So when I woke up at 2:00 am and thought I would do some MILD. I repeated " The next time I’m dreaming, I will realize that I’m dreaming" until I was almost asleep and I thought my mind had gotten the point. A long with this I did some visualization. Then towards the end of my dream I rescued a butler and he turned to me and said “for this I owe you a reward… You’re actually dreaming” then he walked off. My mind then clicked , the dream faded a bit but I could feel my arms and torso become normal weight. I then thought to myself " Now to do a couple of reality checks and rub my hands together"… but then the dream ended. I could still remember the sensation that went through me when I woke up .I was just wondering was I at a very low level of lucidity?, or was it a fake lucid dream?. Either way I take it as a success :tongue:

You knew you were dreaming, right? Then that was an LD. You remembered to RC and rub your hands, so it also doesn’t sound like very low lucidity. Next time, if you already know you are dreaming you might skip regular RC’s and begin rubbing your hands or doing some exercise while telling yourself that you are dreaming. It is very important for the start of lucidity that you anchor yourself in the dream by activation as many sensations as possible. Don’t worry, in time it will become easier. Congratulations!

Wow, your DC`s are way better than mine, aware or not, they never tell me! xD

Problem is I never got the chance to perform a RC or rub my hands together, the thoughts kind of just entered my mind. It was very short and so I didn’t really get the chance to do anything except feel this sensation when I was told by a DC that I was dreaming. I didn’t get over excited so I don’t think that caused the dream to end. Either way it’s a success to me haha :tongue:

Haha, I was pretty stoked, but this was a first. They sometimes talk about Lucid Dreaming , which annoys me because I usually don’t get the message haha :tongue:

Even if you feel calm, early LD’s can fade away very quicly. As you get used to being lucid, you’ll find it easier and easier to get control and stability in your dreams.

Well I’m pretty stoked then :content: , because from what I’ve read after you’'ve had your first LD, having LD’s gets easier :tongue: