Lucidity Challenge 55 Winner: GenghisKhan!

Lucid dream, short duration (about 5 seconds) in which I do some flying. No tasks done, but I’ll claim the points for the lucidity,

Also a non-lucid dream in which I pack up some books without having used them. Possibly a reference to the research I was doing on meditation in dreams, which I didn’t remember to do in this dream. Packing is a dream sign for me.

Here is a long lucid dream with some of the alien planet tasks:

  • Visit another planet
  • See aliens
  • Talk with them (Well, it was kinda one way conversation, although the alien did acknowledge my question with a nod. I’ll leave it up to you as to whether this counts.)
  • Introduce yourself as an earthling.

Ooooh, glad to see some contenders back, and some tasks done ! :happy:

Two more medium-length WILD (LINK TO DJ)
In the first one I explore a ruined building just below where I live, then I fly in space, test light speed travel and get it right; I also embrace the great blackness and get a strong feeling in return.

In the second one I kinda follow The Heart of Darkness plot, travel on a boat through the Jungle, talk with some mutated humans, meet the Colonel, the project’s mastermind, and decide to submerge the complex by summoning a volcanic eruption. Cool stuff, actually :cool:

I’m back

I underestimated the amount of impact recent events would have on me, so I was away for a bit longer. I have slowly been climbing out of this hole i’m in.
I have learnt a lot about myself in the last few weeks.
Thanks for your encouraging words, they helped me greatly.

I will post the week 5 tasks today.

Week Five: Freefall

Tasks still Current:
See another LC participant. 20p
-Complete another task with them. 10p
See the LC host 20p

This week’s tasks:

Fall/fly back to earth from space. 10p

JUMP out of aircraft. 20p

Experience freefall (diff. from 0G) 10p
Bonus. For each other person freefalling with you. (up to 10 people) 5p
Bonus For each other LC participant/ host freefalling (up to 5) 10p

Ride a falling object 20p
(e.g. a falling plane or large rock)

Wear a parachute 10p
Deploy one 20p

Fall / fly past suspended objects 20p

Welcome back DTDU
I am glad you felt the community had a positive impact in troubled times !

And thanks for taking the time to write more tasks for us

Medium length DILD this morning, in which I drink some liquor, which tasted great
No tasks done, though…

Non-lucid dream in which I cook a fish curry that is flambed as the final step. I claIm the points for: see a fire; light a fire; cook something on it (the fire was part if the cooking process).

Medium length DILD this morning, no tasks done LINK TO DJ

Here is a long LD in which I complete my personal goal and the ride an animal task.

Current signups:

  1. Cornelia Xaos - Have a Dream with Mew
  2. Mew151 - Have a Dream with Cornelia
  3. James_UK2008 - Grow in size
  4. Letaali - Use a new superpower
  5. Glypheye - Have 4 layered LD (I’ve managed 3 and only 3 smile ) Overseer/normal daily self/gaming self/toy played with by gaming self
  6. Sarunas123 - play piano
  7. Jer - Go to outer space
  8. GenghisKhan - Sing (on my to-do list since long time)
  9. tachyon - Fly to outer space
  10. Bazanikins - break my record for most time spent in an LD using the Dream Clock.
  11. N@t3 - Transform yourself into an animal or mythical creature
  12. Susan_Y No personal goal (yet)
  13. Dream hatcher - prolong my lucid dreams and keep them super vivid
  14. Eilatan - Have a dream with Cornelia and Mew
  15. Obfusc8 - Grow a plant in my hands
  16. Koal44 - Hug my Roommate

Because it is obviously never too late to join, I m back!
I just had 5 Months of LD draught, but I ve had 2 LDs in the last month so I hope I can come back nicely :happy:

I had a short lucid dream a few days ago.

Here is a long lucid dream. After initial distractions, I cracked on with the free fall task with five people in Iron Man style suits. We fell towards a futuristic Earth from space. Also the giant blue space vortex thingy might count for the wormhole task from last week? :cool:

Two poor WILD attempts on 15 and 16, but one successful yesterday morning, which yields a short but extremely vivid LD (LINK TO DJ)

I’d claim the points for the short LD, but no tasks

Long LD this morning (LINK TO DJ), in which I jump from a sort of orbiting cabin and freefall.
I do this together with my son, my daughter, obfusc8, Cornelia, Mew and DTDU

In the second part (OBE), I fly over a small town, see the moon, fail reaching it but inadvertently mupltiply it in the sky.
Then I grow arm-claws and use them to fight some robot-blades attacking me

I also brush my teeth in a quite dirty basin and rinse my mouth with awful-tasting water

Hi there.
Sorry for being absent again.
I was called away with the army, they wanted me to teach abseiling in a remote area for a couple weeks.
I didnt have time to post anything before i left, but i have found a small oasis in this wasteland, and i have a couple minutes before we leave again.

Please continue with the final week for a bit till i get back. Hopefully we get a few more of those personal goals completed with this extra time.

I’ll finish the LC as soon as i get back. It will probebly be about another week.

Thanks for you pacience.

Oh , and welcome koal44.

You must have an interesting life :happy:

I’ve been ill for a few days. Last night in between hot/cold shakes and fever some of the dreams became lucid. It was an avengers civil war mash up with me as Tony Stark. They stole my armor though, so I was forced to improvise and jump out of a plane with a golf bag on my back… which became a parachute of course.

My head is pounding right now and the screen hurts my eyes but I will try and write it up fully later.

/me crawls off into a dark place to die.

EDIT: Here’s the link Medium length, since my lucids have all been around this length lately so it’s time to adjust classification. Tasks completed are: Jump out of plane, wear a parachute and deploy a parachute.

Non-lucid dream in which I climb down from a mountain that looks like the one in the film The Dyatlov Pass Incident. Perhaps not the best place to go climbing, given what happens in either the movie or the real incident it is very loosely based on, but there you are.

I claim the points for:

  • See a mountain
  • Climb it
  • It has snow on it.

Yeah I am claiming a first Long LD from yesterday afternoon.

Claiming points for Flying and jumping out of an airplane. Falling with a small guy attached to balloons (like in the movie “up”)

So Tasks not Lucid:
Fall / fly past suspended objects
JUMP out of aircraft.

Tasks Lucid
Personal Task
Ride a falling object (well I was riding an airplane but it was more like falling/ sliding from a platform to another)

I was quite sure it was written we should explore the airplane so I did that, and then got woken up shortly before jumping out of it :meh:

Here my DJ : Watch out, Boring Dream… :razz:

Finally broke through my 1 month long dry spell with an LD here this morning which at around 3 minutes long makes it a medium one for me.

No tasks done but did feature a nice transformation activated by my new Pokemon Go Plus device and a change of vision for me which is the first time I’ve ever had anything like that in an LD. :smile: