The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 56

/me :hugs: MyBright1 and :truit: GHOSTIE
He started a LD4all DJ as soon as he joined :content:

/me can’t imagine anyone saying that cranberry juice is their favourite :eek:

you dont like cranberry? i just dont see how ANYONE drinks grape juice EWWWW.

well, unless its wine :woo:

anyway, my dream recall was non-existant for a few days…but now im remembering my dreams…and the strange things they hold…not lucid yet, though

I know that this goes offtopic (unless I welcome myself :razz: ), but I have to comment, cranberry juice is very good and I like it.

Why? :eek: Im not in the DJ-forum so often, I didnt know, I just wanted to give him a welcomegift :shy:

Hi i’m new here, just joined yesturday. I am also new to LD-ing. I’m sure i’ve had an LD but not knowing it very long. So I am hoping to try try try until I have one. I am a very friendly person, and open minded. So I am open to advice adn suggestion. I would love to have questions answered, and mayb even answer sum questions. Its also nice to be able to talk to other people who are interested in the same thing I am i.e. LDs. Ne ways thank you for taking the time to read my intro. Have a great day.

Hi Jownswifey :smile: And welcome to Ld4all! :welcome:
It’s always nice to see new people join this community.
An open mind is always good it’s also good that your deticated I can tell you, after all your work, a Lucid dream is way worth it! :content:
I hope you have a great time here at Ld4all, it’s a great site with many great people. I hope you have lots of awesome LDs and learn many things while you are here.
Have a nice day aswell :tongue:

-Winter Depths

:wave: hello johnswifey86, welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:
I’m sure you will love the atmosphere here :content: no-one feels ‘new’ for long :happy:

/me wishes everyone a great night of dreaming instead :wink:

welcome johnswifey86,…im a pretty new member as well, good to have you!


I forgot to say hello when I logged. :ack:
So I want to say HELLO to everybody now.
Yesterday I had my first ld in 2009 ^___^ :happy:

:welcome: amania, then WE say hello to you :tongue:

Youre not the first one who missed to introduce in here :whistle:

:welcome: hello amania :smile: welcome to the forum.

Congrats :yay:
I hope you consider creating a dream journal here to post your LDs :smile:

Thank You! :happy:
Everybody is so nice here. :rofl:

There I said it.

Hey :welcome: to ld4all, I hope youll like LD’s and us :smile:

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there is a big hi Im new here topic, dont be afraid, we wont bite you :wolfbite:

HI, welcome.
you know, there’s a topic about new members.You should have posted it there.

Hellooooo :happy:

:wave: hello Zoeberia, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:

/me wonders what everyone is talking about

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I moved your post into the official topic :wink:

hey zoeberia, welcome to the group

*gives zoeberia LD’s and cookies :cookiemon:

welcome zoeberia
welcome anmania
great to have two new members on the forums and congrats on your first LD
i reccomend you start a dream journal
and that you click the spoiler line in my signature. :content:
(sorry if i shouldnt have said that moogle i wasnt sure)

Hello, I’m new(ish) to the forum. I used to browse here a lot a few years ago, but I hadn’t even thought of LDing for a very long time until a few nights ago. It was somehow brought up in a conversation with a friend, and I ended up having my first LD in a long time the same night! I forgot how much I enjoyed it. Hoping to get back into it :smile: See you guys around.

:welcome: scatterbrain and congratz on your first LD :thumbs:

And good luck with your following LD’s