Lucidity failure troubleshooting

I cannot visualize myself in third person or I fall over in the visualization, any advice?

When you start entering sleep paralysis, you twitch and vibrate as it’s your brain ‘testing’ to see if your awake. If you resist or respond to these actions, your brain will know you are awake. If you stay limb, you will enter sleep paralysis.

I see my dream signs almost every night and I always either fail to realize what they are or my mind comes up with some complex reason why I have no thumb. My mind invented a whole story about my brain being hooked up to an egg shaped space ship and me being under mind control for involuntary space exploration. Seems believable the way my brain does it. I always fail reality checks either from this or because I believe I am hallucinating, I look away than look back and all is normal.

I still have not been fully sucessful, any advice?

I think affirmatiion works best

Hmm there many Lds facing visualization kind problems hey you dont need to visualize your mind create his own dream based on your thoughts or whatever you did in day you just need to watch you should practice mindfulness or watching thoughts meditation after doing these your will abe to stay aware for long time and also be able to watch the thoughts like HI in WILD just surrender

It takes time for me in the beginning i was very less conscious in my first LDs i was not applied any of technique it come to me naturally when i lucid thoughts like doing anything not comes in my mind i just flyed It was as if my subconscious was doing it on its own. I had no control. This is the first stage. As we practice, we become more and more lucid