Lucidity Challenge 55 Winner: GenghisKhan!

I did my personal goal in a non-lucid dream. Used several new superpowers. I sucked color and light out of the world, created a zone of darkness underneath me and pulled people towards me by manipulating the blood in their bodies.

Holy, hope you stay fine out there!

Well, that too sounds disturbing :neutral:

You’ve never done anything immoral in your dreams? Feeling of power was great. I agree the powers were a bit evil, but I stopped using them before I actually harmed anyone.

And I saw, climbed and reached the top of a large hill in a non-lucid dream last night.

Non-lucid dream, in which I see a guy with some body art.

Does this count for the “body art” task? I’m guessing it doesn’t count, as the art has to be on your own body for the task.

I agree it must’ve felt great as long as no harm is done, but I usually don’t have superpowers in NDs :wink: except for a few teleportation dreams, those were quite awesome… (actually I just had one tonight, but recall is hazy)

Hi :smile:

I had a LD this morning. I’m not sure if it is long or medium but my DJ is linked in my signature :smile:

I do have superpwoers in ND’s :happy: Once I was in charge to “let everything grow in a forest”. I stretched out my hands and let the plants grow. In another dream I was flying away from someone who annoyed me :tongue:

ND’s last couple of nights. Can claim points for riding in a vehicle…was flying into Hawaii on a commercial airliner.

After checking what the challenge is this week I noticed that I at least saw stars :happy:

I didn’t see a certain constellation or a pic but some stars :tongue:

No sorry. :sad: It had to be painted on yourself.

Hmm, If it was my dream it would be long, But i’m not sure what your standard LD length is. (and there isn’t enough in your DJ for me to make an educated guess)
I don’t have any problem with it being long, but I can’t officially make that call.
I’ll let you decide. :smile:

Week 3 incoming!

This night I had a nightmare and was driving a train with some other kids :smile:
That counts for the vehicel, doesn’t it?

Week Three: Storm Damage

Sorry for the delay, the townspeople thank you for your patience.

This weeks story thing (below) was inspired by a dream I had a few nights ago. I edited it a little and changed it to a 3rd person POV. I cut it short so I wouldn’t delay anything further.

SPOILER - Click to view


0523 Time-Zone=H
DT sits at his desk thinking about what to write for the story thing for the start of LC55 week 3. Amongst the various papers, circuit boards, various junk and a maze of wires, An octagonal green box sits quietly. Wet , orange, overalls hang on a hook by the door,ready to be donned at a moment’s notice. On the muddy carpet is a huge mess of other high vis jackets and clothes. Boots are by the door, soaking wet from the night’s efforts.

“ Hmm, So far I’ve sent them down a hole and up a hill. I wonder if anyone likes trains? Or Race Cars perhaps?
*looks off into space and starts thinking.
“I could always give them a random dialog and let them use their imagination…Yeah, nar.”

He looks out the window trying to find inspiration, the first evidence of a sunrise begins to reveal itself through some distant clouds. An attempt to find the southern cross fails as it is below the tree line at this time. Another search, however ,proves to be worthwhile as a small satellite is seen passing overhead.

“Hmm, now there’s an idea worth chasing. I’ll start writing if I get a longer break between callouts. I should probably get some sleep before the next weather front rolls in, the storm’s not over yet.”

DT shuts down his computer after sending a quick command to the server bank in the other room. He proceeds to flick off the lights and then crawls across the floor onto a mat.
A quick look at the mobile phone and pager confirms that they are both turned on and charging.

The rain returns as the 50Hz flash fades from DTs eyes and he falls down into the dreamtime.

[ND] A mechanical beep rings out through the room.
DT wakes with a jolt of energy. The psychologically programed response to the beep instantly unfolds as adrenalin fills DTs viens. He jumps to his feet and fumbles for the light switch at the same time as grabbing the orange overalls from their hook. He finds the light, but it is further to the right than he remembers. Once the light is on he notices that he is already in the oranges and is holding the call-out key in his hand. He dons the key while looking for some socks, nevermind, He’s already wearing his boots.

“Wait, What!? Did I sleep in my boots? No surly not”


DT vocalises as he becomes lucid and disregards the current situation.

“Well, I might as well make use of it while I’m here”

DT Walks outside and into the middle of a large paddock. He pulls a small red box and a marker out of his pocket and proceeds to write on the box, and then sets it on the ground. There, inscribed on the side of the box, are the words “Oi! All LC55 Participants get over here”. DT takes a step back and snaps his fingers. The box explodes in a ball of fire and lightning as the text is written across the sky by an invisible hand. The fireball settles onto the ground and becomes a raging bonfire.

Movement stirs in the nearby forest, a warrior on horseback emerges and rides towards the fire. Another two riders appear followed by a barrage of crazy looking characters. Some are running, a couple are flying, most of the rest are riding some kind of futuristic vehicle. Someone is tearing around on a trailbike, another is teleporting around in a random fashion. Eventually everyone ends up standing around the bonfire. Some faceless metal guy sits on part of the fire and makes himself comfortable. One of the horses transforms into a humanoid lizard and steps closer to the fire, warming itself. Most of the participants are standing around chatting to each other (apart from an elf looking guy and a couple of guys in hoodies). They all seem to know each other pretty well. DT overhears a two pink characters trying to figure out who called them all here.

“Um, I did”
[right]“Who are you again?[/right]
“I’m DreamTech, or DT, remember me?
[right]Can’t say I do sorry, why did you call us?[/right]

“For the LC, I’m the host! I don’t blame you for not recognising me, I never gave a description of myself.”

By this point everyone has gathered around DT and is listening in.

“You guys have had two weeks of dreams without me, which is probably a good thing in some aspects. But I’m here now so I might aswell join in.”

Tasks still Current:
See another LC participant. 20p
-Complete another task with them. 10p
New Task:See the LC host (Description below) 20p

[spoiler]LC55 Host Description
Name: DreamTech
Gender: Male
Wears fireproof orange overalls and black boots. Overalls have reflective bands around arms and legs. Overalls are wet 50% of the time. Carries various electronic devices, uses them to control weather.
Hair: Changes color and style depending on the weather.
Height: 192cm
Mindset: An Ex-amnesiac with mild pyromaniac tendencies
This week’s tasks:

Ride a horse or other animal 10p

Shapeshift 20p

See a fire 10p
-Light a fire 10p
-Change its color 10p
-Cook something on it 10p

See/ write text in the sky 10p
-use it to summon another participant/host 20p

Visit/ see a forest 10p
-Set it on fire 20p
-Climb a tree 10p
-JUMP OFF! 20p
-Cut down a tree 10p

And some tasks that caused the delay IRL, just for fun.
See a storm 10p
-With Thunder and/or lighting 10p
-Be within 100m of a lightning strike 20p
-Control/ change the weather 20p
See a house without a roof 10p
-Fix the roof 20p

All week two tasks are reduced to 5 points.

To be honest, I’m not too excited to spend my lucid dreams fixing roofs or climbing trees. But there are a lot of fire related tasks. I might burn a forest down and change the color of the flames to deep crimson. If nothing else, it will look beautiful. I’m sad that I haven’t gotten a single lucid dream during this challenge. I’m motivated, but I haven’t been able to sleep well.

ND’s last night…one in which I was riding in a bizarre modified car. I’ll claim a few points for that.

Short LD this night and I remembered some tasks: I looked up and saw sparkling stars and a glowing moon. Then I climbed a tree and jumped off (not in a forest). I also climbed up onto a house, but forgot that it was supposed to have no roof, so no points for that. I tried to do my personal goal by looking at a star and pulling myself towards it, but had a FA instead.

Summary: see stars, see the moon, climb a tree, jump off.

Do we still get points for piloting vehicle? If so, I’ll take my fair share for driving car and then bicycle through local university. If not, c’est la vie :smile:

No lucidity though…no current tasks done

Eheh thanks for the cameo DTDU, that made me jiggle :cool:

No recall and no lucidity in the last three days, long LD this morning (LINK TO DJ), in which I play horse archer, play with fire, make some poor attempts at weather manipulation, undress a girl, then get caught in a the moving room

I would claim below tasks:

  • Ride a horse
  • See a fire
  • Light a fire
  • Cook something
  • Visit/ see a forest
  • Set it on fire - Don’t know, I burned just couple of trees

I attempted many other tasks (storm, weather manipulation, shapeshift), but I consider results not satisfactory, so not claiming any points for them

Here is a medium-length lucid dream with a few tasks. Saw a forest and set it all on fire. (Does that count for seeing a fire and lighting it too? There were smaller bonfires on the ground.)

After regrowing the forest I climbed a tree. Not sure if growing to tree size counts for the shapeshift task - some hosts consider growing/shrinking a separate skill, some consider any body adjustment shape-shifting. Then I climb another tree and jump off it.

Hey, is the task about the pool over actually?

Because, this night I was dreaming that I was swimming in several pools :happy: (Didn’t write in my DJ yet)

Had an LD here this morning which at around 3-4 minutes long makes it a medium one for me. (currently 2:38am GMT as I write this as I really wanted to write down every last detail while it was fresh)

Breaking through the patchy dream recall I’ve had lately, it featured a very nice authentic Star Trek scenario where I experienced a realistic and very nicely detailed transformation into a Jem’Hadar which I’d like to claim week 3 points on please. :smile:

Okay, this morning I had two LD’s in a row (FA interrupted) and together I guess they’re… long? I hope so :happy:

I tried the thing with the fire, I wanted to summon a fire ball in my palm. But then… was there just a burning DC running in circles around me (he wasn’t in pain, he was just running and burning) and I noticed that I was, though it was just a dream, afraid of fire :sad:
(Our house caught fire when I was a child, I guess I didn’t forget that :wam:
But I’ll keep on trying to summon fire and change its color.

Hope I get points for at least seeing somenone on fire :happy: