Lucidity Challenge 50—obfusc8 wins!

Just to clarify… tasks can’t be done on a regular bike/skateboard/skates, it has to be a hover-whatever?

Medium LD + Short LD. I used the hoverskates, sported a grind for 10+ consecutive seconds, and did a midair pirouette, if that counts.

obfusc8, exactly; gotta get dreamy with it. That sound you’re hearing in the pit of your stomach is your heart dropping as you realize you can’t just have your usual dream. :tongue: That, or it’s the sound of you losing your lead, because En’enra’s apparently back on her A game!

En’enra, way to scoop up points on the very first night of the LC week! It’s also cool that you attempted to get into Jet Set Radio—that’s a reference I’m not sure most people will get. :smile:

The scores are updated, and the lead has changed for the first time in over a week!

Last night, I had three productive NDs .I accomplished the following:

  • Inflate yourself like a balloon
  • Inflate a DC like a balloon
  • Used my chosen hover gear (didn’t do any fancy tricks with it… yet :cool: )

Those are the three tasks that I accomplished. These all count towards the 2nd leg , correct? :smile:

^ Yes they do! That said, I don’t remember you choosing at all; I’m pretty sure I chose for you! :tongue: In any case, consider me pleasantly surprised that you’d finish those tasks in NDs.

The scores are updated.

So… I’ve been out a while, sadly. Hopefully with this LD I’m back and I’ll be able to have some dreams to try to catch Enenra and obfusc8!

Bus, Knights, and Sean-Cassidy ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ Pull an Object out of Hammerspace [C]

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 1
Short LDs: 6
Medium LDs: 2
Long LDs: 1
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1:-C Become your Character & Drive a Motor Vehicle [C] | Wander Around a Bustling City [C] & Fly Through a City [C] | Eat in a Nice Restaurant
Task 2:-E Walk on a Beach | Fly over a Mountain
Task 3: Pull an Object out of Hammerspace [C]
Task 4: ~ none ~

^ Scored. Now give me even more points!

Short LD with an attempt at cycling. There wasn’t anything to hover on/over as it was in space. So… yeah.

Lucid dream, medium duration (1-2 minutes).

Once again, I have a miserable time at summer camp. (Anxiety dream. In real life, I actually liked summer camp, and I’d really like to do it as a dream). I lost lucidity just before the summer camp part, so I think it doesn’t count as a completion of the monthly quest. I’ll claim the points for becoming lucid, though.

obfusc8, I also have recall that’s gone down the toilet, so I can relate. At least you got to go to space…?

Susan_Y, such a close call! What a shame. All the more reason to have another lucid dream, right?

The scores are updated.

[color=orange]Han an ND accomplishing the following:
-Visiting an amusement park
-Riding a roller coaster
-Eating at a decent restaurant/pub that wasn’t the typical fast food. Had a surreal dish that resembled something I saw in a dream I had back in high school.


^ Ninety points from a non-lucid dream is pretty good for you! I agree with your thought in your dream journal, though. What happened to the constant LDs and FLDs you used to have?

The scores are updated.

[color=orange]Its likely the lack of consistency maintaining a normal sleep schedule, being restless/nocturnal during summer, and not really letting my mind rest. I’ve been breaking a lot of the rules put in place in order to obtain a lucid or pleasant dreams. Also experimenting with different approaches for lucids and incubations. My SC must’ve caught onto a decent portion during dream time and just threw me in there.:lol:

I’ve gotta buckle down and be more diciprine to get these lucids. [/color] :neutral:

I had a short LD, and found my floating bike, but it was chained to the ground. I didn’t get it loose before the dream ended. No DJ post, because I have only the phone here.

Lucid dream, long duration (about 6 minutes).

I’d like to claim points for:

  • Long lucid dream
  • Personal goal while lucid
  • Dream in an animated style (the bit where I looked at the sky was definitely animated; possibly other parts as well).
  • Task while lucid

I think that was a near miss (no points) for:

  • Become your character (I woke up attempting the transformation)
  • Interact with an anthropomorphic character. (I assume a statue of a fawn doesn’t count, and an actual fawn would be required).

^ … that dream already had too many literary references to add a Frozen transformation :smile: (Lucy and Mr. Tumnus from C. S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; Lucy Westenra with Count Dracula at night in the churchyard from Dracula; Evie meets V in V for Vendetta…)

Short LD, no tasks

Siiw, your subconscious seems really cruel if it will tie down what you want and not let you use it. :sad:

Susan_Y, congrats on getting a personal goal done! Please post another personal goal that does not overlap any existing tasks; you’ll get 25 points if you finish a second one. I see you say that transformation is tough for you, but hey, that’s why this is called the Lucidity Challenge. :smile:

En’enra, noted.

The scores are updated.

Finally became lucid again here this morning which was prominently based on the CGI version of the Road Runner cartoon. The length of time was at least five minutes which makes it a medium one for me. Too bad it was based on the CGI version otherwise I would’ve claimed points for dreaming in an animated style. I don’t think there’s any other points inside it…

James, talk to me about “I on the other hand end up defying gravity and quickly lost my balance…”. Did you actually run into the air above the crater in your dream at first? That would be worth points. In any case. I’ve given you 10 creativity points for seeing that dream through to the end. You certainly went further with the cartoon idea than anybody else has, so it feels almost disgusting to not see any task points.

The scores are updated.