Lucidity Challenge 50—obfusc8 wins!

drd, when do we get tasks from you? How will you win without tasks?!?

Lumessence, it’s fine. A delay of under a day is really not a big deal.

The scores are updated.

In a non-lucid dream, I did the “walk around in the snow” task.

I walked/ran/rolled around in snow and flew over a mountain in a ND here. Too bad I chose the wrong team. :content:

En and obfusc8 just keep having awesome dreams with dragons and everything :thumbs:

^ I have invaded their minds, of course. Give them a month and they’ll feel compelled to visit me at my home and bring me gifts.

The scores are updated.

Oops! Sorry about not choosing a team, I forgot. Snow team sounds good to me! I will embrace my cold Canadian nature! :content:

June 25th, I had one of those “Am I dreaming?” moments, but never became lucid because the dream ended very quickly.
“I was standing in the street with a plastic bag in my hand. There was no one on this street except for one man, who was standing on the sidewalk a ways down standing completely still, with his legs slightly apart. I could only make out a rough shadow of his figure. I felt a very eerie presence, as if something wasn’t right. I asked myself, “is this a dream?”, I suddenly then remembered some tasks that had to be done for the Lucid Challenge. Before I could even fully realize It was indeed a dream, the whole dream collapsed in on itself. It felt unstable, as if the dream was an upside down pyramid, trying to stay balanced. Everything ended quickly, and faded out of existence”

Also Last night, I had 4 ND’s where I did the following:

  • wandered around a bustling city
  • Walked on a beach
  • Interacted with an anthropomorphic creature. (Part human, part ancient dino snake… there were four of them. They seemed friendly until they tried to kill me)

The DJ was really long so I thought i’d just summarize. If you want the full DJ I can also post it here later. Hopefully this is satisfactory. :happy:

^ I’ve got all of that marked down. The scores are updated. Now hurry up and have some LDs! :smile:

am I too late or I still can join, because I wish to join.
Should I choose a task or I will get one?
I’m very confused…

^ To sign up, simply give us a personal goal that you want to complete while lucid dreaming. Any time you wonder if you dreaming, realize you’re dreaming, complete your personal goal, or complete any of the tasks assigned during the LC, post saying what you did and you’ll earn points for it. Many people have also created and described alternate personas to try to become while dreaming; you’re welcome to do so as well, and you’ll get a small amount of bonus points for every task you complete as it.

Thanks for the info
So well I want to summon a wood golem which heighs minimum ten meters
But if I fail at this then I’ll do a sand building, maybe a pyramind.
I will create a character later…

^ Got it. For the sake of balancing the competition, for this week’s team-related tasks, you’ll be considered to be on the orange task team, as they had one less member than the blue task team. You can still do blue tasks but will get half credit, as shown on the scoreboard.

Best of luck!

wait where are the orange tasks?
Oh nevermind , I see. I just thought that I choosed a blue task , but now I see

^ Again, you can do anything at any time. There is no need to choose.

I was my character in a normal dream last night. I also drove around in a motor vehicle as my character.

^ Got it. So, uh, you plan on having LDs, right? :tongue:

The scores are updated.

So… POINTS! LD! TASKS! (Yes, I know I said “POINTS!” already. :razz: ) Anyways, I did a lot. As a means of tracking in my personal spoiler below, any tasks I’ve completed in character will be followed by a [C].

An Odd FPS and British Driving ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ Walk on a Beach, Become Your Character, & Drive a Motor Vehicle [C] ~ Task 1 COMBO, Task 2 EARLY.

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 1
Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 1
Long LDs: 1
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1:-C Become your Character & Drive a Motor Vehicle [C]
Task 2:-E Walk on a Beach

^ It’s about time you got task points, and a hefty amount, too! Although somebody’s really gotta talk to you about your habit of making up possible points in your dreams. You could probably win some LCs if you’d cut that out! :tongue:

The scores are updated.

Another Medium LD (Bringing my total to 2 medium 4 short = 140pts, fix the scores man, I already had to ask once! What is this, amateur TM week? :tongue:)

While lucid I walked on a beach. Not sure if the shifting sand weirdness and the other DCs playing dodge the sand holes/dunes counts as some kind of sporting game? It was fun. Anyway, then I transformed into a polar bear and went for a swim. Yes I know that’s the other team. Don’t care! Polar bears are awesome! :cool:

My subconscious was trolling me last night. I had a brief lucid moment, then, in an unrelated dream, I went sledding with Wyvern. Wyvern isn’t a LC participant!

obfusc8, I’ll call the sand thing a sport only because you consciously landed to do it. Anyway, receiving less points than you deserve is a byproduct of seeing other dragons. I should remove even more, actually, since you couldn’t think of a good aquatic creature. A merman. A shark (one of the most important elements of a sharknado, which you could ride in for flying tasks). A teeny-tiny sea-monkey (or brine shrimp, but nobody calls them that). A massive whale… or a smaller whale such as a narwhal! Narwhals swim in the ocean and cause a commotion because they are so awesome. Pretty big and pretty white, they beat a polar bear in a fight.
/me spears polar bear obfusc8 with his horn.
That’ll be the end of outdated references in this post.

Siiw, I’m going to assume you also walked through the snow and that it didn’t just appear when you started sledding. If that’s not true, tell me as much, as I’ve already awarded points for it.

The scores are updated.

Information for everybody here…

It probably goes without saying, but since the two teams now have equal amount of participants, the winner in terms of average Week 2 points per member will simply be whatever team gets more points—no averaging is necessary. Yay for easy math!

Also, I’m currently planning on declaring two leg winners for Leg 1. obfusc8 has first place for the leg by a good margin, but second place is hotly contested and obfusc8 isn’t invincible by any means. Dream hard!