The BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 56

:welcome: absent

some members here arnt to be trusted, if you see members named ghostie, mew151 or anybody else who isnt from canada, be very carful

:wave: hello absent. welcome to the forum :grin:
Have you read all the topics in the knowledge base forum yet?

You may like to read The BIG “My First LD” collection- Part V and the earlier parts … it is packed with first LD accounts :smile: (I hope yours will be added soon too :happy: ) The Lucid Adventures forum is also very inspiring :cool:

I hope you enjoy your time here :boogie:


ok, GHOSTIE, Danielns13 and gang …
this topic is an introduction and welcome one … not a one joke ‘insider joke’ one. If I see anymore trust warnings in this topic … I will remove the post. :truit:
If you must mess about with these trust warnings please take it to the playground

sure thing moogle ill stop with the trust only canadian thing, anyway welcome absent

WTF, ännu en svensk. :welcome: to ld4all, hope you like it here. I hope that your first LD is gonna be a good one, good luck.

Haha yes :wink: Märkte att det var en hel del svenskar här :wink:

And, thanks all :smile: I’ve been checking around now for a few days and it seems like it’s a really great forum!

I am new to the forum, even tho i visited LD4all last year.

:welcome: to ld4all, heres everything you need to get an LD. I recommend you to start a DJ so that you can record your dreams :cool: and dont forget to pass playground sometimes :smile:

:welcome: welcome to LD4all Hraesvelg :grouphug:
:content: once you are active and LDing you will wish you had joined on your first visit last year :wink:

hey i noticed that at the bottem of the page it says our newest member is a guy named Daniel4456 or something like that

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I’ve joined the LD’ers ranks. I just found out about LDs a few days ago and I’ll prolly start a dream journal here pretty soon. Once I have anything interesting to report, anyway.

Anyway, greets!

Welcome Yves
Yep keeping a dream journal is definately the best place to start.
And just read as much as you can about LD’s and all the different methods and everything. You will find it all in the forums.
Good luck with the LD’s

:welcome: to the forum yves

might i reccomend the playground to you or mabey lucid adventurs those are my fav sctions

:welcome: yves, I recommend you to start a DJ ASAP :smile: and good luck

:welcome: welcome to the forum Yves :grouphug:
As some of the others have said, you should start a dream journal right away and not wait until ‘something interesting’ happens. The dream journal will help your recall and also help you spot your common dream signs … plus it’s always good to be able to look back on previous dreams. :content:

Hey,I’m new here and I was hoping if someone could make something from this…I have LDed about every night since I was like,4 without trying ,my friend says its a gift,I like LDing and like some points on just how and why i do this every night.I never even knew I was LDING I just knew I was dreaming the whole time and could edit what was happening and everything seems real.

Moved from General Lucidness. :dragon:

I just joined and am very excited about lucid dreaming and I hope this site will help me, specifically with binaural beats, but i’m open to anything really!

:welcome: quadhero, here youll find everything youll need, and a DJ helps too :tongue:

You are what we usually refer to as a “natural”. Naturals LD naturally, even if they don’t know that LDs are called LDs :smile: Just go with it and have fun. You’ve got a powerful tool for self-knowledge and entertainment :happy:

/me waves


Welcome to LD4all!!! I hope that you’ll enjoy it here! gives cookies

As Rodrigo said, the term often used to describe yourself is a ‘Natural’. Whilst a lot of people struggle to Lucid Dream, there are lots that do it naturally without knowing any different. This is why it is difficult to answer your ‘How and Why’ question, as it is so natural. I don’t know what the physical difference between LD and ND’s are, or even if there is one, so just consider yourself lucky, and continue to enjoy it.

Even though I LD naturally, since joining this site; I’ve learnt so much and now thoroughly enjoy Lucid Dreaming, as I have so much more to do and experience.

So, just use this opportunity to expand your skills, and try new things!!

YAY COOKIES!!!lol,thank you guys for the help I hope to expand my skills.I am also a story author so Lding might help me in that!