Lucidity Challenge 54 Winner DTDownUnder!

I had a very brief moment of lucidity this morning.

It’s become almost a ritual at this point for LC hosts to suddenly disappear due to real-life events. The LC Curse seems to be gaining strength…

I have a medium LD to claim.

Lucid Doppelganger - Medium Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 2
Medium LDs: 1
Long LDs: 1

Task 1: ~ none ~
Side Task: See a Color | Feel a Texture, Taste Something

I had a medium-length LD this morning with no tasks done.

I claim points for one short DILD, one medium DILD and asked myself if dreaming in an ND (LINK TO DJ) (still have to write last ND in DJ, do it ASAP)

No tasks done, unfortunately…

Sorry for the abrupt disappearance of your host! I was stuck down ill.

The next week’s tasks will be posted soon.

Week 2 - The Modern Painters

You stand by the cathedral of Notre Dame, watching the sunset. After the sun has gone down, you make your way through the flower market, which is just closing for the evening. You catch sight of a guy buying a bunch of flowers for a blonde girl. Crossing over the bridge to the bank of the Seine, you make your way down an alleyway, and then descend the stairs to a basement café. A woman in a formal waitress dress greets you, and informs you that it is a private party. You reach into your pocket and pull out an invitation card, signed “Pablo Picasso”. You wonder if you might be able to sell it later.

The waitress is holding a bottle of a green liqueur. “Would you like some absinthe?” Nearby is a table with special glasses, spoons, and a bowl of sugar. “It tastes better if you add some sugar…” You decide to pass on the absinthe. Picasso is already drunk, and is delivering his opinions on Henri Rousseau. “The guy can’t even draw! I mean, that looks nothing like a tiger.” “But , in your own work…” “When I do it, it’s a stylization. I could draw like Raphael if I wanted to…” You decide it might be safest not to get drawn into that argument, and look around for someone else to talk to.

Tasks for this week:

  • Make an art work in your dream. (e.g. drawing, painting, sculpture) - 30 points
  • See a famous Parisian landmark (e.g the Eiffel Tower) - 10 points
  • Meet a famous artist (they don’t have to be French, or from the rough historical period implied by the introduction) - 20 points
    – Ask them a question and get an answer - +20 points
  • See a field of sunflowers - 10 points
  • See a pond with water lillies - 10 points
  • Visit a French café - 10 points
    – Have a drink in the café - +20 points
  • See a ballet dancer - 10 points

Sorry about that Susan, welcome back !

Yet another medium LD… I’m doing terrible this month. :sad:

Struggling Lucid - Medium Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 2
Medium LDs: 2
Long LDs: 1

Task 1: ~ none ~
Task 2: ~ none ~
Side Task: See a Color | Feel a Texture, Taste Something

In todays ND, I tasted the taste of dried ceiling plaster in my mouth during an Earthquake.

Wow I m gonna claim points today! :happy: :tongue: :cool:

2 Longest Lucid dream evers at 1am and 6am both around 1hour! :lol: :lol:

I am also claiming points for the Monthly Quest and for my personal quest! :colgate:
I did also go to a campfire sing a song of Teri Pratchett I went in a french cafe I did drink a café there. THen I went to see a ballet with water lillies on stage!

Of course the dream did last for a long time so I haven t only done LC tasks!
But I can also remember that at some point I have seen the main Character from Mrs Doubtfire who I asked what day it was:
She answered me it was the first of April!

Here is the link for my DJ Link

PS: So of course I m not claiming points for anything above but I did at some points hear some sounds tonight as robots were invading our planet (a bit like walking dead style). So claiming points for this.

Claiming points for playing an outdoor sport game.

I played ultimate Frisbee (for those who don’t know, it is frisbee in team of 7 vs 7, and the rules are a bit like baseball, you do passes and get behind the lines.)

I also remember I was in France at some points but no points to claim…

@Cornelia, I think i m doing even worth than you. No LD since the first week…

Doing awful here without WILD :sad:

Too few LD through DILD alone, and those few are very short and I cannot manage to do anything :crying:

At least it is quite even like that with nobody else reaching 100 points :wink:
Imagine how alone you would have played with WILDs :content:

Don’t worry, next time you can go full power again and I m sure Obfusc8 will be a nice opponent for you!

A short LD here… I’m really hoping my lack of luciding skills recently is due to Senior-year-of-Undergraduate-degree stress… :razz:

MiniLucid - Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 3
Medium LDs: 1
Long LDs: 1

Task 1: ~ none ~
Side Task: See a Color | Feel a Texture, Taste Something

Week 3 - Egypt

You hold up your painting to take a final look at it. “Not bad”, you think to yourself, “even if Picasso hated it,” You take it into a little art gallery on the Left Bank. After some haggling, you sell it for enough Francs to just about cover the cost of the expresso you had yesterday at a pavement café. Searching further inspiration, you wander the streets until you end up by the Palais du Louvre. Stepping inside, you find yourself in the Egyptology section. You marvel at the wonders of Ancient Egypt, and the sheer engineering aptitude shown by Napoleon’s armies in looting antiquities that were quite so large and difficult to transport.

A woman walks up to you. She is dark skinned, barefoot, and wearing a shift dress that is somewhat revealing by the standards of early twentieth century Paris. She offers you a drink in a golden cup. It is some kind of cocktail, with a flower it: a lotus flower; and heated wine. Looking around, you start to suspect that you are no longer in Paris…

This week’s tasks:

  • Sell an art work (e.g to a dealer, or to a collector) - 20 points
  • Wear historical costume from Ancient Egypt - 30 points.

The Ancient Egyptian civilization lasted a long time, with different clothing styles, and I will even allow Ancient Greek or Roman clothing (c.f. Greek Egypt; Mark Anthony and Cleopatra), There have been a number of movies set in Ancient Egypt, some of them not entirely historically accurate in costume; for this task, I’ll accept anything from movie versions of Ancient Egypt, e.g. Theda Bara in The Egyptian, Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra). There’s plenty of strange outfits for male characters too…

  • See a pyramid from the outside - 10 points
  • See a pyramid from the inside - 20 points
  • See an Egyptian God or Goddess (e.g. the dog-headed Anubis, the lion-headed Sekhmet, etc). - 30 points
  • See a lotus flower. (This task can be combined with Claude Monet’s water lilies from Week 2).
  • Sail on a barge on the river Nile - 30 points. (I’ll accept it as a task completion if your on a modern-day vessel as a tourist in present-day Egypt. I’ll also accept it as a task completion if your on some kind of river, but it isn’t clear whether it’s the Nile or not.)
  • See writing in Egyptian Hieroglyphs - 30 points.

Claiming points in a ND for

see a Pyramid (well it looked like a pyramid mixed into a cliff, so might not count)
enter a pyramid (I was inside, I think it counts here)

I m getting points but I m still not lucid…

Thanks for encouraging :content:
However, I am not sure I will be able to take part in next Lucid Challenges unfortunately, big changes are coming in my life for the next six months…

Anyways, claiming points for a Long LD yesterday (not posted in DJ yet), during which I fly, drive, walk in a LEGO exposition. No tasks completed…

I fell off the grid for a bit there. I have been out of town teaching abseiling and then on a hunting trip.
I had two lucids while I was away.
They where both medium length.
I completed - Make an art work in your dream. In the first LD (was completed in week two) and nothing in the second.

Another lucid this morning, medium length DILD, in which I get naked in a city park and fly over the trees, touching them

I thought about LC tasks, but didn’t manage to complete any

LINK TO DJ (added also previous lucid)

No points for me, as I’m hosting, but lucid dream in which I become lucid through an unusual (for me) reality check: I realize that I can still see even if I close my eyes.