Lucidity Challenge 50—obfusc8 wins!

I tried some more techniques last night… I had no lucid’s , but I incubated a ND where I ate at a nice restaurant with my friends (Week 1 task).

^and wow obfusc8, you nearly did all of week 4 in a single Lucid. That’s amazing! :unk:

obfusc8, I’ve been waiting for this to happen since Friday—not necessarily from you, but from anybody. The tasks this week simply flow together well. Can I expect you’re going for a not-in-character sweep of this week’s points? Speaking of the lucid pact, I had my success this morning too, although it wasn’t quite as vivid as yours.

Jer, those points are noted. Sorry I don’t have as much commentary for you as I do for obfusc8’s dream with 300+ points. :tongue:

The scores are updated. While it looks like obfusc8 just set his team very far ahead, that’s actually not the case at all. The bike team currently has an average of 40 Week 4 points per member and the skate team has an average of 34 points per member. If a skate team member gets 30 points or more—for example, the lucid, early, and smallest task points all sum to 70 for one task completion—that’ll tie or beat the bike team! The board team can also catch up by pulling off the same dream obfusc8 had!

Had a dream the night after reading the new task… I was a little offput by missing the task selection, and wanted to go with skates, as I used to rollerblade around everywhere… But being put on the bike team actually turned out quite nicely for me, as that night, i had a lucid dream…

I’ve been a bit iffy as of late, so i havn’t been on here, but i’d like to hopefully post the dream in my dj at some point… Until then i’ll just post here what happened…

[spoiler]Relevent parts are that upon becoming lucid, I traveled upward from some under-city ruins and upon reaching the surface, I made contact with the first DC I came across. The LC was on the brain luckily, so had no problem completing… I asked this DC to give me a hoverbike, and they gave me some sort of voucher. I “used” the voucher, and a nifty black, grey and red hoverbike sort of just started existing behind me… It was pretty solid shaped, and looked pretty alien… The terrain around looked more like the aftermath of a metal city that had been hit by a bomb, as nothing seemed to be flat or ridable, but that apparently didn’t stop me, as I zipped off above all the debree a ways. I was going sorta slow though… Not to my taste…

I stopped to find a DC to ask about a race course, and ended up running into Scipio… or so i believe it was… I did not get a good strong look at his appearence though. I asked him if there was a race course somewhere nearby, and he pointed off a direction and told me to head there… I did so, and somehow he was waiting for me. I told him to race me, and he hopped onto his own bike. The “race course” looked like a bunch of broken roads piled up onto eachother (same apocalypse theme), or a bunch of toy roads just dumped into a stack… It was not really roads at all…

We started at the bottom, and there were these lights up at the top of my vision that started with one red light, blinked and chimed, two red lights, then dinged, and displayed 3 green lights indicating the race to start. We both took off on our bikes, and i was feeling a bit bullyish, so i swerved over and smacked into scipio sending him into the side railing of the road, and causing him to go into a spinning crash :neutral:

Sorry, scipio… I sorta ignored it and went on my way, spirallying up the roads, and leaping off the edges to reach the next one.

I was looking for an opportunity to do some sort of “trick”, so i came to one road that just raised up towards the sky. I sped up as quick as I could go, up the road, and upon leaving the road, I pulled the bike upward, into backflips, and continued to ascend into the sky… I leaped off the bike, and that is where my lucidity ended.[/spoiler]

^ Wow, nicely done! You didn’t give me a length for that, so I’m assuming it was a medium-length LD. Please correct me if it was something else.

The scores are updated, and the bike team is now even further ahead. C’mon, other teams! Step it up!

Yes, medium is fine.

Thanks Jer. :content: As Thorn said, the tasks flow together easily this week. Admittedly I forgot a few, but maybe I’ll take a shot at them another night.

Another Long LD last night. The narwhal transformation didn’t go quite to plan, so ignore that, I can do better! As you can probably tell, I hadn’t really planned out what to do…

(I remembered a load of tasks just after waking up, of course! :meh: )

The night of July 15-16 was a successful night. I was able to pull of a lot of the Week 4 tasks! I had low low lucidity, which I lost pretty quickly in the hub bub . I would probably claim Short LD points. It was enough for me to incubate what needed to be done.
In order:

  • I started to speed down a freeway
  • I “ramped” over the back of a car and caught some serious air
  • I did a ton of midair rotations before landing.
  • Turned by using my hand

I was going very fast, so my turn with my hand was really wide and I skidded out of control and almost crashed. Trying to maneuver on my skates after that was really hard. I felt completely out of control as my lucidity started to die off. The others things like Skitching didn’t come to mind. Although, I am happy with what I accomplished.

obfusc8, it was so simple! You just needed to make a hoverbiking narwhal! How could you forget?!?
/me shakes obfusc8.

Jer, nice! You’re way in the lead for this leg!

The scores are updated. Leg 2 ends in 24 hours! We’ll get a new leg and week full of tasks at that time.

I had a long length LD the other night. I ended up riding a chair instead of a hover bike. No tasks to claim.

Here’s “even more” points! :razz:

Cornelia Races SonicThorn ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ Used Selected HoverGear [C], Sported a Grind [C] for 10 Seconds, Did a Non-Grind Trick [C], and Raced the Host [C] LUCID EARLY Task 3 COMBO

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 1
Short LDs: 7
Medium LDs: 2
Long LDs: 1
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1:-C Become your Character & Drive a Motor Vehicle [C] | Wander Around a Bustling City [C] & Fly Through a City [C] | Eat in a Nice Restaurant
Task 2:-E Walk on a Beach | Fly over a Mountain
Task 3:-C Pull an Object out of Hammerspace [C]
Task 4:-E Used Selected HoverGear [C], Sported a Grind [C] for 10 Seconds, Did a Non-Grind Trick [C], and Raced the Host [C]

drd, noted.

Scipio, those 20 character points basically added up to another task. That’s how you do it! Also, I am totally not Sonic how could you think that we’re totally different stop being the species equivalent of racist. :tongue:

The scores are updated. The current team average scores are 65 points for Bikes, 58 for Skates, and 38 for Boards. Tonight will make or break the team results!

I’ve returned with the following:
-Long LD in which I failed to conjure skates thanks to an extra pair of arms I didn’t have control over apparently
-Med LD where I walked around in the snow and took part in a snowball fight while lucid
-Arrived in what appeared to be Sealab 2021 (cartoon/CGI dreamscape) in a non-lucid
-Arrived in the Smite arena as Neith becoming lucid upon arrival (Cartoon/CGI dreamscape) while lucid in a fragmented lucid

^ I’ve added those points, but one thing concerns me. One of the tasks says to dream in an animated style, but you keep calling it “cartoon/CGI”. Were those two dreams animated as the task requests or were they CGI?

The scores are updated.

My fault, I used the two terms interchangeably. The non lucid Sealab dream was cartoon like and the lucid in the game was CGI.

^ Okay, in that case, the non-lucid dream finished the task but the lucid one didn’t, so the Week 3 lucid bonus is removed and the scores are updated again.

Here are the scores at the end of Leg 2 and leading into Week 5.1. obfusc8 (1160)

  1. En’enra (880)
  2. Scipio Xaos (795)
  3. Jer (535)
  4. Susan_Y (500)
  5. Eilatan (490)
  6. Mew151, drd (430)
  7. Koharo (385)
  8. Siiw (340)
  9. Lumessence (280)
  10. Letaali (210)
  11. James_UK2008 (140)
  12. Coasty (130)
  13. Zaibatsu (70)
  14. Yanshuf (60)

Looking at the Leg 2 totals, Jer is the runaway winner with 300 task/bonus points across the two weeks. obfusc8 took second with 265 points but has already won a leg, so the second Leg 2 winner is Scipio Xaos with 245 points. The winners will join previous leg winners obfusc8 and En’enra as well as the winners of Leg 3 to form one of the teams for the final week of tasks. With the top four contenders out of the way, Leg 3 is anybody’s game! My condolences to Eilatan as well, as she put up a fierce fight during Week 3 but was unable to post points during Week 4.

As nobody posted points this morning, the average scores from a few posts ago still hold. The Bike team has won Week 4 by a slim margin and will get to make a task for Week 5.

Week 5’s tasks will be posted in 13 minutes!

why am i still writing this

[spoiler]You’ve gotten used to begrudgingly following Thorn around at this point, so you don’t think twice about following him and the other LC participants into a dimly lit room. In real life, it would be dangerous. Here, it’s just par for the course.

The lot of you sit around a table with a piece of parchment bearing a grid pattern spread out atop it. Several miniatures sit on the parchment Thorn speaks up first per usual. “Okay, I’ll cut right to the chase. I’ve been trying to organize LC-themed Dungeons & Dragons for a while now and I just want to get it started. Who wants in?” obfusc8 raises his hand, to which Thorn responds, “Okay, grab a miniature.” obfusc8 reaches for one… and suddenly, a tiny obfusc8 appears in the place of the miniature with the normal obfusc8 nowhere to be seen.

“Hah! I wondered who I’d get first,” exclaims Thorn. “Everybody grab a miniature and get on the game board.” You grab one and miniaturize just as fast as obfusc8 had as the rest of the participants and Thorn join you. Thorn again speaks up. “So, Leg 1 was about getting to specific locations, Leg 2 was about breaking dream physics, and Leg 3 is about manipulating your dream self. All of this week’s tasks are designed for miniature dreamers, and… uh…”

Thorn trails off and looks behind the group. You turn around to see the usual troll sitting at what is normal size to him but colossal to you, looking down at you devilishly. Thorn’s shout of “RUN!” is unnecessary as everybody instinctively flees.[/spoiler]
Week 5: LD4small

This task will have one BIG restriction on it (there’s the pun!): you can only earn points if you are no taller than six inches (about 15 centimeters). Large environments will not count, nor will finding ways to explore a small environment at normal size; you must be tiny.

Shrink to the required size: The first time you manage it at all, you’ll get these points. 20 points

Explore a model of a location: Any toy or decoration meant to resemble a miniature version of what could feasibly be a real-life location will do. 20 points* Explore a dollhouse: 20 points

  • Wander around a model city: 20 points
  • Get inside of a snow globe: 20 points
    Use a keyboard: Your fingers may be resting on one right now, effortlessly able to push down keys. Can you type a message while the size of a fingertip? That, or perhaps you could play a tune on a piano keyboard. 20 points

Use a toy racetrack: Gotta go fast relative to your size! This is a great way to earn some missing Week 4 points if you put an inversion on the track or grind a slot car’s rail. 30 points* Ride a miniature car: 20 points

  • Use your hovergear on the track: 20 points
    Play a board/tabletop game: Be a living chess piece, get caught in a game of Mouse Trap, be your D&D character as the actual miniature, actually be involved in the game of Life or Chutes & Ladders… the possibilities are endless. 30 points

Wander through grass: This is the stereotypical scene for shrunken characters in fiction. Wander through what may appear to be a jungle where your lawn used to be. 30 points

Explore a small animal’s living quarters: People are creeped out enough by rodents, insects, and the like even when the size difference is massive. How will you react when you’re looking them in the eyes? Will you still assert your dominance over them? 40 points* Explore a mouse hole or rodent/bird nest: 20 points

  • Explore an anthill or ant farm, spider web, beehive, or other bug’s nest: 20 points
  • Explore a small animal’s cage (hamster, lizard, etc.): 20 points
  • Swim in a fish tank: 20 points
    Interact with a much larger creature: Every hackneyed plot about shrinking has this happen at some point. Now it’s your turn! Creatures at least as big as a house cat will count for this task. 40 points* Climb the creature: 20 points
  • Interact with a normal-sized LC participant or the host: 40 points
    Ride a living thing for flight: Maybe you can fly all by yourself, but this way you can imagine you’re a noble knight riding a dragon or something… except you’re a tiny man riding a bug, a bird, a flying LC participant/host, or something else. Same difference. 40 points

See microscopic organisms, molecules, or other impossibly small things: Witness the building blocks of life or even of all existence. 40 points

Explore inside a living thing: Yes, we’re referencing Fantastic Voyage. If being in a body grosses you out, perhaps you could explore inside a plant? 40 points

Complete another task with a shrunken LC participant or a shrunken host: I’m sure other participants would love to join you for such a fantastic expedition. I know I’d be up for joining you, and any LC participant who’s not for it is just a miniature party pooper! The task must be from Week 5 and must not be simply to shrink to the required size. 50 points

Tiny tasks… On the same day that Ant-man is released (in the UK at least) :happy: This is too perfect…

Medium LD… I was really small and I was a chess piece. I also summoned Thorn’s character and did some late tasks (pull something out of hammerspace, harmlessly flatten a character). I love this week’s tasks, by the way.

Aww, if only had I posted when I woke I would have been the first one to do a task. I was tiny in a dream :razz:

I had a dream where I was smaller than Ricky Ricardo’s knee cap. Though I was tiny, I don’t count interacting with a larger creature because he was purely there for size comparison.

Then I was a miniature Lucy Ricardo, who used my miniature size to dance on top of drums, because I thought that was a task for some reason. :dingy: