Lucidity Challenge 52 winner Obfusc8!

This might not count… depends how broad your definition of breakfast is. Short lucid dream in which I eat a small fruit thing that was inside a loaf of bread… at 7.05am

Other participants might want to note my mistake of trying to make toast and just find ready-made toast instead… :content:

I was in a classroom, but it was a university classroom. Decided to mention it anyway.

@DeRuyter001: Yes, you can join in. Late registrations after the challenge has started are fine.

In the first of these dreams, I am in a high school classroom. As a teacher, I was bound to complete this task eventually. :tongue:

So… I “met” a DC in a dream a few nights ago. He was a little boy stuck in an odd alternate universe thing. Just now getting here to post about it. :razz:

Green Nails and Other Things - Non-Lucid Dream - Met a DC EARLY

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NDs: 1

Task 1:-E Met a DC

Week 2 - Star Wars

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”

See someone with an unusual hairstyle - 10 points

Whether it’s Princess Leia in Star Wars, or Chi in Chobits, nothing indicates “science fiction” quite as cheaply as giving your heroine (or hero) an unusual haircut.

Wear an unusual hairstyle yourself - 40 points

See a furry humanoid alien - 20 points

Next on the scale of cheap science fiction special effects is the guy in a fur suit, whether it’s a Wookiee like Chewbacca or a Ewok.

Look down a long corridor - 20 points

If you haven’t got much of a budget for building sets, a nice long corridor gives the impression of a really big spaceship without needing to actually construct very much of it.

Subtask: The corridor is curved - +10 points

If the corridor is curved, the end of it is out of shot and you can save even more money on building film sets.

Subtask: The corridor has doors, pillars or bulkheads at intervals +10 points

Look out of a window into the blackness of space - 20 points

Pilot a spaceship - 30 points

Land on a planet - 10 points

Visit a futuristic bar - 20 points

To claim this one, it can’t be a present-day bar. There has to be something about it that indicates it’s science fiction, whether that’s the alien inhabitants, the strange drinks and entertainment on offer, or something else futuristic.

Finally did the “meet the same DC in dreams on two different nights”. It was my brother. First in the dream titled Tsunami and again in the dream Red Desert.

Btw, will you link a scoreboard or something so we could see how we are doing compared to others? :smile:

I had a LD! :happy: YAY!

Finally! - Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NDs: 1
LDs: 1

Task 1:-E Met a DC

Yay! Double posting!

Dragon Fighting Lucid - Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NDs: 1
LDs: 2

Task 1:-E Met a DC

Long lucid dream last night. I went to Mos Eisley cantina and met a Wookie called Geoff. :tongue:

I found Luneria and Letaali in the cantina too. So some progress towards my personal goal, these are the task completions:
(Luneria) - Meet a furry humanoid alien.
(Letaali) - Visit a futuristic bar.

Nice dream obfusc8! :happy: I’ll try to listen to what you are saying next time I meet you in a lucid dream. Maybe I get to buy you a drink as well when I find my way to that cantina :tongue:

And I ran through a long straight corridor that had doors in a non-lucid dream last night. So that’s a task and subtask done.

Woah, I need to post some points from the dreams I had a couple nights ago :happy:
I had a Dream where I met a dream character. In fact, I met them three night’s in a row. Once on a beach, once in my house, and once in a cafeteria. All of separate nights. So technically, I’d like to claim the “two night’s in a row” sub task as well!
Hopefully, I will be back soon with more LD points :happy:

So much lucids… :happy:

BOOOP! - Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NDs: 1
LDs: 3

Task 1:-E Met a DC
Task 2: ~ none ~

Another double post!!!

Teeny Tiny Xenomorphs - Non-Lucid Dream - Piloted a Spaceship EARLY

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NDs: 2
LDs: 3

Task 1:-E Met a DC
Task 2:-E Piloted a Spaceship

Something worth claiming. Long LD, no tasks.

Inadvertently did a task last night… had forgotten all about the meet-a-DC-more-than-once subtask: Long LD Met my persistent DC M (who I also spoke to while lucid on Monday).

One Medium LD.
No Tasks eventhough I could see a corridor, it wasn’t long enough to be a Task…

Koal44’s Journal

And here’s one more LD in the old DJ!

Survival Games, Robots, and Telepathy - Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NDs: 3
LDs: 3

Task 1:-E Met a DC
Task 2:-E Piloted a Spaceship

Met a new DC, got his name.

Week 3 - Pirates!

The last time we did pirates was so much fun I thought we should do it again.

Wear a pirate costume - 30 points

Drink some rum - 20 points

Yo ho ho, etc. Rum is a product of the Caribbean, the location of many piratical adventures.

Find a treasure map - 20 points

Visit a Caribbean island - 20 points

See a palm tree - 20 points

The easy way for a cartoonist to indicate “this is a desert island” is to throw in a palm tree. They grow anywhere from the Caribbean to Cornwall in the UK. Finding a palm tree anywhere will count for this task.

Be out in a storm - 20 points

This could be a storm at sea, or on the Caribbean island, or anywhere at all to claim the points.

Fire a cannon - 30 points

It doesn’t have to be in a sea battle; cannons can also be used for signalling, etc.

See the sea from a lookout - 30 points

Seeing the sea from anywhere high up counts for this task. It could be from the “crow’s nest” on a ship, or from a mountaintop on an island, or from a high cliff.