Lucidity Institute Forum?

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Does anyone here post on the Lucidity Institute’s forum?
I guess I didn’t realize they had one until Patricia Keelin replied to a message I sent to the LI. (Perhaps LI aka Lucidity Institute should be a forum acronym?) I was quite honored to receive a reply from Keelin to the question I posed to the LI! :content:

Anyhoo, I went to the LI forum just now and clicked on the Last Week link under Discussion and relative to the ld4all forum, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of activity, even though that’s where the more, how can I say this, “documented” lucid dreamers seem to post (so I expected more posting). Keelin, for example. If you don’t know who she is: … n+lucidity

Just wondering if anyone lurks or posts there…I really only have time for one forum and ld4all is the one for me!

I’ve checked it out a few times but it seemed kinda Idk, umm…dry? I was so glad to find LD4All…Definitely the one for me too!

The LI is a great forum, though it seems to have gone very quiet lately. I think this is probably because of newer forums (such as this one) which take a more light-hearted approach and are more instantly accessible to a younger generation of lucid dreamers. The more people who post on the LI the better in my opinion as I think it needs some new people to wake things up a bit. If you post a serious question there you will get some great feedback from very experienced and long-term lucid dreamers. Its archives are an amazing source of information, so if you’re looking for info on a certain aspect of lucid dreaming, a search on this site can really come up with the goods. It also has a very good “open conversation” section, which can move pretty quickly when an interesting subject is posted.

I hope no-one thought I was putting down this forum in my last post. Both forums provide a wealth of lucid dreaming info, I was just pointing out a difference in style - this one is more colourfull and fast moving, while the LI is a bit more serious and scientifically based in my opinion. Put them together and you have an incredible resource. Apart from these two, the only other forum I regularly visit is “The lucidity board” which has been quite interesting recently.

This forum isn’t just more accessible to younger dreamers…It is definitely more fun and keeps you coming back…IMHO the other one is too serious…read boring…No offense…just my personal taste

I’ve gone there and it was booring, this forum is a lot more fun.