Lucidity Challenge 56 - Winner: MearaDelia !

Yes, it’s no fun to just read “I did the task” with no description of what it was like. This is the best I can do for the events in the dream; it’s still a bit short of details on the transform.

And for goodness sake Susan please put an avatar so we can visually recognize you posts :content:

Last night these fast necromorph-like monsters surrounded me and ended my life, but I managed to rewind time to save myself. I saw events playing backwards like a movie; usually I just jump back in time.

A few nights ago several jeeps crashed in a jungle due to a sabotaged bridge. I rewound time in that dream as well. Sort of my go-to method.

Claiming points for superpowers in non-lucid dreams.

Non-lucid dream in which I visit a mountain-top monastery, see a monk wearing a bear mask perform a ritual dance, and take a photograph. There was something like Goa Trance music on my phone (or an EBM/electronica version of the traditional music).

No points, I think. “Take a photograph” was a task from the previous LC, and is no longer current. I think the monastery doesn’t quite count for the “visit a temple” task, although it was close.

Letaali, assigned you task points for “Use Superpower”

Susan, I fear that a monastery does not qualify for the task, as it had to be a sacred / sanctified place

Scores updated

I am going to post Week 3 tasks right away

Welcome to Lucidity Challenge 56 - Week 3


[spoiler]The battle to conquer the dream-Chicago is finally over, and you your fellow dreamers reunite below a giant shiny bean.

Your host Genghis Khan joins you there and starts speaking to all of you:

  • Well done dreamers ! I hope you enjoy using your super dream powers !

  • Now it’s time to add something spicy to the tasks mix

  • And not only spicy, also rough, hot and loud !

  • It’s time to focus on your senses during your lucids

  • Week 3 tasks are intended to blend well with previous weeks so you can combine them, but focusing not only on what you normally see: try upside-down dreaming, feel the heat of your fire magic in your hands, or hear voices of people acclaiming their new super-hero, or smell the spices in the bazaar in a Middle-East town !

  • And why limiting yourselves to the usual five human senses ? Try new ones ! There are many more to be discovered. Tell us about YOUR sixth sense !

Week 3 - The Sixth Sense

  • See something colored +10 pts

    • See in black & white +20 pts
    • Change video setting +30 pts (Some examples: change color saturation, switch from color to B&W, Mirror sight, …)
  • Smell something +10 pts

    • It’s a good odor +10 pts
    • It’s stinky +20 pts
  • Eat/drink something +10 pts

    • Feel taste +20 pts
    • Not edible +30 pts
  • Hear something +20 pts

    • Listen to music +10 pts
    • Hear voice +10 pts
  • Touch something +10 pts

    • Feel texture +20 pts
    • Feel hot/cold +20 pts
  • Use a new sense +50 pts (This is quite an accomplishment - Examples: feeling electric or magnetic fields, chemical trails, …)

Still in week 2 I

  • transformed (into a bull)

And in week 3 I had a dream where

  • I wear a costume
  • changed from normal cloth

Im a bit confused about this weeks tasks, because in a normal way I saw colour in this dream, heard something + voices specifically, touched something, felt texture and felt very warm. Does that all count? :o
(Im sorry if I ask too much… Im very new to this challenge thing)

Love the discover your own sixth sense assignment! :smile:

Oh this was all ND btw, my descriptions can be found here [

You’re doing great so far MearaDelia!

I also love the “Use a new sense” task. Sensing the aura that some people and objects give off or extending your senses to cover other objects/people, I have done those before.

What would be a good new sense to try? :hmmm:

Still no lucid dreams for me :c

Glad to hear you people like tasks so far
i believe LD experimentation is great so i am encouraging it
Meara Yes all that counts!
Not all dreams are multi-sensorial experiences, so congrats on that rich ones!
i am going to update scores later today

I had an interesting dream last night.( Still week two, at least for me and my crazy sleep patterns)

I would like to claim the following tasks please:

Great tasks Genghis! I’m looking forward to finding another 6th sense!

DTDU, my understanding is that you were not lucid when completing those tasks, and I have assigned you points accordingly - please let me know if I need to correct this

Scores updated

Non-lucid dream in which I do the “get trapped” and “save yourself” tasks.

The dream was in black and white, so I’ll claim the points for that too.

The other senses weren’t very clear, so I won’t claim them yet.

I’ve recently noticed that I wake up hearing music. It isn’t there in the real world - its something between a hypnopompic hallucination and just memory of the tune. Last night’s was Benny Benassi’s Beautiful People.

I won’t claim the task points for hearing/music because I’m not sure if I was fully asleep.

From last night’s non-lucid dreams:

-Saw something colored
-Hear something
-Hear voice
-Touch something

Indeed, I was not lucid. Am I right in understanding that no lucid tasks are half points?

Did the following tasks in a lucid dream last night: Touch something, feel texture, and see something coloured (whole dream was in colour).

Link to journal

Saved some people with teleporting in last night’s dream. Teleported into the ocean, feeling the cold water. Later I touched some sticky coins.

Claiming “Feel texture”, “Feel hot/cold” and “Famous superpower”. I think teleporting is pretty famous. It was a non-lucid dream.

I had several dream adventures last night, none of which got me any points. It was all in black and white vision, and it wasn’t clear if I had a sense of touch.

From last night’s non-lucid dream:

  • Eat/drink something
  • Feel taste

Ate diced vegetables, drank cola.

Lucid dream, short duration (about 1 minute before I lost lucidity). My level of lucidity was fairly low, and I lost it quickly.

I claim the points for:

  • short duration lucid dream
  • see in black and white, while lucid (previously done non-lucid)
  • see something coloured, non-lucid (blue grey vs neutral grey. I was possibly red-green blind or seeing with a very unnatural colour palette).
  • hear, while lucid
  • hear music, while lucid (Martin Garrix’s In the Name of Love)
  • touch something, non-lucid (I felt the flow of air against my bare skin. In later parts of the dream I had a sense of touch in my fingertips while picking up objects, rotating a combination lock, etc.)
  • feel texture, while non-lucid

The video settng changed spontaneously during the dream; I’m not sure if the change needs to be an intentional action by me to count for the task,