Lucidity Challenge 56 - Winner: MearaDelia !

Noted, good job all

Scores updated

Please note that Week 5 tasks (final week) will be posted at earliest on Sun 20th

Happy lucids !

I m finally back with 2 short LDs.

Week 2:

  • Fly (does it count, I made my shopping trolley fly :smile: )
  • People spectacting (well my colleague was with me)

Week 3:

  • Touch something
  • See something colored

oh my god I m still so slow :open_mouth:
my DJ

Added a few new dreams to my dream Journal, lots of firsts and challenge points with these ones.

11/14/16 All of these ones were during a lucid dream
*Recognize you are dreaming
*Short Lucid Dream
*Use superpower (Failed fireball but was something)
*Elemental power (Unsure of this one, tried to cast magic and it wasn’t what I intened but felt elemental)
*See something colored (Green!)
*Hear voice (Does this count as “Hear something” too; or do they need to be separate events?)
*Feel hot/cold (“Hot”, if you can call it that, springs)

11/17/16 These ones were in normal dreams
*Use a new superpower (X-ray vision)
*Find yourself in danger (Wasn’t sure what the consequences were of being caught, but I was afraid and felt in danger)
*Escape! (In the end of the dream I felt like I had escaped and was elated.)
*Touch something (A golden orb thing that felt like a smooth metal)
*Feel texture (Orb again)

Dream Journal

Excellent ones, Koala and SpaceRace !
Really enjoyable DJ entries !

I am happy to see so many dreamers complete tasks and get to nice scores !

Scores updated

Welcome to Lucidity Challenge 56 - Week 5


[spoiler]You are tired from all that walking in such a huge museum, but feel happy you did it.
The exit is in front of you, you are about to move on in that direction, when you notice a last room to your right. You don’t recall that room beeing there when you entered, but of course that’s not surprising at all, since you are dreaming…

The door has a strange blue luminescence around it, and above the door you read a strange sign “CauZion - E><peRime||t R00M - Do NOT etneR !!!11!1oneoneeleven”
You would be tempted to leave the room alone and just exit the museum, but… oh curses, you are just too curious about it and put your hand on the handle; wWarm electricity flows through your body, then you are blinded by a flash!

When you are able to see again, you are sitting on a high armchair above an elevated platform, surrounded by electric panels, small lights, buttons, levers and indicators. Before you, six people wearing non-sensical uniforms and behind them, the outer space stares back at you, with his thousands point of lights.

The crew is looking at you; an asian-looking girl on the left speaks “Where next, commander ?”

Week 5 - Space adventures

  • Be in outer space +20 pts

    • Without equipment +10 pts (You can wear any kind of clothes except a space suit)
    • See Earth or Moon +10 pts
  • Be in a spaceship/rocket +20 pts

    • Has a crew +10 pts (Even just another person !)
    • Take off +10 pts
    • Land +10 pts
    • Shoot space weapon +10 pts (Any kind - lasers, Death Ray, space missiles, …)
    • Engage in space duel/fight +20 pts
    • Use hyperspeed / lightspeed +20 pts
  • Land on planet other than Earth/Moon +20 pts

    • Touch Sun/star +30 pts (how it is up close ? what’s in there ?)
    • Discover new species +20 pts (flora/fauna not existing on Earth - describe how it looks)
    • Meet sentient alien +30 pts (what did they tell you ?)
  • Travel through wormhole / blackhole +30 pts (What happens to you / your ship ?) (Need to try this out myself!)


  • All previous weeks’ tasks stay current but do not earn “Early” bonus anymore
  • This is last week of LC56, ending Sun 27th

Happy lucids !

Non-lucid dream in which I do the “hear voice’” task. I notice tbat mirrors don’t work properly (obvious dreamsign) but don’t become lucid.

In your shoes, I would wish for it to happen again in the next dream, knowing you will recognize it this time
It has worked for me in the past (e.g. Auntie’s stairs)

Scores update

James, do you want to claim the points for “see something coloured”? There are several coloured things mentioned in your dream journal.

I had a very busy week so I’m a little bit late with claiming points, but a lot of wonderful stuff happened :smile:

Still in week 4:
ND in which:

  • I listened to music

LD (medium length) in which I:

  • Visited an art gallery (museum)
  • Saw a painting
  • Entered a painting (it was less exciting that I would have thought :sad:)

I also saw sculptures, but I guess that’s different from statues? They were small ones, too.

And in the same dream ND points for:

  • painted something (was very interesting to blend colours haha)

I was so frustrated that I carried a book around me for a big part of the dream but never cared to read in it haha xD

Oh and then I also had an ND in week 4 in which I made an animation (and did a lot of other art stuff! Like getting a mentor, visiting an art supply sore), but it was before I read the tasks of that week. So I conclude from obfusc8’s comment that that doesnt count? It did however feel very amazing to be so in sync with this challenge that I already dreamed about it :smile:

And then for week 5, I had a short lucid dream (hooray, it felt amazingly lucid/real!) this night in which:

  • I was in space
  • Without equipment
  • Saw moon and earth
  • Was in a spaceship

All the discriptions of these tasks are (in italics) in my latest dream journal entry: [

Yes medium sounds accurate, but it was not my first ever LD, I used to have a few when I was a kid :smile:

I didn’t know we get points for our personal goal (I seemed to have missed that whole section in your first post) otherwise I would have formulated it more measurable… But I think it would be fair to say I reached that goal yes. It really surprised me how big of a boost this challenge is for my lucid dreaming skills! Next challenge I’m ready to pick a more advanced goal :smile: :smile:

Lucid dream, medium duration (about three minutes). No new tasks done, I think, but I’ll claim the points for the lucid.

Well spotted Susan. James, I added you non-lucid task points for “see something colored” - Please let me know in case I should convert those to lucid task points

Sculptures are just as fine as statues, and any size is fine !
Personal suggestion: painting IS fun, easy after all, and it requires a minimal investment, so just try it !

No worries, it makes perfect sense
As a personal comment, reading your DJ entries I get a definite feeling of progression, you look more aware of your dreaming condition in your recent LDs
I added you “Personal goal” lucid points !

Glad to hear it !
More and more I see motivation as an extremely important factor for LDs


Scores updated

I’ve just realised I also did the “write something” and “read a book” tasks in the non-lucid part of this dream. The “write something” was my dream journal entry for the first part of the dream (which I then had to write down again when I woke up for real :-(), and the “read a book” being the earlier part of my dream journal — in particular, I could read the page in my dream journal with Lucidity Challenge scoring.

I finally put something in my DJ, but i forgot to include any of my tasks in it, as it was condensed. HERE it is anyway

I would like to claim thease tasks:

one short LD
Save people. (did not log this one in my DJ, but I saved a few people from evil strawberry head guys)
feel texture. (grabbed strawberry guy, felt his bumpy head.)
Have a fight
pray at a temple ( did this one a couple weeks ago)

Non lucid:
hold sword
ride horse
use it in a fight
read book

also I think I forgot to claim points for THIS DREAM
I visited a desert, non lucid

I wouldn’t mind completing the “find a new species” task.
I recently found a new species of frog IRL! Too bad that doesn’t count!
(no, I havn’t found a name for it yet, but I have pictures!)

Catch up from while I was away. Part of a long DEILD chain on Sun night. I don’t have time right now to write it up fully so here’s the rough notes with spell/typo corrections. Things should be back to normal tomorrow! (Plus, I have now read tasks so can plan some space stuff accordingly.) :cool:

Animating a statue.

[spoiler][LD]Walking in a garden. Stone walls. Dark and stormy clouds. Castle? Dinner/garden party. People sitting at tables outside a castle/cathedral like building. York Minster?

Find stone sarcophagus. Carved like a person, dual sided. Jump onto it. Press hands onto chest and will it to life. Growing. Ground shaking. Jump off and see it grow to collosal size. Enormous stone ettin? Two headed - baby heads, monstrous, deformed. The giant starts ripping the cathedral apart. Lumps of rock start raining from the sky.

Need a distraction to get the giant away from people. See a mountain in the distance. Imagine it becoming Zeus. White robed, white haired, thunderbolt in hand. Zeus starts fighting with the giant Ettin, drawing it away. The building is still collapsing. Roof coming down. I use telekinesis to throw the blocks out of the way. DCs running away.

Fly up through broken ceiling into storm clouds. See airship. Phase inside. Party. Wine glasses/bottles. Guy walks over to me. Offers a woman. Entire room is now filled with gorgeous women. Blonde, (dressed like a) hooker? approaches. Hesitant (due to earlier DEILD encounter)[/LD] Dream destabilises.[/spoiler]

I see there are 5 weeks at the beginning of this thread… And we’re now in a different month. Is this quest ended already or can one still participate? If it’s finished, are there any current quests on at the moment? I feel I could do with being part of something bigger than myself to motivate myself to gain lucidity as I haven’t for some time now.

Susan, DTDownUnder, noted
Obfusc8, I also added you task points for “Be in spaceship” as you managed to phase into the airship

Scores updated

Hi Florestan and welcome ! :smile:
You can get most of the information you need about the Lucidity Challenge in the first post
This LC#56 is going to last until Sun, Nov 27th
All of the 5 week’s tasks posted are still current
You are definitely still on time to sign-up - your score of course will not be properly comparable with everyone else’s, but if you think this can motivate you in having more LD’s, feel free to join the fun ! :cool:
Just post here your Personal goal

Ok I’m still a little confused - do I have to do one of the pre-decided tasks, or one of my own? Or either? I doubt I’ll be successful either way, but it would be nice if I could prove myself wrong and earn those wings!

Click here to find the latest monthly quest. You get wings from completing a monthly quest, not LC tasks.

That quest is still active after 4 months though, so it’s more like triannual quest :tongue:

Genghis, phasing onto the airship was before reading the new week’s tasks, but it doesn’t matter 'cause I completed that task last night. :content:

I flew into space without any protective gear, went onto a space ship which was crewed with old age pensioners. I don’t feel that I succeeded in piloting or getting the ship to take off, so will have to make another attempt at my personal goal and those tasks.

DJ Entry