The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 56

Oh, LDing WILL help you with that! You’ll be amazed at what your SC can create!

and welcome to ld4all :content:


Yay!If anyone would like to read my latest story, the link is … y-11205704 2

“file not found” :sad:

I see the problem,The website separated the last number in it so its not a full link,just put the last 2 back on and it should work. link,

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Hello, I’m new to this forum. I found it about a year and a half ago (!) but it’s only now that i’m (more) interested in lucid dreams to register.

I’m interested in particular in a way to communicate (1 dreamer to another dreamer) through the state of consciousness of dreams (like phone or more probably email).

CU !

:welcome: hello quadhero, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
there is a Sticky: The BIG Brainwave Generator topic part III in the pathways forum :content:
I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all :smile:

:wave: hello Bluesfire :smile:
since you are a natural, you may like to try to complete all our lucid quests, you can find a list of them in the adventures forum the BIG Quest Topic (links to all the LD4all Quests)

BTW we have the garden of creation forum in which members can start topics to showcase their work … we also have fruits of lucidity for art etc inspired and taken from our dreams. :dream:

:welcome: hello kibu, welcome to LD4all, it’s great that you finally registered :yay:

Hi everyone, I’m new here, lol.

Just recently found out about lucid dreaming this week and found it very interesting. :smile:

:welcome: hello charmedone540, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
I’ve just replied in your fear topic :content:
Don’t forget to post your first LD in our dream journal forum when you get it :slide:

Hi im new to this forum. My friend download recamendid this forum to me

Hey, Jordan… that’s reccomended… but anyways, I know you get angry when I point that stuff out :truit:

yes i know that but i honestly dont care about spelling that much :truit:

hello :wave: nadroj321, welcome to the forum :content:

… and that is wrong too :tongue: it’s recommended :grin:

/me runs away from the :truit:

:peek: LOL :peek:

Ergh… I had a brain fart… :whistle:

Oh well!

Anyways, welcome, again Jordan!

Just so everybody knows, he has a way higher LD frequency than me, so there! Hah! :good:

:welcome: jordan to ld4all, new to LD’ing?

Hellooo. I’m new here, but not new with LDing. Been knowing it for so long, but still hope to learn more here.

:yay: hello CheeseBitsss, welcome to LD4all :smile:
You may wish to begin a DJ in our DJ forum and perhaps start with a few of your earlier LDs? :content: You also have an opportunity to earn some quest wings … our current LD quest is stopping time :clock:

:welcome: cheesebits to ld4all, I hope youll like this community, we have everything :grin: even a playground :tongue:

i’ve been browsing the forms and posting here and there…i have been a member for a few days now and i’d like to say hello to everyone and give a bit of insight about myself.
my name is Garret and i’m 20. I drink a lot of cranberry juice (my favorite). i fell in love with snowboarding and I go every chance i can (last time was during December 2008 in Utah).
now i’m just looking for my place in life, and I’m focused on coming to terms with myself, finding myself. soul searching…i guess.
i’ve experienced already so much of life…sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s easy…but i do know it always has meaning.

anyhow, i’m looking forward to getting to know everyone here

:welcome: mybright, if you want to know paople you should drop by here, playground and the DJ-forum (start an own too :content: )

good luck