Lucidity Challenge 61 - Winner: Obfusc8

On tuesday, 3 ND’s DJ entry
I see a chair in “Note”
I see paintings in “Candy paintings” (technically they are mosaics so it may not count as paintings)
I see a river in “Candy paintings”
There was a lot of candy. Paintings made of candy .But not houses, pools or living DC’s :cry:

On wednesday, 2 ND’s DJ entry

On thursday, 1 ND DJ entry

2 small NDs

  • Green Guidance
  • Sowing Stratagem

I have to say I wasnt sure, but I thought you need to do one of the small tasks to unlock a new one. If not, you will get two subtasks to unlock this Saturday.

You can write your dreams here as well, but you need to write them to get the DJ Entry points

Points have been updated, Nice to see some competition for the three first places grin2

Had one ND here this morning. No tasks completed.

I had Three ND’s last night and Two ND’s tonight.
Three ND’s from last night:Cutting Wood, Playing Baseball, and Smoking Weed With Grandmother
Two ND’s from tonight: Escape From Prison/Some Pain, and Jump The River!

I claim:
Water body (from jump the river)
Ball (from Playing Baseball)
Park/woods/forest (from Cutting Wood, and Jump The River)
Chair/Seat (from Smoking Weed With Grandmother)
Father/Mother/Sister/Brother (from Escape From Prison [where I try to escape prison with my little brother])

Sorry for being absent for three weeks! I’ve been kinda busy… :bored:

I’m sorry, but I’m still confused. I did two subtasks that week. The car and the family member. Those were unlocked by other members. Aren’t those small subtasks? Have I misunderstood what subtasks are?

It’s been a bad week…

Here are 2 normal dreams. Tasks done - cat, dog, town/city?

I had Two ND’s 12/15/2017:
Ran Away From High School, and Had A Kid

I had two dreams today, but the second one isn’t fully posted and I don’t want it to count.

Here is the DJ entry for 12.december. It had a singer on stage and candy in it.

[ DJ entry.

2 NDs - Will I be Alright? - Elephant in the Road

Second dream took part in a town. Claiming city/town points.

Oh my god I missunderstood, I thought you meant other Tasks/subtasks (Like the Princess/get a kiss subtask) Alright you can already choose another unlock :happy:

Note: I m so glad you don t have an infinite impatience like on your avatar :happy:

Scores are updated

Koal44 I unlocked church/temple last Saturday. It isn’t shown as an owned subtask on

Had three NDs here this morning. No tasks completed.

One ND and one short LD last night.

I was lucid for several lines of a song, so I count it as a LD and not a fragment.

(edit) The LD had a city in it

Thank you so much, Koal44! It is good to know that I hadn’t misunderstood completely. I’d like to unlock the ice cream. :cool:

DJ link one ND
The Captive

Yesterday 2 ND’s, DJ entry
Task: I take a walk in my old home town in “Sad secret”

Today, 1 ND and 1 short LD, DJ entry
Tasks: I see my cat in the LD “Kitten”
I did the costume task in the ND “Crocodile costume” :grin:

For week 3, I have dream journal entries for six nights:

I have dream recall for Friday, but I’ve decided to snip it and not claim the points because it’s a bit unsuitable for posting.

This brings me up to 19 journal entries so far.

In Saturday’s non-lucid dream, I see a street-sweeping machine. I’ll claim the points for the “city” task.

I had one ND: Shopping/Drinking

I claim the Mall subtask because the first part of my dream took place in a mall.

Can I claim a subtask from last week? If so then I’ll claim have an alcoholic drink from the dream shopping/drinking

I think the alcoholic drink only counts if dressed as a pirate?

Hello everyone ! I am back !
Sorry for this long break and thanks alot Koal44 for supporting LC61 updates in the meantime !

All inputs from above posts have been taken into account

That is correct, sorry LucidWilliam

[color=blue][size=150]Scoreboard is updated[/size][/color]

[size=150][color=blue]Very soon we will be posting Week 4 Tasks and open unlocks - stay tuned[/color][/size]