Lucidity times one thousand

I remember reading about using commands in lucid dreams on the Lucidity Institute Board, like “Lucidity X 1000” to enchance one’s dream experience (Yep, peeps. That’s the inspiration for my user name! :} ). I haven’t been able to try it yet, since I haven’t had any REAL lucid dream yet. :cry:
But I would like to hear if any of you have had any experiences with using commands in your dreams, and the results of the commands. :smile:

hey :smile:

first of all… cool new forum! I like this one better!

now what i was going to say: Ive done the command thing on LDs some times… mostly I use it to make people I want to appear, I just shout it like “I WANT THIS PERSON TO APPEAR NOW!” and they do appear, but some very few times it wont work… dont know… probably my lucidity was too low… but as for the x 1000 times thing, Ive never said it like that, I just shout “INCREASE LUCIDITY NOW!” and it works… at least in most of the times, it doesnt work for some people, but I think thats because they dont really mean it when they say it, you have to shout it and get almost like angry… you have to be completely sure it will happen in order to happen… but I can assure you that this command things on LDs are great, and works very good, you just have to really believe what you say… thats all :smile:

happy LDing

The command thing is great. I say commands like a magician explaining a trick to his audience :razz: . I don’t know why, but it works.

What always works for me when I want to increase the vividness of my lucid dream is to yell “increase clarity now” (hence my name) :happy:

Last night i had a killer LD, easily the best i’ve had, and I remembered to try the “Lucidity x1000” command, it worked! It made everything much brigher, and I thought, “Damn! I thought it looked real before!”
:smile: :smile: :smile:

Tonight when my LD started to fade out i yelled lucidityx1000 but it didn’t work. By now everything was all black and i yelled out lucidityx1 millon and i was thrown back into the dream and it was much more real than before. I even got to see myself in a mirror and i looked mostly normal only that one eye was higher up that the other :crazy: .

Can’t believe that it worked when everything was all black. I think i might even have said it IRL because i was so close to waking up.

The reason why commands seem to work easily in a dream, is because when you speak them out loudly, your mind will react in association with waking life experiences. When you command something irl, you expect an appropriate reaction. It’s this mental expectation after shouting a command, which causes the dream world to reshape itself in accordance to your command/expectation. It can do this because the whole dream world is extremely sensitive to thoughts. It’s not the spoon that’s bent, it’s you :wink:

yes and no. General voice commands like “increase lucidity” do work but when i use an Xfactor i have to becareful.

10/100 seems to work but once when i said 1000 i started to wake up instead (although i may have spoke out loud in RL causing me to be disturbed?)

But generally those types of commands work, though i’ve never tried it on a person.

Struth, nearly 2 year old thread.

You know those “increase lucidity” commands you do in dreams? Well they work IRL too. Well to an extent. Once when I was tired and had a job to do and needed energy I yelled softly “increase energy” and it worked! For a while. Another to try is “increase alertness”. I wonder what others work? I guess anything will work as long as you believe it. That’s the trouble, knowing your awake tends to limit the imagination.

I think that almost anything will work if you expect it to work. The first time I tried lucidity x1000 I was not sure it would really work and it didn’t. The second time I tried it I expected it to work and it did. I think that if I believed that turning around 3x and throwing salt over my shoulder would increase lucidity it would. Maybe I’ll try something like that as an experiment. Pick something that is in no way related to current techniques and just expect it to work and see what happens.

If excpectation is so powerful, I expect I’ll have a lucid dream tonight. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.