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Hey, my names Tyler. Ive known about lucid dreaming for a year now, and Im just now beginning to try it, Im studying it real hard. Im gonna use my dreams to find answers to certain questions in my life. I hope all the pro’s here will help me and support me, Ill be sure and post whenever I have questions. But Ill read as much as I can first so I wont ask questions that are probably asked every day lol.

Also, Im on Christmas vacation right now, I have 12 days till school starts back, so Ive got all that free time to try and have a lucid dream. Would it be possible to have one that quick? Ive always been real good at remember my dreams, so maybe itll happen quick? Probably not, Ill just have to be patient.

Sure, holidays are a great time to get more serious with lucid dreaming. Particularly since you usually don’t have to get up early, and can afford more time to get more sleep. If you already have decent dream recall, then I don’t see any reason not to take advantage of the upcoming break.

If you’re looking for popular methods to try, check the range of “The BIG” topics in the Quest for Lucidity forum. And of course, feel free to ask any questions you have.

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It’s not rare for people to have their first LD the night after they hear about them. It is very possible for you to have them during 12 days of break. Try to keep a regular sleep schedule and think of starting a dream diary. You say you already remember dreams well, so that’s a big bonus. Don’t try too hard and be patient. I would suggest the WBTB method if you want to read up on a particular method.