Lucidity Challenge 56 - Winner: MearaDelia !

wooow congratulation! :happy:

Welcome to Lucidity Challenge 56 - Week 1


[spoiler]You open your eyes, and almost get blinded. You are wearing a t-shirt, but it feels like a wool sweater.
Ouch ! It’s damn hot in here !
Around you, looking in all directions, deformed by the heat, you can see only sand, sand and more sand, extending in all directions.
You know this sand has always been here and always will be. This immobile desert exists beyond space and time.
Looking around, you see the other LC participants, sweating hard, same as you.

Squinting your eyes, in the distance you spot a tiny sand cloud. It’s just a dot at first, then you notice it’s increasing in size and getting closer to you.
Squeezing your eyes, you finally understand what the cloud is: a man mounting a horse is approaching your group.
You can now see the black horse is galloping furiously.
As soon as the mounted man reaches your group, he jumps down, without waiting for his horse to stop.
He’s wearing a leather armor, he’s got a black bow at his back and a quiver at his ankle.

He starts to speak, addressing all of you:

  • Greetings to you all, LC participants !
  • I am Genghis Khan, and I am here to challenge your LD skills !
  • For this first week I am going to propose a very simple task, just for starters: you just have to conquer Jerusalem’s temple !

He summons a small oasis, including a big, shadowy tent.

  • Inside the tent you will find your Crusaders equipment. Grab it, wear it, march ahead, conquer the sacred city and claim the temple as your own !
  • I will meet you again in one week !

Then, the black horse appears as out of nowhere, Genghis Khan mounts and gallops away, leaving a sand cloud behind…

Week 1 - Crusaders !

  • Be in a desert +20 pts (A beach or playground sand won’t do ! It has to be A LOT of sand :smile: )

    • Find an oasis in the desert +30 pts (Let us know what you find there !) [spoiler] Just a water pool surrounded by trees ? An ice cream kiosk ? A drink stall ? More travelers ? A zoo ?[/spoiler]
  • Wear medieval armor +20 pts (Plate, Chainmail, Leather armor or similar)

    • Armor or shield has a cross on it +30 pts
  • Hold a ‘traditional’ weapon +10 pts (lightsabers and firearms aren’t included !)

  • Sword / Greatsword / Shield +10 pts

  • Bow / Crossbow +10 pts

  • Mace / Warhammer +20 pts

  • Engage in a fight +10 pts

    • Using ‘traditional’ weapon +10 pts
  • Meet Saladdin (Salah al-Din) +20 pts

  • Meet Richard the Lionheart +20 pts

  • See a siege weapon +20 pts (Catapult, Ballista, Trebuchet, Rams, but also anything else, even invented by you, that can hurl a heavy load or destroy a wall/building)

    • Destroy something with it +20 pts (Witnessing something destroyed by it will earn points as well)
  • Mount a beast +10 pts (Riding not necessary but welcome !)

    • Mount a horse +10 pts
    • Mount a camel / dromedary +20 pts
  • Visit a city or town +10 pts (An easy one, at last!)

    • It’s Middle-East-looking +30 pts (Some flexibility is allowed here - ideally low, bright houses, domes, mosque, minarets, bazars, …)
  • Visit a temple/church/sanctuary/altar +20 pts

    • Pray/meditate at it +20 pts

Hype! I have an idea what I’m gonna be wearing and using as a weapon. Would a glaive just be sword points? It’s technically a polearm. Well anyway, I will be using a glaive in my visualizations.

Yeah, I guess the best I can do is awarding the Sw / GS points. My idea was to promote the mace / red crossed shield crusader, or an awesome war-hammer version.

If the glaive/poleram is your thingy, however, definitely go for it, it’s awesome !
Perhaps, just don’t neglect the crusaders armory and try other stuff as well !

Heh… had two sword fights in a lucid last night, but before reading the post so doesn’t count. :tongue:

Cool tasks.

Hmmmm… I don’t want to dream about war and fighting :open_mouth:
Riding on a camel through the desert and visiting a nice town and oasis and just seeing and carrying some weapons will do. :smile:

You should be able to address most of the tasks with a peaceful approach :wink:

Five lucids tonight, one amazing spontaneous / two DILDs and two WILDs

Just awesome

I’m glad you are hosting. You would probebly win again!

Points! I started a fight. (With a witch…using magic wands.) And I’ve been in several towns and cities in my dreams as well. No lucid dreams yet.

Link to my DJ is in my signature.

Good job ! And nice dream :wink:

Scores are updated :smile:

Non-lucid dream, which borrows elements from Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun.

I claim points for:
Be in a desert
visit a town

Scores updated

Let’s really make things interesting - no lucid points for me, just task points. I’ll still only claim tasks done while lucid, but this will mean I really have to focus on the tasks.

Last night I had a lucid-nightmare and got into a fight with a hitman. The weapon I summoned was a meat cleaver - I guess trying to “cut out” this aspect of my psyche that the hitman represented.

Dream journal

P.S. I liked how my dream relocated things from the Holy Land of the challenge to some Gene Wolfe inspired future/alternate history California. The setting has the potential for a crusade to reclaim the holy city of El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula from Mexico :smile:

I have changed your Difficulty to : no LD points, task points only while lucid
Please confirm this is correct

I have awarded you task points while lucid for :

  • Hold ‘traditional’ weapon
  • Sword / Greatsword / Shield
  • Engage in a fight
  • Using ‘traditional’ weapon

Scores updated

Perfect, thanks.

I had a vivid dream last night, but alas no points.

It’s like my subconscious picked up on the things that don’t count and then went with that.

Beach? Check.
Firearm? Check. (Although I used it as a club!)

At least the game is only beginning. Maybe the festival/event I saw being set up is just my DC’s getting things ready for the rest of the challenge. :happy:

I fought a massive lion with a glaive. I also built a spirit shrine in an ancient Asian town and visited a temple.

-Hold a traditional weapon
-Engage in a fight using traditional weapon
-Visit a temple

And everything happened non-lucid.

Hi SpaceRace, that made me laugh :happy: - Next time I will try and avoid unnecessary reference to ‘not relevant’ stuff :grin:
EDIT: Anyway, interesting dream, and also a good starting point for the LC. Also, if you don’t feel comfortable at sharing your dreams here, feel free to recap only the sections relevant to the LC

Nice job Letaali

Scores updated

As for me, this morning I had an interesting religious-theme 30min lucid