Brainwave Generator

does anybody use brainwave generator to induce LDs? does it work?

Are you talking about an actual device you can buy, or generally about things that are EM field generators?

I’ve tried it a couple of times with the “sleep induction” mode. It didn’t have any effect.

Its a pc program that plays different frequensies to make you relaxed, induce trance state and such.

Forgot the url but just search for it on google.

I have tried it once, it made me a little relaxed but didnt manage to have a wild or anything.
It’s a demo, and you can’t import homemade presets, but uhm, i’ve got a little crack if anyone’s interested :smile:
Use the crack to test it, and if it works for you, and you like it, then buy the software.

i use the demo version… but unfortunately i cnat figure out how to turn off 3d sound so i get a little bit of left noise in the right and visa versa… stupid computer… but none the less i would like to use the registered version hint hint if you feel like helping me out with that

Crack you can find on

What does the Brian wave generator do? I took the time to download it and use it, but i dont understand? What happens next? It had some weird sounds too. :wow:

anyone know where i can download a version of brainwave generator that’s less than 3.1.9?

There are lucid dreaming presets on Have you folks tried them?

Nice “disclaimer.” Sure… we’ll buy it… :wink:

It is supposed to change your brainwave patterns by listening to this sounds. Supposed to help you sleep, wild, meditate or even induce drug like experiences, depending on preset. I personally have not gotten any special effects from any of this presets except for one.

Wow! I havent seen this thread since i respond to it, like ages ago. Thanks Tomas :content: , yet chat already helped me on this one, you probably told me :tongue: For the record, it hasnt worked yet for me, im not sure about these generators :eh: I remember doing an experiment on Apex Twin, it was an old thread, this artist supposedly uses brainwave generator to create hs sounds for his music. I listen to the cd like every night b/f i went to sleep, but no results :sad:

Did you install any of the presets from the website (
I’m not referring to the built-in presets…

[b]if you guys want the crack, go to but not unless you want to be bombarded with porn popups (it does that sometimes) I’m not responsible if you download it, and I do not condone it.

The built-in presets seem to do nothing, but the people here seem to be trying new stuff all the time, to come up with ones that work. Some people there claim that they had their first lucid dream or OBE by listening to the presets overnight with headphones on. I was going to experiment with this last night but didn’t end up doing it because I stayed up all night hanging out with a friend of mine.

If you really don’t want to dl the crack, an easy way to cheat the software is to just rename the “Presets.bwg” file in the Bwgen directory to something else, download a preset you want, and then name that one “Presets.bwg”. The program will read from whatever file is named “Presets.bwg”.[/b]

Yep, tried the Euphoria Tester III, lsd, dentist and so on… No effect at all from any of those, except for the dentist one, which actually made my teeth hurt :eek: <---- dentist preset

I can’t validate the usefulness of some of the presets (particularly those boasting effects comparable to certain illicit drugs), but I do think some people are expecting a little too much. The concept isn’t an astounding breakthrough in neurology – it’s just a simply program that plays sounds at various (often changing) frequencies in an attempt to influence your own mind’s binaural rhythm. In particular, the ‘relaxation’ presets involve a slowly-decreasing frequency, which over 10 or 15 minutes can actually slow your own mind down from its usual Beta pattern (14+ cycles per second) to a more relaxed Alpha pattern (8-13 cycles).

Inversely, presets such as “Lucid Dreaming” work to enhance your mind from Theta (4-7 cycles per second, light sleep) up to a hopefully provoking Alpha range, and hence might kick-start your mind into a state of consciousness.

It’s simple, but it works for what it was designed to do.

I’ve never managed to have a lucid dream with Brainwave Generator, but I do use it a lot for general relaxation. I’ve created lots of presets myself, and have learned a lot through experimenting on myself. My two favourite presets are one that goes all the way down to 5Hz theta, and anther one which goes down to 10hz alpha (which stimulates the production of serotonin).

I’ve never actually got round to trying out one of those ones that you listen to all night to get a LD. Especially since when I was first using this a lot I had a job, and felt I didn’t want to mess with my sleep too much. Now I am unemployed, so maybe this is a good time for experimenting more?

Maybe tonight I’ll download the one with the most positive user comments on the site, and try it out tonight, just to see what happens. It must be possible, since it’s all to do with altering your state of conciousness. Presumably the idea is to try to raise your conciousness slightly when you are asleep, maybe making you more concious during a dream experience?

It’s definately worth a shot anyway.



This afternoon I tried the Lucid dreaming Audiostrobe preset which was quite ok to listen to for 30minutes. Perhaps you could try this one instead of the longer ones…

[b]For all interested, just yesterday I decided that I’m going to try to experiment nightly as much as I can, using the best rated presets from the bwgen site. If you are interested in reading the log of all experiments, you can read about it in the “Brainwave Generator Experiments” thread in my astral society journal, by clicking here

Right now I’m working with Tommi’s Vibration Starter. So far it really DID work, induced the vibes easily, (I wasn’t even focusing on anything or paying attention) but last night when I tried it didn’t work too well, due to a bad night of sleep, and being woken up many times.[/b]