Lucidity Challenge 55 Winner: GenghisKhan!

I made an attempt at WILD that was interesting (link) but no points scored.

I won’t claim points for a short-duration lucid, because I’m not sure if I was asleep enough for it to count; the hypnagogic hallucination was on a very fuzzy boundary between being awake and being asleep.

2 ND’s and 1 WILD fragment last night. No tasks done. I was on some kind of weird space station during the first ND but didn’t think to look up at the stars shazbot!

Long LD (~45 min) (LINK TO DJ) in which I climb a mountain with my wife, meet a dragon, summon help from LD4ALL, climb further, fight the dragon, conquer the peak then fly from it

I can claim points for:

  • Get to the top
  • It has snow on it
  • Jump off it
  • Jump to canyon top (week 1)
  • Summon LC participant
  • Complete task together

Non-lucid dream, in which I drive an off-road vehicle through a meadow.

I claim the points for the “ride a vehicle” and “drive it” tasks.

ND in which I’m driving down from high desert into a valley. ^ Same…I’ll scrounge the points for piloting a vehicle.

Also, does seeing a moving illustration in a child’s book of a man-porcupine hybrid count as seeing an animal? :happy: If so, cool! If not, no biggie :smile:

SCORES Updated

I have gathered all the participant descriptions into one place. Mainly for my convenience, but hey, yours too.
Participant descriptions
If you would like to alter your description.
( or add one tries to find Jer and Dream Hatcher to stare at them…Fails. :smile: ) Simply pm me or comment on the document.

I saw Mew last night in a dream. He told me I was supposed to dream of both of them, (I also dreamt Siiw was there, and she asked if it had to do with the LC), but then I woke up :cry:

Non-lucid dream in which I swim in a pool.

Lucid dream, short duration (about 1 minute) in which I see a kitten. I’ve snipped the rest of the dream; the snipped part is fairly predictable. No tasks done, I think.

It’s mildly amusing that I was aware during the dream that I was going to have to censor the journal entry,

I’'ll claim the points for the lucid.

In a ND last night I piloted a small aircraft, and became lucid at the end :smile: short DILD).

Long complex series of ND’s last night with one short DEILD between them. No tasks done, I don’t think.

Oh wait…I think I get some points for climbing to the top of the hill, where the guru was camped out :smile:

One medium-length WILD, for which I do not wish to claim points, plus one short DILD for which I would claim points, since I rarely manage to realize I am dreaming

However, no task completed

Medium-length LD last night in which I flew a lot, one scene included a snowy mountain landscape. I’d like to claim points for seeing a mountain and it being covered in snow, but not the “fly over it” task because I feel like I was too far away for that.

Here is a long LD with a few week one and two tasks. Find a gorge, fly over it. See a sunrise (artistic license here, it was very stylistic rather than realistic, the entire dream appearing briefly like a stage show production). Also summoned Letaali and took a photo of him, 'cause he was a cool Elven hunter… close miss on the map task since he tried to pull up a map app on his phone but I didn’t look at it.

I used a map in a non-lucid dream. I was on some road with my sister and her oldest daughter, who was going to a party. She was going to meet her father at a park and I gave my phone to her so she could mark the location on the map. She marked a monument in some park. The monument was named “Tai Guy’s Blizzard of Light”, which I found funny. It looked like a Buddha statue.

SCORES Updated

I got a bit distracted halfway through. A certain member knows how to confuse me. You know who you are. :tongue:

Medium-length LD (LINK TO DJ) in which I walk through a forest, find a pond with a waterfall and bathe in it

I’d claim below task points:

  • Swim in a pool of water
  • See waterfall
  • Drink from it
  • Find a camera
    • Use it - I am not sure, result was not satisfactory

Another long string of ND’s…no lucidity, though and no tasks accomplished.

Short LD in which I saw a waterfall. I also tried to reverse time, which worked for about 1-2 seconds, pretty cool!

Scores Updated (probably a couple errors, Ill deal with them later)

Sorry but I wont be able to post week 2 tasks tonight.
Im dealing with some severe weather warnings, people are losing roofs and i’v been on call fixing them.
Anyway, iv got to go, enjoy some more of week 2.