Lucidity Challenge 55 Winner: GenghisKhan!

ND last night in which i park a car, no lucidity and no task
A great welcome to ubfusca8 this is first time we are in the same Challenge, it’s going to be interesting :cool:

No points to claim, just non-lucid dreams lately, but I was wondering if people should have early points? It’s mentioned in Scoring but is not listed on the score page. Several participants should have qualified for those points, if it’s still a thing.

I checked scoring and couldn’t find it. :neutral: It was in the last LCs.

It is mentioned in Scoring, in the very end, but isn’t in the list right above it.

Also, week 2 is two days late :sad:

Short LD with the speak to an animal task here

Ignore the map stuff, as that was non-lucid, and ignore the later LD as I didn’t manage to find a canyon/gorge and ended up teleporting to another planet… :cool:

  • Gets home from a weekend away teaching dogs to track missing people
  • Hangs up lead and overalls
    *Opens Computer :user:
    :eek: :woah: :ack:
    *Ignores problems, tries to chill out :music: …fails.:bored:
    *Starts fixing problems

I think I should have spent the extra 5 min it would have taken to pick this up.
If you hadn’t noticed, I borrowed various bits of text from other LCs. I then edited it down to a level of complexity I could understand in my confused state of being.

I will fix this by deleting the "If you qualify for both the “early” and “combo”… " and pretending like it never happened.

Welcome all new challengers.

SCORES Have been updated.

Week two tasks will be posted ASAP

2 ND’s, the second of which I became lucid towards the end before awakening

Short LD, no tasks done.
PS: I believe you looked over the canyon task in my previous post.

Another medium-length LD (LINK TO DJ), in which I complete the “see Australian animal” sub-task, but especially do a lot of cool stuff: Become Batman, Fail 360-degrees view, Become giant-size, open the top of an hotel and pick-up gangster

[center]Week Two: The climb

SPOILER - Click to view


Photo Credit: kirk hille photography[/center]

The stars glitter in the southern sky, you stare at them out the window of the 4X4 you are riding in. You are looking for a constellation that you had read about, but you can’t seem to find it. Your mate Jim is driving, he stares intently at the road, one hand on the wheel.

“Ya found her yet?”

“Hu? Yeah, nar. What did you say it looked like again?

“Like this” Jim flicks on the interior light and pulls up his sleeve without taking his eyes off the road. On his arm is a tattoo of the constellation you have been looking for.
“Four stars in a cross with an extra one in the bottom right.”

“Right OK, I’ll have another look later, the clouds are back. How far is it now?”

“Not long now, probably about fiddy Ks. We’ll be there in abou’a half an hour.

“Ok good, I think that No-Doz is wearing off.”

“Yeah they only last about four hours, don’t have another one. Once we start climbing you will wake up. You brought the camera right? It’s a bloody mint view from the top, and if we get up in time, you get the sunrise coming over drillers ridge.

“Yeah I think I remembered this time, it should be in the back.”

All week one tasks are now Reduced to 5 points, however, they are all still worth 20 points if you complete them in the same dream as a current task.

Until further notice, these tasks are current:

See another LC participant. 20p
-Complete another task with them. 10p

This week’s tasks:

See a hill/ mountain 10p
-Climb it 10p
-Get to the top 20p
-It has snow on it 10p
-Fly/Jump up or over it 20p
-Jump off it! 20p
Ride in/on a vehicle 10p
-Drive/ Pilot it 20p
See Stars 10p
-Identify a constellation (Or see a picture in the stars) 20p
-See the Southern Cross 10p
-See the moon 10p
See a sunrise (or sunset) 10p
-Make it change color 30p
Find a camera 10p
-Use it 20p
Find/ See a waterfall.10p
-Drink from it 20p

SCORES Have been updated.

Thanks for pointing this out. Problem rectified.

Bunch of ND’s last night…one in which I piloted a toy biplane and one in which I rode in massive 4x4 up and down some rocky hillsides…but neither was lucid.

Actually, although it is lucky that I accomplished some of the tasks for this week during last night’s dreaming, I probably shouldn’t get points for them given the task was just posted today :wink:

ND in which I rode a train at night (no stars or moon, unfortunately).

Last night I watched An American Werewolf in Paris before I went to bed. Non-lucid dream with some obvious incorporation of bits of the movie, but no points scored.

Sometimes in dreams I have my hair done in a French style like Julie Delpy (Sérafine) does in that movie.

ND riding through mountainous jungle on shapeshifting animals last night. Exhilarating, but not point-worthy :smile:

Here is a long LD with several of the new tasks - driving a Mustang, climbing to the top of a mountain and flying around at the summit (while fighting a dragon :cool: ). Also saw stars and the moon. The sunrise bit was a fail, night time changed straight to morning.

Hmmm. Are you sure you don’t want those 5 points? :eh:

SCORES Have been updated.

A long ND this morning (LINK TO DJ) quite well themed with the 2nd week LC, in which I complete following tasks:

  • See a hill/ mountain
  • Ride in/on a vehicle
    • Drive/ Pilot it
  • See sunset
    As for - See snow subtask, I am not sure, because I saw it on the road

Anyway, no lucidity attained

EDIT: great lucid obfusca8 - yesterday, the first thing I thought when reading 2nd week tasks was: yay ! SKYRIM !

What are the points for? :confused:

Oh wait…5 points for seeing an animal. Sure, I’ll take the points, why not? :smile: