The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 56

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hi everyone, im new and am very happy to be her, but i need help getting pointed in the right direction.

:welcome: fundash26.

What do you need help with?

Hi fundash

Do you have any experience with lucid dreaming ?

Have you tried any technique to have a lucid dream ?

The first thing I would advise you would be to take dreaming into your real life. Every once in a while look around and try wondering if this could be a dream. See how things are looking, try to fly, whatever…
Something I found very very useful.
Tracking your previous actions. It would be best if you could recall your entire day .
Just think, hmmm… ok I woke up, i went there, then there, then there etc… until you are where you are. It’s also very good to stop in every place you’ve been and remember that experience, how it was and how it felt.
If you will do this a couple of times a day + as I said before, testing your environment in any way you want to, with your mind, whatever…

If you will, it will start entering your subconscious mind. This meaning, when you become used to this, you start doing it subconsciously, just as when you start putting sunglasses when going out to the street without really noticing. Most of the actions of an average person are completely subconscious. As you integrate this process into your mind, your SC will shortly get it and your basic lucidity and awareness levels in dreams (&waking life) . I have a few people that this alone led them to a LD after a few days

The going to sleep exercise is a good bonus :smile:
in case mechanism ^^

In any case, try to be more relaxed then you are, more flowing and aware of the environment and yourself, that after all is the key to awareness, which is what lucidity is all about :wink:

Try to avoid negative thoughts as much as you can, especially in the hours prior to going to sleep, and as you lay in bed, try to stay, both mentally and physically, as relaxed and positive as possible.

And if you want to be lucid, you can always just decide. Try thinking about that moment before going into REM sleep (where the dreams occur) and think about deciding in that moment to enter a lucid dream, to entering the dream lucid, more to say.
Just tell yourself, your subconscious mind to enter the dream in a lucid mode.

I hope all of this helps, Ill be happy to assist you with further questions :content:

Sweet dreams ^^

As you go to sleep ( and if possible, a couple of hours before going to bed ) , kick out any disturbing thought, think only positive, empowering thoughts.

As you are getting sleepy and feel you are getting close to fall asleep, start to think about dreaming, dreams you have had before, experiences from a dream… Then, about tonight’s dreams, start wondering about how will they be, where you want to be, what you want to do , just try to imagine the situation, and express how nice it will be to be there. Just project that intent outwards very calmly .

Continue to do this until you fall asleep, it will work best this way…

thanks for the advice, i’ve been trying to LD for about 1 or 2 weeks now and i’m beginning to get impatient, i’ve been thrying to us the following :

it sounds to me likeyour talking about MILD?

:welcome: hello fundash26, welcome to LD4all.
I would recommend reading the choosing your technique topic in the knowledgebase forum. Using WBTB with the technique of your choice always multiplies the chance of becoming lucid. BTW you should have reasonable recall before attempting to induce LDs since it is pointless having a lucid dream and not being able to remember it :tongue:

Good luck :thumbs:


I’m new here, and that’s about it :razz:

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Welcome fundash,first post in the new topic,lucky you!
Hello, -Z!
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heyy im new

im not really new to LDs though.

not saying hello? :tongue:
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:welcome: hello jett95
I notice you already have 3 LDs, I hope you post them in our dream journal forum :content:

I look forward to reading all your future posts :grin:

helloo im new here as well. Im still waiting too have my first LD but it sounds like a lot of fun, i cant wait too have 1.

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Hi, I’m new too! I had my first LD last night, and it was amazing. :content:

:welcome: kyri, cograts on your first LD :thumbs:

Good luck in the future and enjoy the visits here :smile:

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Welcome, Kyri, and major congrats… I know how well the first LD feels!

And welcome to everyone else who is new, including those of who that have not posted here!