Lucidity Challenge 56 - Winner: MearaDelia !

Hi Genghis. Can I check - is ‘Early’ only earned for doing a task while lucid in the same week it is posted? Since the tasks are already half points if not done lucidly this extra bonus seems a little redundant?

In previous challenges ‘Early’ was for task completions (lucid or non) in the week they were posted, the ‘Lucid/Combo’ bonus was earned either for doing a task lucidly or doing tasks from multiple weeks in the same dream. … But since you’re the host you can do whatever you please! :happy:

This is how I remembered it worked

However, it seems I did not remember correctly :happy:
If this was the rule (Early and Combo bonuses earned either lucid or not), I revert to that, I agree it makes more sense - I am going to recompute scores ASAP

And hopefully post Week 2 tasks tomorrow

Oh guys Ive been having so much fun, these challenges are great even when you’re not an experienced lucid dreamer! And im so proud and happy that I got to score points this first try :happy:

I had a fake lucid dream and thought that stealing items would also get you a point, and ten points for every golden item. So throughuot my dream i had been stealing a lot of stuff, only to figure out when I woke up that it didnt give any points haha! (And that my beautiful jewelry was gone!) But it was great to experience something that I wouldn’t want nor dare to do in real life.

I managed to get the following things done: (all normal/FLD i think)

  • be in a dessert
  • ride a dromedary and camel :camel:
  • visit a church (didnt pray but stole their stuff XD)
  • visit a city (my subconscious went nuts with this one, I kept changing city in my dream)
  • hold a dagger

My dream description can be found here [

Oh so just to be sure… we can actually still get week 1 tasks rewarded when week 2 has started, only it brings in less points? I thought we only had one week for these tasks.

MearaDelia, congrats on the nice dream :happy:
Looking at your DJ, it seems to me more a LD than a FLD, but it’s your call, so I am assigning you ND score as per your request :smile:

You score Early bonus because the dream occurred within the first week
And that boosts you up at second place, right after Obfusc8 !
Good job ! :cool:

More details on next weeks’ scoring incoming

Scores updated

Welcome to Lucidity Challenge 56 - Week 2


[spoiler]It’s dusk in the desert: the sun setting behind the dunes is coloring the sky in red, orange and pink, temperature it’s finally getting cooler.
While you remove your armor, approaching to get some rest, your LC host Genghis Khan appears to your side.
He waves a hand, launches a fireball into the sand, starting a fire.
More LC participants join around the fire, until the group of challengers is complete.

Then Genghis Khan starts to speak:

  • You have done well during the first week
  • You have challenged the desert, fought your inner foes, visited towns, prayed at altars…
  • And you have done so relying just on your will and on the trusted steel
  • But I know how hard is resisting to use your dream powers
  • So for this second week of Challenge, I instead ask you to unleash all the dream powers you can !

He waves a hand, and you find yourself in a big modern city; you are in a park with a shiny building, with skyscrapers on the back.
Some people are walking by, others are drinking coffee, other are sitting on the grass, while a black guy is trying to sell his jazz music discs. It seems a dream version of Chicago…

Suddenly, a guy wearing a tight red and green costume flies above the people, and lands in front of you

  • Challengers, it’s time to be superheroes ![/spoiler]

Week 2 - Superhero !

  • Wear a costume +20 pts

    • Change from normal cloth +20 pts
    • Famous +10 pts (You wear the costume of a famous superhero / villain)
  • Use a superpower +20 pts (Everything not achievable by normal human means will do, but try being as creative as you can ! Strive for the Creativity bonus !)

    • New +20 pts (Never used that superpower before in your dreams)
    • Fly +10 pts
    • Famous +10 pts (A well-known superpower, perhaps popular thanks to a famous superhero, e.g. Spiderman webs. Excludes flying)
    • Elemental power +10 pts
    • Transform +10 pts (Any type of transform)
    • In a fight +10 pts
    • People spectacting +10 pts (A classic of comic books is people looking at superheroes fighting)
    • Creativity bonus +40 pts (I reserve the right, at the end of the week, to award these points at my only discretion to one dreamer who has used an impressive / particularly creative superpower I especially liked - this bonus could remain unawarded)
  • Visit your secret place +20 pts (Some flexibility here - a place familiar / dear to you is ok)

  • Get trapped / tied up +10 pts

    • Find yourself in danger +20 pts
    • Escape / save yourself +30 pts (You need to take active action and get yourself out of danger for claiming task points)
  • Save people +20 pts (Saving a place / people from a villain or any kind of disaster / troubles)

  • Conquer city / world +20 pts (No reason to be always the good guy in your LD, fancy being evil in them, if you prefer so !)

Week 1 tasks:

  • Are still current and worth the same points as before
  • Will not earn “Early” bonus points anymore
  • Can be used to score the “Combo” bonus if completed in the same dream as a Week 2 task

EDIT: slightly changed a task

ok . time for me to get some points on the board.

I have been completing tasks over the last week, but there has been too much stuff happening.

I won’t go into much detail, But I would like to claim the following task/lucids:

Stuff completed within the week one time period:

  • Hold a ‘traditional’ weapon (axe) +10 pts
  • Visit a city or town +10 pts
  • Visit a temple +20 pts
    One medium lucid

Stuff from last night. (in week two):

None of this has been logged in a DJ, and it never will be. It was not a nightmare or anything particularly negative. But I still want to forget that it exists. I will record here what tasks I can recall from last night, I would like to claim points for these tasks but if anyone has a problem with me claiming unlogged tasks please let me know, and I will happily relinquish the following points:

One short LD

  • Get trapped / tied up +10 pts
  • Find yourself in danger +20 pts

Non-lucid dream in which I hold a Tibetan ritual dagger.

I claim the points for the “hold a traditional weapon” task.

Yeah, superheroes!! :happy:

Claiming the following from the lucid dreams last night -

-wear costume
-change from normal cloth
-famous (Dr Strange)

-use a superpower (magic)
-new (Crimson Bands of Cyttorak )
-elemental (glyphs were orange fire)
-fly (cloak of levitation)
-in a fight
-save people
(not sure about witnesses, so not claiming it. Probably were, but I was focused on the fight)

Week 1 Combo
-be in a desert
-visit city or town
-Middle Eastern looking

Then from the second lucid -
-get trapped (sleep paralysis)
-find yourself in danger
-save yourself (well, couldn’t move, but I negated the pain and turned it into a TV show to get away)

Dream Journal

Apologies for the long one, didn’t have time to post this weekend. Just skip to the lucids! :tongue:

DTDU, no trouble for me in assigning points even if the dream is not posted, everything here is trust-based :smile:

Susan, noted

Obfusc8, congrats on the recent amazing activity - you almost managed to wipe out the full list of Week 2 tasks with one dream !

Scores updated

Non-lucid dream in which I get pounced on by the vampire Nosferatu.

I claim the points for “find yourself in danger”. The struggle with the vampire might count for “engage in a fight” too. (The vampire won…)

Susan, I have assigned you task points for ‘Find yourself in danger’ and Wk 2 Early bonus

About ‘Engage in a fight’, I cannot decide since your DJ entry is very short
Just tell me if you consider the struggle would qualify for that task as well

@Genghis, I think the dream counts for “engage in a fight” task.

I was guarding a forest from fiends using a well crafted glaive. The forest was within a city, the place seemed magical and Elune showed up. Probably a night elf city if I have to guess.

So “Find yourself in danger” and “Save people” done in non-lucid dream. Does it count for that fight task or is that just for superpowers?

Susan, noted and updated accordingly

Letaali, you had already completed ‘Engage in a fight’ task.
As you properly point out, the Wk2 subtask is related to superpowers only, so I cannot award you that one.
‘Find yourself in danger’ + ‘Save people’ non-lucid task points awarded
Nice fantasy-style dream !

Scores updated

Last night I earned some points :smile:

  • use a superpower (moving through solid object)
  • never used that one before


Genghis Kahn, as before I find it hard to decide if it’s fair to count as LD or ND, as I’m often somewhere in between. Can you judge on that for me?

Oh and I was wondering about the combo bonus: does that one only count for week 1 tasks you haven’t completed yet? Or can you for instance score combo points every time you do something of week 2 that takes place in a city?

Non-lucid dream in which I pack into a suitcase some of my drawings. The drawings are in Conte crayon (low saturation portrait colours) on dark/mid toned paper.

No points for me, as this wasn’t my official LC personal goal, but this was a dream experiment that I wanted to do: I managed to get conte crayons in portrait colours into the dream. Ideally, I would have drawn with them in the dream rather than resorting to “here’s one I did earlier”, but it’s a start. My colour vision was distinctly different from the real world I think.

Meara, Calling a dream LD / ND is only your call, because you lived it
Only you know if, while it happened, you had the realization that it was a dream
On top of that, having a Lucid Dream is also your personal goal, so it has to feel like an achievement for you, I cannot really decide for you :content:

Also, don’t stress over that and/or over points, LC primary goal is as motivation factor.
If it manages to help you in having better recall / nice experiences, it’s working well ! :happy:

I have updated scores to include your two latest tasks completed non-lucidly, please tell me if you were lucid instead

Wouldn’t it be really easy to cheat?

Yes with a real lucid dream I meant one where i have zero doubt if it was actually an FLD, which happens to me all the time when I think Im lucid.

Tonights dream however was definitely a ND, in which I did the following:

  • get trapped
  • find yourself in danger
  • engage in a fight (week 1)

And Im not completely sure if I took enough active action to count for the escape/save yourself points, you can find my desctiption here, i marked the paragraph italic so you know where to look [

Oh and I was also wondering if the secret hideout I built counts for the secret/save place points?