Lucidity Success!

EEEeeeepp! I’m so excited, I finally became Lucid last night after months of not being able to. Twice in fact, in the same dream. :yay:

Whilst I am very excited and I enjoyed my flight to Felixtowe immensely, what I am most gobsmacked about is that, towards the end of the dream I made a lucid decision. I then became aware that having taken that decision, I had in fact returned control of the dream to my SC! Just after I realised this I woke up so I didn’t have time to see ifI could then wrestle control back again but it was a very vivid thought the recognition that I had handed the control back to my SC through the action I took. :wow: Ah it’s just immense.

Sorry if I’m a bit in the wrong place for this or something but I wanted to crow about it somewhere. :fly: :adored:

:grin: nice.

Congratulations on the success :content:

:grin: for the full version link


Thanks Moogle :shy: I wanted to do that but I couldn’t remember how. :smile:

Congratulations on your success, its been a while since I’ve had another lucid dream :sad:

Congratulations! Keep 'em coming!

Almost the best feeling ever. The one above that is actually thinking inside the dream and then observe it, then again think about it.

I had the few moments like that, and the best one was when I was flying through my street and thinking: Damn, I’m in a dream and everything around me is so real, even more then a WL, colors, breeze, trees, everything!

Oh, congrats! I wish you many more lucid dreams!

i just have to kill this shadow guy and maybe i will get some peace…

Oh? Having issues with a reoccurring dream character?

Introduce him to us here if you wish :smile:

Thanks guys. :content:

I’m loving the ultimate baddies list. I’m gone head over there now. X