Lucidity Problems! Please Help

Hello everyone I have not been posting that much because I’ve been busy with LD’ing. I think I have kinda mastered this art. Almost every night I’ve been having a lucid dream. Whenever im in a dream I notice that it does not feel like real life. Or if I talk to someone I get lucid because I dont really talk to anyone in real life and I get nervous I can still talk to people tho if I know them. It really cool and I notice that sometimes I can get back into the same dream and then automaticly gain lucidity because well I remember being there. But the reason why I made this post was for my lucidity problems. I’ve kinda mastered “Getting Into a dream” But not staying into a dream. Anytime I get into a LD I think about having sex. And yeah I cant get that in real life and I’ve gotten soooo close! But if I approach a girl and Im wanting to have sex with her I notice that I get excited and I wake up. I notice when I wake up if everything starts to get blurry. So should I just explore my dreams and try to practice keeping lucidity? Last night I tried to just explore my dream and I got like 1 min into it and there was a really hot girl tempting me to go over there next to her and do your thing lol. I have done the spinning technique and it does indeed work but I notice I lose lucidity or Im just so amazed im dazed! And I’ve also tried gaining my senses I feel the ground the wall and I’ve licked the floor it tasted like salt lol. So any ideas on how to help me?

Well I can advise you to stay away from sex and hotties while lucid. Stay away from anything overly exciting. Like ya said just try and explore, and if you run into a hot girl tryin to seduce you, just tell your self your dreaming, maybe say “increase lucidity” and rube your hands some. Most importantly if you feel your getting to excited try and have a “poker face” mentality and ignore it and don’t let it spill over.