Lucidity via Computer Games

I would like to present a new method for getting lucid in dreams which (according to preliminary tests) appears to be quite powerful and (which is one of its strongest points) fun.

Short history

One guy (lets call him Albert) who works at some Russian univercity had a coversation with a student who was worried that his dreams becamevery strange lately: very vivid and in half of cases he knew he was dreaming. Apparently, the student was unaware about phenomenon of Lucid Dreaming but Albert did. He investigated this issue, and it was found that the student is hardcore gamer, and his strange dreams started after a day when he was trying to complete hard level of Doom 3 with Russian sounds. At some point woman’s voice was saying: “Life is just a dream”. As the level was hard he had to listen to it multiple times. Combining with intense gameplay, it seems that this suggestions struck his subconscious mind.

So Albert and other fellow dreamers made some research, did some experiments, shaped the method, and now you can also try it.

The method

You will need next things:

  • Mp3 player with voice recorder
  • Headphones
  • Some 3D-game. Personally I used Painkiller.
    When you have aforementioned things, you need to record several sentences which would indicate that you are dreaming. You should talk confident and maybe little aggressive. Here is a list of some sentences you can use:
    It may be worth to separate sentences with 5 or so seconds of silence.

As soon as you have recorded it, you are ready to start the training itself, which is actually consist of playing chosen game and hearing to recorded suggestions at the same time.

After some time you may found that you are perceiving the game as a dream (hard to explain). This feeling is what we need. In this moments if game allows (no scary monsters around) you should try to enjoy the game as it was a dream: for example, just look and walk around, enjoy sights and buildings.

How it works

First, 3D computer game is very close to a dream. We have here “unreal” environment, the plot which is similar to dream plot and within which gamer/dreamers acts. So the idea is that if we implant the suggestion that this is a dream, and suggestions about what do we need to do in a dream, there is a big chance it will work for actual dreams as well.

Second, the intense gameplay when you, say, killing hundreds of monsters at fast rate, provide trance-like state when all this suggestions easily slip to subconsciousness.


Recommended schedule is a week of “training” (from hour to three daily, maybe even more - depends on how much time is your disposal), a week of rest.


Hopefully, it will be usefull for someone. If you try this method, please write hear your experience: how you dreams and recall are changing, if you were able to get lucid and so forth.

P.S. I’ve had successfully tried this tech for a week (currently doing second one) but I would like not to spoil and form expections for now.

Sounds good. I don’t like listening to my own voice but i got a clip with a calm voice saying things like “I am aware that i’m dreaming”. I’m gonna put that on repeat the next time i play Prototype :smile: I already had a LD about prototype once so i think i will get some results, will post if i succeed.

The more games I play the more I tend to dream about them. This is actually not a bad idea. I’m gonna try this the next time I play Okami (which is already a pretty dreamy game) or Zelda or something.

Now I play the game black&white like 5 hours a day and it entred to my dream ! I like your method!

Well, if you can afford five hours for gaming, you definitively should try this method - than if you are asked what yer doing, you can answer: “I am training!” :happy:.


I just set up a ps3 playlist (some games let you play your own songs in the background) with songs and short clips of a computer generated voice telling me its a dream.

I am using the messages:
“this is a dream”
“is this real or not?”
“do a reality check”
“break the illusion”
“this is slumberland” (I am a winsor mccay fan…)

I will post if it works or not. And thank you for posting this here, its a good idea that is just crazy enough to work.

Wait what’s funny? lol

I should try this method. I’ll play Zelda.

I was listening to a voice saying “I am aware that i’m dreaming” for only 30 minutes yesterday while playing day of defeat and prototype and tonight i remembered:

One LD that had nothing to do with those games.
2 ND’s, one was about some randon stuff that i remember that i dreamed about 5 years ago aswell. And the other one was about doom, I’ve never played doom before but i dreamed about it :razz: just from reading your text i guess.

Not sure how much listening to the voice helped but i will do it today again while playing.

Your guide’s very well written. I agree with some of your points such as the recorded suggestions and the ‘‘unreal’’ environment. I think it should work since there’s also been a research on computer games improving spatial skills and acting as an alternative source of meditation to improve self-awareness which is beneficial for recognizing dreamsigns. I’ll try this method and see how it goes. Thanks. :smile:

Well, LDs from this method themselves are not bound to have something to do with games. The idea is that you are using common similarities between game evironment and dream environment.

I’ve got two weeks school, and then a holiday. I’ll have plenty of time to play games then. Halo ODST should bring enough stress, solo on Legendary.
Don’t forget to stop gaming half an hour before going to bed, or else you won’t make enough melatonin!

I have had a few dreams were I dreamt about games, but usually it would be natural that it’s unnatural, and therefore I wouldn’t bother checking reality…