lucidly experiencing non-lucidity

ok, this dream was trippy even for me, but i’m interested to see what any of y’all think or if you’ve experienced something similar

in my dream i was in a level in a video game i’ve been playing (ssx tricky on the gamecube) and i became lucid and took off flying, but it was different, it was like i had two identical bodies. one body was the lucid me, but the other was the non-lucid me.

my consciousness was lucid but it kept switching from the lucid body (where i would take off and fly) to the non-lucid body where i would be on a snow board and grind rails as if i were a character in the video game, and my consciousness switched back and forth several times

and even when i was in the non-lucid dream body, my consciousness still knew that i was dreaming but it was an observer only, and i could lucidly experience non-lucidity.

it was really weird, can anybody relate to this/offer any theories as to what was going on?

Ive had an experience similar to that. I wasn’t lucid but I’ve had games where I was playing a board game like Warhammer Quest and was the PIECE I was playing as well. Similar experiences where I was playing a video game in my dreams AND the character in the game at the same time. In neither case was I lucid but I had the whole split consciousness thing going on.

hmm i have had a lot of the things you are talking about but as for any ideas?? nope i am all out too :eek: