LucidRemix Edited Edition

I took the normal LucidRemix and I added one hour of silence. I know many people trying the LucidRemix are having problems falling asleep to the voice, so with this you have one hour before the voice kicks in.

The file is Bzip compressed to 33mb and 56mb in uncompressed size.

Here’s a repack with three versions, silence swtiched to binaural beats from bwgen instead. Try this one if the silence isn’t working.


Thanks soooo much dude. I was going to ask someone to make this, but you did it before I even got the chance!

Tip: If you have a slow connection, and don’t want to download the file all over again, you can dl Audacity and add the silence yourself :wink: (Audacity is around 5megs.

I don’t know why I didnt think about this! I’ve used this mp3 for about three days now wondering why I couldn’t fall asleep like I normally do. Thank you!

Alternatively, you could stick a bwgen file in front of the LucidRemix file. You could have the bwgen file playing for about an hour before the LucidRemix file.

That is, if your brain is good with that entrainment thing. Mine isn’t for some reason…

I made this for myself, and I happened to have no fully working earphones (All my earphones had only one speaker working each) so binaural beats wouldn’t work. Good to see someone using this one though :happy:

I’m gonna make some new “editions” with binaural beats and stuff. Should I post them in this thread or make a new one? :confused:

Here ya go:
Read more on the first post.


Crakasteven have you tried to right click - open with - iTunes? That might work. I like the idea, thanks.