The BIG Brainwave Generator topic part III

[b] Part I can be found Here Part II can be found Here

I did try to create it. I don’t know how effective it will be, but it should be easier to sleep with… Because the swooshing sound (brown noise) found in n12 was great to sleep to, very relaxing for me.

:cool_laugh: i agree this is the best preset yet, altho i would like to try the one you made kent, the first 15 mins of it completely knocked me out while i was still at the computer altho i was dreaming i was still on my computer i noticed that i was sleeping when my fingers started going further and further through the keyboard and i relise i’m dreaming! i get excited and almost break the dream but i ammediatly remember to spin so i spun around in the chair IT WORKED! so i tred putting my hand thru the moniter/cpu and watched as relity was melting away into a dream around my hand i felt a really icy sensation along with some tingeling while my hand and arm was submerged wich spooked me and i wake up or atleast i thought i woke up i was still dreaming then i stood up and fell through the floor then i really wake up and was like WHOA! did that just happen??? afterwards i had a strange OOBE that felt like i was being ripped through a invisibal tunnel by body felt a huge accelerated motin as i was slideing down a long tube then it was like a sudden stop with a realy shrill sharp sound i cant realy described but it hurt my ears after that i started floating upward slightly outside my body watching myself i snapped back to reality but i couldnt move and i couldnt breath or feel a heartbeat i seriously freek me out that preset has HUGE potential!! :cool_laugh:

that brainwave generator thing is kinda dumb its way too complicated they need to keep it simple and all the sounds should be free

complicated? ha! if you want to talk about complicated try lightwave 3d, bwgen is easy to use and even make your own modified versions of presets or start from scratch this program is a mirical its my life and joy and it IS free if you know about cracks :smile: it just takes a bit of getting used to but dont diss it if you havent tried it or for the simple fact you think you have to pay them for it because you dont.

I didn’t have much time to listen to my preset because of a storm this night.
But I’ll try it again. If it’s useful, I’ll upload it to

:lol: + :happy: @ |-|ÿpÑØ

I did a mistake in my experimental preset - the beta spike thing was too short in mine… In the “ld test” preset it’s 90 minutes long. So I changed it also now… I’ll try again tonight.

Edit: My preset didn’t do anything special for me… Later in the night I switched back to the original LD test. Still no LD…

hey sorry i dont wanna read ALL THIS stuf,but
1.what program i need here??
2.this sounds are *bwg what program i need to heer them???
oh sorry forgot about Brain Wave Generator…
sorry downloading…

I think i tried a while ago, and i needed to pay money tobe able to dl presets or whatever, is that still true? Or can you dl a registered version from like kazaa or what?

You need Brainwave Generator. Go to
It’s an interesting program and concept…

I had a dream with my preset - which sounded very sea-like - and the dream characters talked about the sea. Didn’t go lucid.

Tonight I’ll try the original once more but with my voice saying it is a dream… like somebody posted on, he did this and he got 10 LD’s in one night. Don’t know if that’s even possible but I sure want to try!

I know that, I dled it before, i think i still have it, but i seem to remember that when i tried to play the presets I dled it said that i need to register it or something. Am i remembering wrong? :confused:

i cnnot import sounds,and the crack dosent work :sad:

oh,sorry now it works :happy:

No you aren’t doing anything wrong. We’ve talked about registration on this thread before… including other things which can be done. Including somebody tried to rename the builtin presets I think - try rereading the thread if that’s there…

if i put this on an wave file,and put it on an CD,i will have the same results?? i mean i play it in an disc man and put REPEAT on??
oh and i hear weird voices?? is it normal??

You still have to use Brainwave Generator to create a wave file for a preset.

Then I usually convert to a vbr mp3 (max 160kbps and min 32) for writing to a writeable CD which I then play on my mp3 cd player.
However you can use the wav file straight as an audio cd but you’ll be limited to a smaller length…
BTW cracks tend to specific to versions, and a ‘crack’ could be virus infected so do scan for viruses if you’re going to go that route.

Yes,but i hear only somtihng like that:

hope you know what i mean…

The sounds vary according to the preset.
For example Ed Case’s no 12 preset sounds like waves.

:lol: This thread seams to have suddenly become rather bizarre.

well,evrything sounds a litle like waves :wink: can you give me more examples please :help: i want to know that my sound card works corectly with this :sad:

I agree…

Just to clarify, the no 12 preset sounds like waves swooshing back and forth… hope that’s clear enough for worm.