Brainwave Generator-Part II

I’ll try them - because I don’t seem to be responding to the laberge interview any more… perhaps I’m fed up of it, who knows?

Nothings ever straighforward with Lucid Dreaming is it! One minute a technique works, then it doesn’t. It’s like that technique I thought I’d found, it only worked once!



Hey, I’ve just had an idea! Maybe I could create a preset with 3 different frequencies!

I was thinking, maybe a higher Alpha frequency, like 10.6 for example, and then 7Hz Theta (Astral Projection) and then something lower like 4.5 or 3.9?

I could have them all happen gradually, for example, the first frequency could start at 15, slide down to 10.6, then the second frequency could come in at 10.6 but at a different carrier tone, and slide down to 7, then the third frequency could come in at 7 at a different carrier tone and slide down further.



I tried no 3 twice - once in an afternoon nap. I almost dozed off but no LD’s…
Then at night I listened to it and slept for more than an hour, but I had no LD’s…

Then I switched back to the laberge interview for most of the night and had some dreams - particularly one with Schwarzenegger as some secret agent.
I woke up and decided to remove the earphones. I dreamt a nightmare then… and instead of becoming lucid, when a zombie attacked me, I woke up instead.

LOL, I’m sorry Clark, I didn’t mean to give you nightmares!



Do you have to spend $40 to buy the bwg and then get your files?

Thx :cool_laugh:

I just tried my latest preset, titled “Alpha + Theta (Lucid Dreams)”.

Here was the set up:

Contains 3 seperate frequencies.
1 sweeps from 15Hz down to 10.6Hz (“Relaxed & Alert”)
2 fades in at 10.6Hz, and then sweeps down to 7Hz (“Astral Projection”)
3 fades in at 7Hz, and then sweeps down to 3.9Hz (“Lucid Dreams”)

Also, I’d just like to add, that frequencies 2 & 3 have constant pitches of 200Hz and 100Hz respectively, and while their frequencies are going down, frequency 1’s carrier keeps sweeping downwards to 300Hz (even though the frequency stays the same).

Funnily enough, I gave up and stopped listening to it when the third frequency was at 4Hz, just before it had got down to 3.9Hz. Maybe I need to shorten the time of it, because I really thought it had long since got down to the lowest.

Anyway, the state it put me into was like this: It made my body almost completely relaxed, but my mind felt like it was 100% alert. This is an interesting result, because that’s kind of within the region of what I want to achieve. The only problem was, no images or dreamlike thoughts or anything like that.

So, I think I’ll modify the frequencies a little, and shorten the time slightly. I was thinking, maybe towards the end of the preset, the 10.6 could move down a little? Maybe down to 9.8Hz (the bottom of the Alpha range labelled “Alertness”)? Also, instead of 7Hz and 3.9Hz, I might choose 6.5Hz and 4.5Hz, which are the two ends of the “Wakeful Dreaming” part of Theta.

Onward and upward…



It’s ok, it wasn’t your fault. At least I don’t think it was the preset’s fault.
I tried no 2 this afternoon when I tried to take a brief nap, but I couldn’t sleep.

I had a lucid dream last night. If you’d like to read about it, please go to my newly-created dream diary: [url]]

:happy: :angel_fly:


I modified Ed’s Conscious Theta Experience 2 over the last day or so, and I sat down to use it for the first time today. It worked wonders for my dream recall, I was able to recall and record 6 of my dreams. That’s more than I’ve ever recalled before.

All I really did to the preset was change the audible tones to a lower, more pleasing frequency and added a Schuman Resonance voice. That and I changed the 13hz voice to sweep up and down between 13 and 8.

I tried Dream Experience 1.4.1 once more this night and had an odd dream where I woke up to record a Stargate SG-1 episode. It seems that whenever I use Dream Experience I get a Stargate dream…

Hey, austizmo, would you possibly be able to upload your modified preset? I’d certainly be interested in trying it out myself.




No problem Ed. … dified.bwg

That link should work. If it doesn’t let me know and I’ll see about getting it uploaded elsewhere.

Yeah, thanks, the link works fine.

Hey, I’ve just realise, this was one that I made ages ago! :happy:


Well I just now registered Bwgen, so I have onyl started to explore the presets. I tried this again today after being awake for about 4 hours, and I was able to recall 4 dreams in their entirety and 1 in bits and pieces.

Cool, which preset did you use?

The one I posted a link to in a former post. It’s an altered version of Ed’s Conscious Theta Experience 2.

There’s a new LD preset on Sounds promising -it’s with spikes of beta waves…

Hey thanks! I don’t exactly have the time to check all sites I visit for updates! It does look promising, according to the 3 comments below.

I had an LD using this. I even had an FA.
I want to try to mix Ed’s no 12 preset with beta spikes. to see what happens…

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