Lucidity Challenge 55 Winner: GenghisKhan!

Here is a medium LD with a few of this week’s storm-themed tasks: See a storm with thunder and lightning, stand near a lightning strike, change the weather.

There were evil mages that travelled/arrived through the lightning strikes, and a fight ensued. It was fun. :content:

Had a medium length LD last night. Didn’t do much in terms of the challenge due to forgetfulness but the beginning of the dream happened to be in a forest.

I’ll claim points for seeing a forest.

The rest of the LD was spent running away from an Orc army and a whole city out to get me and my clan. I shot a number of them with the shotgun I had on me but I spent most of the dream flying above the forest and village nearby. So I guess I’ll just take the points for seeing the forest.

Non-lucid dream, in which I’m in the classic science fiction alien abduction scene.

I claim the points for seeing a house without a roof. It possibly also counts for seeing a storm (the dream scene is ambiguous as to whether its a natural storm, or updraft due to some out of sight alien craft), and storm with lightning (is the blue arcing overhead natural lightning, or of alien origin? Lightning flashes would typically be shorter duration).

P.S. The appearance was a bit reminiscent of blue lightning jets.

See the scores have been updated, although I’m sure the gap between Genghis & me should be less than that! Think the tasks from this one were missed, although the lucid points look right (1 short 2 med 2 long) :tongue:

Medium length LD last night, though the lucidity level was quite low. Too low for me to effect the dream in a way that would have helped me escape the “trap” I felt I was ensnared within…but high enough to know that I was dreaming.

Non-lucid dream in which a dream character complains that I have censored sections in the online version of my dream journal.

This was all very “meta”, but no points scored, I think.

(And yes, the private version of my dream journal is more complete, but sometimes i don’t bother to write down everything).

Non-lucid dream last night where I rode on a train (off the tracks, through 3 buildings), saw stars, saw the sunrise and used my phone’s camera.

Still no lucid dreams :sigh:

SCORES Updated

Apologies for my incompetence obfusc8, But thank you for pointing it out. I have been rather busy lately, another storm front is scheduled to hit tomorrow. :dark: :nuu:

If you have any burning questions, please pm me. This way you are sure to get my attention. I am flat out so please give me some time to respond.

Lucid dream, medium duration (4 minutes or so) in which I shapeshift to a creature of pure spirit energy.

I claim the points for the lucid and the shapeshift task. (I hope this counts for the task; my transformed shape was quite strange/mystical).

Here is a medium LD in which I shape shift and swim in a small lake.

Very poor recall
Also, no time / will to WILD and it is going to stay like this for at least another week or so…

Scores updated.

Sorry for my absence, I have been extremely busy with the emergency services. I have only been getting 4-5 hours sleep a day. Im off duty tonight, so I will be getting week 4 tasks done. I know I won’t sleep much tonight, but that is a problem future-me will have to deal with.

Please let me know if you see something sus in the scores. In my eyes shapeshifting is a very broad term, so if you did something you consider to be shapeshifting, you get the points. (to an extent)

Week Four: The Big, Empty Space

(That contains everything known to man.)

[spoiler]Sorry but I didn’t get time to put something here this week.
Wait! I do have something! Here is something I made a while ago but never had a use for it. It is a creative segment based on a true event.

“The Rain, It Woke Me Up”[/spoiler]

Tasks still Current:
See another LC participant. 20p
-Complete another task with them. 10p
See the LC host 20p

This week’s tasks:

Get to space (anywhere off earth) 10p
-Use/ride a rocket 20p

Fly, backwards 20p

  • at lightspeed 30p

Enter a wormhole 20p

Visit another planet 10p

  • See Aliens 10p
  • Talk with them 10p
  • Introduce yourself as an earthling. 20p

-JUMP off the planet. 20p
-Onto Another planet 10p

Experience 0-gravity 10p
-eat/ drink in 0G 20p

See a supernova 20p
-cause one 30p

Destroy the universe 30p
-with one word 10p

You gave me points for seeing the moon. Take those away. I haven’t seen the moon in my dreams in a while.

Edit: Oh! You just posted new tasks. I love all of this :happy: This is my week! I have to get lucid dreams. :om:

The Big, Empty Space is week 4, not 3, right?

In week 3 I had a ND used a map, and a short LD in which I saw a beautiful purple-yellow sunset, didn’t change its colour though.

Had an LD here this morning which at around 3-4 minutes long makes it a medium one for me. Thorn made an appearance in it (not eligible for points as he’s not participating in this LC) where I turned into a Reptilian Lizardman monster (already got points for this under the shapeshifting task. Am I correct in understanding that we can’t claim point for a task multiple times?)

Non-lucid dream and more stargazing. I saw the Southern Cross, so that’s the constellation tasks done. The Moon still eludes me.

Non-lucid dream in which I see the ashes left by a fire in a firepit at the edge of a wood/forest. I guess this doesn’t count for the fire tasks as the fire was already out.

Um, yeah. that was written at 2 am after a 21 hour day. There’s probably a few more errors somewhere.

Yes you are correct, sorry if I didn’t make that clear earlier.

Sorry, but you are also correct.

Non-lucid dream in which I see aboriginal rock art. (I painted a copy in waking life after waking from the dream, so my recall was good enough to be able to reproduce it).

Lucid dream, short duration (about 2 minutes) in which I become lucid while talking to JF about the lucidity challenge. No tasks done, but I’ll claim the points for the lucid.