Lucidity Challenge 61 - Winner: Obfusc8

:peek: could dear host (topic starter) adjust the topic title to reflect the status? I get the topic reply notifications, now it still seems we havent started.

I Like the theme, fits with my goal :grin:

Ill unlock phone and computer :grin: also darn, moogle beat me to the mirror :mirror: :tongue:

Sorry I forgot, done now :smile:

For the time being you are allowed only ONE unlock, so please choose either “See phone” or “See computer”

I’ll unlock Tokyo, 'cause it would be good to go back there… great memories.

I’m still trying to think of a cool goal.

I’ll unlock the park/ woods/ forest

Qu, since no reply from your side, I’ve unlocked Computer for you (means, see a Phone is not unlocked)

Full list of open tasks until now:

ok missed the part that said only unlock one :tongue:
computer it is then! :user:

thanks for the topic update!

I’ll unlock the ocean :cool:

I will unlock the Plane, please.
( I skydive in my dreams quite regularly now I have my license IRL)

I’ll unlock car.

All unlock requests are validated !
I am super-happy that almost every participant has unlocked one task :happy:
LucidWilliam, you still have 1 hour and half left to unlock a task :smile:

Full list of open tasks until now:

Unsure how many points this is, but here’s my first night

Claiming non-lucid dreams, seeing a computer and seeing a body of water in a non-lucid dream?

First points? :content: … Nope Letaali beat me to it! :tongue:

I had a short WILD in which I created some balloons to decorate the room. Didn’t get around to actually having a party though!

From the unlocks, I saw a mirror and was in a car.

I report one dream and one fragment with some low lucidity, but not enough to be a LD. No tasks done.

DJ post
Nov 26. One dream - Why? Saw and used a pen.

Please note that [color=blue]free task unlocks cannot be requested anymore[/color]

I assigned you points for “See body of water” assuming you were aware of this task before going to sleep

+I’ve marked your LD as Medium length
+Since in the DJ entry for the LD you mention seeing an armchair and that subtasks was unlocked before your unlock request, I’ve added you points also for that
Please tell me in case you wish to change LD length and/or claim that subtasks (it’s your right)

As per your input, I am not awarding you any lucid points
Please always link the relevant DJ entry, it helps alot; thanks :smile:

Too bad you don’t know what’s inside the boxes you brought into the house: if it was food you already had completed a week1 task :tongue:

[color=blue][size=150]Scoreboard is updated[/size][/color]
Full list of open tasks :

In that case please remove my points for Car, since that wasn’t unlocked until after I had the dream, so I was unaware of it.

It was a short LD, by my standards. Probably about 5 mins max. :smile:
I think chair task was unlocked when I read the post last night, so that’s fine, thanks.

…Is it me or do the scores kinda look… doubled? :tongue:

One was large case of beer but since I didn’t do anything to get it apart from sign…
Was it food for party or drinks too?

As I thought @
‘bring food and beverages’ - not have an order delivered

I’ll leave the decision to you


I’ve decided to claim the points :grin:



You are right, thanks for pointing this out !
All subtasks completed are counted twice
System admins are going to fix it soon :smile:


Link to DJ
How do I link individual posts?

-Short LD
-Technique: DILD? (open to interpretation)
-Invited a DC to the party
-Saw chairs/used chair

I was hoping to go back to sleep, but I never managed it! I’ve been feeling kind of wired lately.

Btw, I assume we can only do the unlocked subtasks once each? I tried to find it in the rules, but I didn’t see it.