personal goal that does not overlap any existing tasks; you’ll get 25 points if you finish a second one. I see you say that transformation is tough for you, but hey, that’s why this is called the Lucidity Challenge. :smile:

En’enra, noted.

The scores are updated.

Finally became lucid again here this morning which was prominently based on the CGI version of the Road Runner cartoon. The length of time was at least five minutes which makes it a medium one for me. Too bad it was based on the CGI version otherwise I would’ve claimed points for dreaming in an animated style. I don’t think there’s any other points inside it…

James, talk to me about “I on the other hand end up defying gravity and quickly lost my balance…”. Did you actually run into the air above the crater in your dream at first? That would be worth points. In any case. I’ve given you 10 creativity points for seeing that dream through to the end. You certainly went further with the cartoon idea than anybody else has, so it feels almost disgusting to not see any task points.

The scores are updated.

No it definitely felt accurate from a physics point of view in the sense that I ran over the edge and immediately started my somewhat rough descent down to the bottom :razz:

I had a small lucid moment during a nap where I interacted with a DC who was a LC participant (Week 1 task?). It was En’enra .
We were playing some sort of game that was similar to Sherades. There was a guy who had long brown hair who turned to me and basically said “I am En’enra, I possessed this dude’s body” (paraphrasing)
I asked En’enra to prove she was real so she pulled out her phone and logged into the Ld4all website. Her username was " :open_mouth: " her password was “A” . I am not an expert, but a 1 character password isn’t exactly hard to crack. :tongue:
It was a pretty cool- I would say it was medium length.

Now I am off to bed. Hopefully I can have another lucid :sleep:

^ So you’re claiming interacting with an LC participant? As I told Koharo, the indented subtasks aren’t just because I was too lazy to write descriptions. They’re special ways to perform the full tasks they follow in order to promote performing tasks vividly rather than moving from one to the other. Sadly, the “interact with an LC participant” subtask was part of the “interact with an anthropomorphic creature” task as a way to get people to see some of the crazier character in the LC, and “a guy who had long brown hair” doesn’t fit that. :sad: In any case, you do get the 30 points for a medium-length lucid dream, so there’s that.

The scores are updated.

In a normal dream (yeah I completely failed in the lucid pact we made on irc… :sad: ) I pulled a large steel tube out of thin air and used it to parry a mace. We were in a Gothic mansion so it wasn’t just lying around and it came out of ‘hammerspace’. This was done in-character as we were doing some sort of live action roleplay session (or so I believed).


Lol! :woo:

I had a long lucid dream (two dreams connected with a FA) here.

obfusc8, you’re claiming points again! With sorcerers, at that! I guess that even if the lucid pact failed, the sorcerer talk seeped in yesterday. :smile: Maybe we all should’ve made a pact to go be sorcerers together.

En’enra, noted. You’re pretty good at this whole “lucid dreaming” thing, it seems.

The scores are updated. I can’t wait until we all get out of this slump. I’m not hearing that the tasks are hard or boring or anything of the sort; everybody’s just hit a serious slump in dream recall and lucidity. It’s hurting my dreams just as much as everybody else’s, and I hope that we all recover soon.

Oh! Sorry Thorn, that was my misinterpretation. I misunderstood what was being asked with “subtasks” of tasks. Now I understand, and have another goal to work towards in my dreams! :content:

Last night I was trying to incubate a dream where I would get hit with something large, but instead I ended up hitting a dream character (instead of myself) with something large… a couch to be exact :lol: . So close, yet so far. Oh well, I will try again tonight!

Another short LD. I got distracted, and didn’t do any tasks. The contents of the dream got very personal, and I don’t want to post it in full detail.

Jer, no need to apologize. As more and more LCs happen, the rules necessarily shift around and become more complicated as each TM tries to create a better scoring system or fix perceived flaws in the way participants approached past LCs. At this point, there’s so much going on in the first post that missing something is only natural. :smile: That said, I’d prefer explaining complexities to oversimplifying the system and losing all of the little distinctions we’ve picked up on over the years.

Siiw, noted. We all have personal dreams from time to time.

The scores are updated.

Non-lucid dream, in which I play a tune on an electric version of a Japanese koto. No points scored, as there isn’t a music task in this challenge yet. My dreaming mind clearly wasn’t up to remembering anything recognizable, like Sakura, and I just improvised something.

(Knowing my luck, the music task will show up later in the challenge…)


/me claims short LD points. :grin: No tasks. :neutral:

Susan_Y, maybe there will be, and maybe there won’t be! Who knows? What’s the theme of Leg 3? How can it be split into two weeks? Get answers to these questions and more on Friday!

Mew151, I read the dream and I’m thinking you tried to challenge James to see who could have more near misses with points. :sad: Focus on the actual competition!

The scores are updated.

So it turns out it was a delayed-onset lucid pact! And I did current tasks! :yay: Siiw bought me cake, which was obviously lucid cake. Thanks Siiw! :content: There’s no :cake: emoticon, unfortunately, but lucid cake for everyone!

Long LD

Thorn, you’ll have to make the call on how much of this counts:
-Flew through a city
-Rode a hovermotorbike
-Speed down a freeway? (I’m not sure what sort of road a freeway is, not being American we don’t have that term… this was a four lane road (dual carriageway in both directions) through a city.)
-Did a long grind (10s+)
-Went through a corkscrew
-Flicked off the end of the ‘corkscrew’ (ramp?) (didn’t fly over anything specific but it was higher than a building)
-Started spiralling end over end (another trick but didn’t land it so probably doesn’t count?)