First of all this is a great site. I have had LD and SP before, and didn’t know about them. I have a question about LD. In most of my LD I had before, all the people around me are not talking. They are just standing there or sitting there. I was able to change faces of people, but the people in my dream wont move or speak. And most of the LD dream I had,I feel that they only last about few seconds to 20seconds max. Is this normal? how can i make the people speak and act normally?

About SP: I had a few SP before. In the SP, I first float to the ceilling, then falls down. then wake up and found myself unable to move. normal?

SP: yep thats normal i had it 2 nights in a row before i even got into LD

This is all pretty normal stuff. If you want people in your dreams to behave normally, try telling them to do so. If you can change their faces, changing their behavior won’t be difficult at all. Just remember that they’re really just fabrications of your dreaming brain…compilations or rehashes of old memories, if you will.

If you want your dreams to last longer, try some of the techniques described on this site and others. In my first LD, I tried stabilizing through spinning, and that didn’t work. In my second one (a much more interesting, vivid, and controllable one), I tried palm-rubbing and examining things around me. This worked perfectly–everything stopped turning black, and I prolonged the dream by another few minutes.

Ok. thanks for the help. I will try WIlD technique today when i go to sleep.