Brainwave Generator-Part II

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ah thanks :smile:

This night I slept listening to no 12 and when I woke up later, I tried to WILD while listening to no 19. It didn’t seem to do much for me not just because I didn’t feel vibrations (I don’t put emphasis on that) but while counting I slept and was not aware I was dreaming… So it was not effective this time as the other days. Perhaps I need to try another technique (Holy Grail/my voice/somebody’s voice etc), or try the new updated Dream Experience if I can get the author to send that to me.

I’ve uploaded another one, Lucid Noise. This is just like WILD Helper 12 but with constant noise instead of the wave effect. I’m going to try it myself tonight.


I slept while listening to Dream Experience 1.6.2. It was interesting in the effects. I did sleep somewhat later than usual, then I woke up a few hours later without having dreamt anything - I suppose I had only delta sleep so far. Then I tried to WILD and I dropped asleep (still listening). My dreams were somewhat weird (involving a Stargate SG-1 dream which involved not so much sex as a little masturbation…) and I’ll write them down in my dream diary. But no LD’s.

Tonight I’ll try your new preset, Ed…

I listened to Ed’s Lucid Noise preset, after I woke up during the night.

The effect on my dreams was… interesting. I’ll write about the dreams I had in my dream diary. But I didn’t go lucid. I woke up some minutes ago and I’m posting now, but I might go back to bed some time later for a morning ‘nap’, hoping to lucid dream.

A worrying thing has happened to me now. Suddenly my presets have pretty much stopped working on me. I just lie there completely awake and nothing happens. It’s really weird, because I thought I’d finally found a method of constructing presets which worked all the time for me.

The main thing I notice is that I’m not feeling relaxed as much as I used to at the beginning, in the 12Hz period.

Maybe I need to completely rethink my approach to preset design? Maybe I need to start from slightly higher like I used to, like maybe 15Hz? Also, maybe I should abandon the idea of constant pitch, and have the pitch change with the frequency, like the default is set to automatically? Maybe the tone is too quiet?

The thing is, back when I did used to sweep down from higher, it was usually 20Hz, and I started to find this not very effective sometimes, but maybe it was because it was TOO high? I mean, the help file says that 20Hz is our frequency when fully alert, but now I’m thinking that maybe once you’re lying down on a bed it’s lower than that. If you start a new preset, it automatically sets the starting point at 15Hz for you.

So maybe I could have just 1 or 2 minutes at 15Hz just to give me time to get settled in my position, and then sweep down from there?

What do you think Clark? Let me know what you think. I’d still like to keep trying to create LD presets, and maybe I could somehow make more effective versions of some of the ones I’ve already created.


I’ll try to closer look etc and I’ll try to post some suggestion/s…

Meanwhile the first dream I had with Lucid Noise was a very sexy dream… all about sex in fact. I don’t know if it was the cause, but it could be.

I wonder if anyone had similar results with the same preset?

Thanks for the help.



Lucid Noise stopped working for me too…

I don’t know what I’ll try tonight… we’ll see…

I’ve come across a better way for creating my presets in general, and it seams to entrain my brain better. 2 mins of 15Hz to get settled in my position, then a long sweep down from 15 to whatever frequency, with the carrier tone set to go down with it (how it’s set by default), with the tone at 50% volume and pink noise at 50% volume, playing the preset fairly quietly.

I’m currently thinking of a new design for a LD preset (I simply refuse to give up), thinking of maybe focussing it around the 4.5 to 6.5 frequency range, which is labelled on the frequency listing as “wakeful dreaming, vivid images”. I’m thinking maybe along the lines of something which slowly goes down to this, and then the pink noise fades out and the tone keeps going indefinately going between 4.5 and 6.5. That’s my idea anyway, we’ll see what happens…

But as a side note, a different preset I recently made which was based on Lucid Noise but updated to my new style, which was called Lucid Sweep, I fell asleep listening to that around 1am last night, and suddenly dreamed that one of my parents came into my room saying something like, “Why are you wasting time listening to Brainwave Generator when you should be asleep?” and this suddenly woke me up and I realised nobody was there.



That’s great, Ed. I’d like to download that…

I’ll have a look at your download area then…
I’ll try that Lucid Sweep… it’s probably interesting…

Okay, check it out now.



Okay, I’ve also now just uploaded another one which I’ve just done. It’s called Wakeful Dreaming Frequencies, Experiment 1.

It has a nice slow sweep from 15Hz down to 4.5Hz, with a pink noise background. Then, over a 10 minute period, the noise gradually fades out, and then the frequency moves continuously between 4.5 and 6.5.

I’m just doing these whenever the idea comes to me. I’ll probably make adjustments to this once I’ve tried it myself. For example, I’m not sure yet about the carrier tone still altering with the frequency once it’s got down to 4.5Hz. I might set it so that once it’s down there, the carrier tone stays the same while the frequency is going back and forth (because the change in tone could wake you up again, although saying that, that might be the desired result?). I’ll leave it how it is for now though, and see what happens when I try it.




dances round the room in a fit of joy


Now, before we all open the champaigne (sp?) and celebrate, I’d just like to point out that it almost seams like a freak happening, and I don’t know if it was caused by my preset or even whether I’ll be able to do it again soon. But here’s what happened…

I took a Vitamin B Complex, and then went to sleep about 11:30pm. I then woke up by my watch alarm at 4:30am. I then listened to my new Wakeful Dreaming Experiment 1 preset. I fell asleep listening to this, but then I woke up once my brain realised that it sounded different because the pink noise had faded out.

So I decided to switch my computer off, and went back to bed and put my ear plugs in (so that if I did dream, I wouldn’t be woken up by other sounds). Then, as I was drifting off, I interrupted my falling-asleep-process several times with the question, “Am I dreaming?”

Then the next thing I know, I had what I now know to be a false awakening, where I woke and thought I had taken my ear plugs out in my sleep. I then felt like I was on the bordering state with sleep (even though I now know I was actually asleep and dreaming all this), so I decided to imagine a visual scene. I decided to imagine that I was stood looking out my window.

Next thing I know, I’m stood at my window looking out, and I know it’s a dream immediately because everything looks totally different out there. It was a fantastic scene! At first the sky was bright red and purple like the craziest sunset you’ve ever seen. Then, as I focussed on a different part of the scene, it changed to a summer day, and it was so beautiful. The scene was coming in and out of focus before my eyes, and buildings were forming in place as I looked at them. Lovely big country mansions in green fields.

then I had thoughts of sex, even though I wasn’t in the mood for it at all. Then my memory of my dream becomes a bit blurry from this point on. A naked woman appeared, but my “equipment” (down there) wouldn’t work, because I just quite clearly wasn’t in the mood at all.

Then I think I had another false awakening, but I’m not sure. Or I dreamed that I almost awoke or something. Anyway, somehow I managed to get myself back into a lucid dream, and this time I was sat on my bedroom floor, with my dad sat to my right and the naked girl sat to my left. She kept feeling me - at my request oddly enough, because I just wasn’t in the mood at all.

Then I woke up to find my ear plugs were still in.

Now, I’m not entirely certain what part of what I did caused my lucid dream, or whether it was the strange combination of everything. I wonder whether my brain being taken down to those frequencies beforehand did something to help, I don’t know. I just wanted to record here that a lucid dream did happen, and these were the conditions it happened under. Brainwave Generator was part of the process, but whether it was an active part, I really don’t know.

It’s definately true what they say though, you do get an extatic rush when you realise that you’re lucid dreaming. The weird thing was, I didn’t even need to do any reality checks. I just somehow knew that once something strange happened that I was dreaming. I didn’t even go through those thought processes, I just knew straight away.

The whole thing was worth it just for that wonderful scene that unfolded outside my window while I looked on. I’ve never seen anything like it in my whole life, and I can’t even remember it properely, but it was all worth it because I can remember exactly what it felt like to look at it.

Now I’m really not sure where to go next with this, because I don’t know whether my preset worked or failed, because I can’t honestly tell you how this happened. I don’t know whether to repeat the exact same process again next time, or whether to abandon the presets or to update them or what. I really don’t know.

Perhaps I should try the exact same thing next time and see what happens then. Then I’ll know whether or not this was just a complete fluke.

OR, maybe I could modifity it so that it purposefully wakes my up once it has taken me down to 4.5Hz? Maybe that’s the key? Maybe going down there briefly helps to have a lucid dream if you then fall asleep afterwards? I don’t know. Clark, could you please test this one out in the same I did and report back? I’d be really grateful if you could. Sleep for 5 hours, wake up, listen to it, then if you wake up while listening to it, go back to sleep and say to your self at odd broken intervals, “Am I dreaming?” See if it works.



Ok, Ed, I’ll try it out…

Sounds promising!

This night as I wrote in my dream diary I tried a recording of my voice telling my I’m dreaming, but I had weird dreams but no lucidity!

What? Don’t I get a round of applause for going lucid?! :clap:
Mr Clark “So what, look at me, I’ve had 3 already this month” Kent! :puh:

(just kidding)



Sorry about that! :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh:


Guess I was concentrating too much on LDing so I might remember to check while I’m dreaming…

Now worries mate.



It didn’t work… Instead I dreamt about someone shitting in his pants! :sad:

I think tonight I’ll try to hear my voice instead in a recording telling me I’m dreaming… throughout the whole night…