Binaural Beats part IV

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Okay, I’m a total and complete newbie when it comes to Bwgen. I don’t know much about it, other than the fact that it uses binaural beats to induce lucid dreaming and other (in lack of a better word)…brain experiences. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I mean, part of me’s excited about trying it, because it sounds interesting… But another part of me’s a little worried, too, because I’m not sure if I want something to mess with the way my brain works. It seems a little weird. Also, I’ve got a little bit of a phobia of HH and SP, and I don’t want to use anything that would induce that.

Also, I’m not all sure what it does. I don’t know what all these “states” your brain goes into are, like Theta and Beta or whatever. I also have no clue about all these weird frequencies you guys are talking about…what’s a hz? I’d really appreciate it if someone could help clear this up a little.

Sorry, I know this was a really newbie-ish post, but I’m curious!

lol, awr it’s ok dude! We were all newbies at one point or another. basically a Hz is the symbol for the word Hertz, this is the unit of measurement of a frequency. A frequency is a designated term to describe anything that has a number of events in a short space of time. or ‘How frequent’ this event is. such as a vibration, a vibration is an event that, when combined with many vibrations, it becomes frequent, and this is defined as the frequency when measured. The sound you hear when you listen to BWGen are a series of vibrations being sent out at a specific rate, or frequency. Your mind’s brainwaves operate on a certain frequency depending on what state of mind or mood you are in, these brainwaves can be altered by listening to BWGen - this is because your mind’s brainwaves are drawn to the frequency you are currently listening to.

I hope i have helped!

Could anyone please supply me with a link to a Brain Wave Generator?

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yer i got one for.

Buy it its less then 30 bucks. you can download NP2 for free but cant make your own. buy np2 its cheap as well. nd worth it.

What is NP2?

I couldn’t really understand your post, sorry.

Thanks! But what exactly does it do? Does anyone have any personal experiences with any of the files? I want to hear from others about it before I try it myself.

neuroprogrammer 2 a bineural beat programm

I certainly don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade here, but I have tried every preset on the Brain wave generator, and to me they all do the exact same thing, and that is to make me relaxed, drowsy or put me to sleep.
That’s all they do that. The inventors of the presets whether they’re built in or not, are designed by exaggerators and praised by easily swayed suckers.
There is no such thing as a BWGEN preset that can induce a lucid dream or an OBE.
The makers of these presets are mostly liars.

Maybe they don’t work for everyone. Not everything has the same effect for everyone, after all.

Personally, BWGen doesn’t do much good for me. I’m always extremely tired and lethargic for like 25 hours after listening to a preset… But if people are having success with it, why not let them use it?

Simple creative destruction concept. If it didn’t work, then no one would endorse it, and so it would eventually destroy itself.

Does anyone have advice on setting an audible pitch when you do a preset?

i heard that listening to binaural beats is a great way of inducing LD’s. Does any1 have any links that will give me free binaural beats. plz help me out!

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anybody use brain wave generators to help LD s or Meditation?

I’ve used it to meditate, worked great :smile: It’s definitely worth a try.

cool me too

how do you think it could help in an LD or for DR?

I’ll tell you when I get an LD :razz:

Seriously, this forum has a few discussions on BWGen already. For a general question like this, I’d recommend you look around for them. I think one of the stickies might have it, actually

i am makeing a CD so i dont have to get out of bed to change sounds

i made a joke about what would happen if u turned the visual colers to Red/Blue
:hyper: :nodnodwinkwink:

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but after listening to it for a while i went to go to sleep and as i was falling asleep all of the sudden it felt like i just got punched in the head and my head flew up and everything it was crazy. The thing was, usually when that happens your HI about getting punched in the head and that time i wasn’t i was half dreaming about something else. :eh:

lol , exactly one month after te last replie …

I listened yesterday to “Deep Mind IV” before going to sleep.
After that i had quite weird , unstructured dreams … ,I’m not sure if it was that , but a have a strong suspicion.

Very active thread.

All bar one of the brainwave writers on transparentcorp, have used 3 of the light sound machines and still have teh proycon or what ever the one with all three colors of light is, red green blue to have all the color of the world match your music or session to a wonderful landscape of color and beauty.

I am wrtin a few programs for lds 4s syndrome and relaxation suped for me.

Good stuff if you know how to use it right and know how to program your brain

If anyone wants some crazy (not necessarily lucid) dreams you should try out Twilightzone and Full Spectrum Descent presets. They can be found here.

Twilightzone preset made me have two LDs two nights in a row (though they were very short as I wasn’t sleeping deeply enough and woke up). Actually it would have been three, but in my other dream I forgot how to check if it was a dream. D’oh, yeah… And on the fourth night I just didn’t listen to it anymore. But anyway it’s a cool preset.
Oh, one more thing - it does make me have nightmares.