Lucidity Challenge 57 - Winner DTDownUnder!

I’ve been trying to keep up to date with my DJ, but multiple bushfires, lost people, and being away from computers for some time has made it difficult.
Anyway, i’ll claim the following points please. ( As usual, being away from home and isolated from technology increased my lucid rate to 1-2 a night)

2 Long LDs
1 short LD
Recognized I was dreaming
(without becoming lucid) Twice.

Lucid Tasks: ( I’ll definitely be logging the LD where I completed thease, it was one of the funnest fights i’ve ever had, my opponent actually had “lucid abilities” he could morph the dreamscape, and copy my attacks. I probebly only won by making my attacks invisible, and he never flew. )

Be in the dark
Make something invisible
Fall down
Be in the sky
See a magician
( A fight to the death counts as “see” right? )

Would recognising an australian landmark count as being on an island? ( We are Technically an island…)

Non-lucid tasks:
Tell a Lie
Take part in a trial — These 3 probebly had something to do with me breaking into, and then out of, a prison.
Get tied up /

Be in a candy store
touch wood

Thanks for the great tasks MearaDelia!

Do lions count for the “see a cat” task - or does it have to be the house pet kind? (I had a brain failure trying to recall which animals, again.)

DJ Link

I’ve had a good week for recall an LDs.

Another long LD to log please, and one dream that I knew I was dreaming, but did not become lucid.

Id also like to claim the following lucid tasks please:

See a horse
Talk to horse
Fall down
Ask a philosophical question
Be in a forest

Although I don’t remember much about the Winnie-the-Pooh show apart from the fact that a 100 acer forrest isn’t really that big, but I can say that owl was my favorite character, and he still is.

My life got quite messy this week, so you all get two bonus days for week 4 :’)

Tomorrow I’ll post the tasks for the Final Week of the 57th Lucidity Challenge!

Letaali, I assigned you points for the LD, touching something wooden and being in a field with flowers.

Wonderful adventures DTDownUnder! :open_mouth:
I assigned you the points, and I guess theoretically you’re right about Australia, but I think it’s more interesting if the task requires that typical island look-and-feel.

Obfusc8 a lion doesn’t count, it really has to be the pet-type of cat

I’m glad a lot of you like the tasks :smile:

It will be an interesting last week with DTDownUnder and GenghisKhan being so close in scores! Good luck everyone :smile:

The Quest of Week 5

The Background Story

After a long travel through the adventures of Pinocchio, you finally find the whale that swallowed him. You figured that this might just be a place a Muse would like to hang out, right?

When you get closer to the whale, it noticed you, opens it’s giant mouth… and swallows you into the darkness of his belly.

But wait. This doesn’t look like the inside of a whale!

You are surrounded by trees, and as the darkness fades, you find yourself in a lovely forest. You look a bit confused as you see a bear, a pig, a rabbit, a donkey, an owl and a tiger playing happily together.

Challenge tasks
Your most important task during this challenge is to find the Muse. The Muse comes in many shapes, and your Muse will look differently from the Muses of the other participants. So please leave us a description when you find yours, it will be interesting to see what each Muse looks like!

You can complete these tasks during the entire challenge, and there is no early or combo bonus for them.

  • Find the Muse +50pts (it’s enough if it appears in your dream, even as a creature somewhere in the distance)
  • Have a conversation with the Muse +50pts
  • Bring the Muse back home safely +50pts

Week 5 tasks
This weeks’ story: Winnie the Pooh

Everyone is assigned to their favourite Winnie the Pooh character! You can still score points for the other characters, but you’ll score double the points for all the tasks you complete that belong to your specific character!

All tasks are worth 10 points just so everyone can score the same amount of double points.

The people who haven’t stated their preference for a character, have been assigned one at random.

Winnie the Pooh
(GeghisKhan, JamesUK2008)

  • Eat honey
  • Be chased after or stinged by a bee
  • Get stuck in something


  • Get blown away by the wind
  • Face a fear
  • Ask you fear to give you a present

(Obsfusc8, Susan_Y, Letaali)

  • Jump higher than normal human could
  • See something with stripes
  • Look in the mirror (and find out if you’re really one of kind)


  • Be in a treehouse
  • Sit in a rocking chair
  • See one of your family members


  • Find a tail
  • See something collapse
  • Have a typical bad thing happen to you

(Koal44, Lady Yomi)

  • See a garden
  • Plant a seed (let’s see if it instantly grows into something!)
  • Have something that you own get broken/demolished/destroyed by someone else

Had an LD here this morning which at around 2-3 minutes long makes it medium length for me.

Does seeing Merlin count as seeing a Magician? (week 2 task) (He’s technically a Wizard) :razz:

Hey @mearadelia! I have a question! (im such a noob at this haha :joy: I should have asked this before) can we claim points from tasks of weeks that have passed, or only the ones from the current week?

Thanks in advance~!! :smile::heartpulse:

Under the Tigger tasks -
"See something with strange "

Sorry I don’t understand. Could you clarify this one please? :confused:

I had another long lucid dream! This time I started on a new alien planet. I jumped up and flew to space without effort and saw a castle that was one third of the planet’s surface. I consider that as “seeing something weird”. Also saw a holy tree like in Game of Thrones. That would count as weird too I guess. (Not sure what that second Tigger task really means.)

Link to dream


^^ Cool lucid, Letaali. :cool:

Here I do the mirror task and the jumping tasks from this week. And I saw tiny people. Think that was an earlier week task.

Thanks obfusc8!

I wondered if I was dreaming last night and RCed, but the dream fell apart super fast.

Oh yes you totally can! :smile: The only difference is that you won’t score the early bonus anymore. This might give you some extra points? :smile:

Omg sorry, that must have been autocorrect xD It has to be “something with stripes”, everyone!

Hope this is not too much of a disappointment Letaali. :o

It’s fine. Do I still get points for jumping higher than humanly possible? I basically jumped to space.

Non-lucid dream in which I shrink down to 5cm high. I claim the points for the “shrink” task.

I haven’t had much control in my dreams this month.

Okay everyone, the last night to score dream points has passed! I updated the scores and will leave this thread open until Friday for you to claim points from the past few nights.

On Saturday the final winner of the challenge will be announced!

It sure does!

Of course :smile:

Looking at my score, it looks like you’ve marked 2 short LDs and 1 long LD. It should be 1 short and 2 long.

I’ve done “Be in a forest” in the beginning of that last lucid dream I had. It was a snow covered pine forest. I also “Fall down” twice in the same lucid dream.

And I’ve done “See a family member” in non-lucids during the last week. Some of those are posted in my DJ. My brother I see almost every night, my parents once a week or something.

Was in my exam period until last week, so didn’t give myself as much time to write down my dreams and visit the forum as I would have liked to.
Going through the list of challenges, I see I did fulfill some of them.
So I’d like to claim:
3 x wondering if dreaming
Eating something
Be in a forest
Drinking tea
be in the ocean
be on an island
see a family member

Since they all come from different dreams, I don’t feel like writing more about it. Hope it’s enough to claim the points.
Let’s see if I can fulfill some more things or even become lucid in the coming nights :smile:

Indeed @MearaDelia !! I´d like to claim some points for:

-You wonder if you are dreaming but do not become lucid (3 times)
-Recognizing you are dreaming / A “short” lucid dream (5 times)
-A “medium” length lucid dream (2 times)

-Completing the LD4all Monthly Quest while lucid (here you can see it! LD4all Quest 111 It´s the one from January!)

Week 1:

-Be in a forest
-Be in the dark
-Fall down
-Eat or drink something

Week 2:

-Be in the ocean (4 times, it´s my favourite dream signal after all haha)

Week 3:


Week 4:

-Be in a classroom (3 times)

Week 5:

-See a garden (2 times)

Well! that´s it! (same as @footballfreak they all come from different dreams!)
Thanks for clarifying my doubts, I thought that if you completed the tasks outside of the established date they were no longer valid! lol! :joy:

It’s too late to claim points, as the challenge has ended, but just to say: I did finally manage to achieve my personal goal of meditating in a lucid dream (long duration LD).