The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 56

:wave: hello johnswifey86, welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:
I’m sure you will love the atmosphere here :content: no-one feels ‘new’ for long :happy:

/me wishes everyone a great night of dreaming instead :wink:

welcome johnswifey86,…im a pretty new member as well, good to have you!


I forgot to say hello when I logged. :ack:
So I want to say HELLO to everybody now.
Yesterday I had my first ld in 2009 ^___^ :happy:

:welcome: amania, then WE say hello to you :tongue:

Youre not the first one who missed to introduce in here :whistle:

:welcome: hello amania :smile: welcome to the forum.

Congrats :yay:
I hope you consider creating a dream journal here to post your LDs :smile:

Thank You! :happy:
Everybody is so nice here. :rofl:

There I said it.

Hey :welcome: to ld4all, I hope youll like LD’s and us :smile:

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there is a big hi Im new here topic, dont be afraid, we wont bite you :wolfbite:

HI, welcome.
you know, there’s a topic about new members.You should have posted it there.

Hellooooo :happy:

:wave: hello Zoeberia, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:

/me wonders what everyone is talking about

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I moved your post into the official topic :wink:

hey zoeberia, welcome to the group

*gives zoeberia LD’s and cookies :cookiemon:

welcome zoeberia
welcome anmania
great to have two new members on the forums and congrats on your first LD
i reccomend you start a dream journal
and that you click the spoiler line in my signature. :content:
(sorry if i shouldnt have said that moogle i wasnt sure)

Hello, I’m new(ish) to the forum. I used to browse here a lot a few years ago, but I hadn’t even thought of LDing for a very long time until a few nights ago. It was somehow brought up in a conversation with a friend, and I ended up having my first LD in a long time the same night! I forgot how much I enjoyed it. Hoping to get back into it :smile: See you guys around.

:welcome: scatterbrain and congratz on your first LD :thumbs:

And good luck with your following LD’s

welcome to the forum scatterbrain

i wish you luck on future LD’s i had one just 2 nights ago

:wave: hello scatterbrain, welcome back to LD4all :happy:

:content: I hope you post the lucid dream in our dream journal forum :happy:

I’m just wondering why you decided to hide it in a spoiler :eh:

Welcome scatterbrain, i hope you get more LD-s

welcome scatterbrain again

a couple of reasons

  1. a big purple blob stands out better then tiny text and i want peole to join (we need one more person.)
  2. i was worried it would exeed 4 lines and if i hid it in a spoiler it would get around that rule

also i was telling them to look because when i first came here i joined the LC challenge no.15 and it helped me get lucid a lot, so i figured this might help new comers get lucid

Daniel, if you put the word URL in an URL-tag, it still counts as 3 letters :wink: dont you remember my sig (to LD-challenge 15)

And you can always put size=24-tags in your sig :tongue: