You are so lucky and you dont even see it… Im into my second year of trying to have LD’s I remember 3-6 dreams a night on average and have not had ONE LD for 2 Years I am close to giving up as well.

Corey, you’ve had low lucids before, I know you have, you just have to work on getting those stronger and with greater power.

Just let them come to you.

I’m sorry! I wish you best of luck with the LDs.

However, keep in mind that even people who have more LDs than you may have worse dream recall. I know it’s VERY rare for me to remember three to six dreams in one night, so you’re lucky in your own way.

Don’t give up. LDing doesn’t take enough effort to justify giving up simply because you haven’t gotten results yet. Try something different. Play around with different techniques and attitudes. Above all, believe you WILL become lucid TONIGHT.

Good luck!

If you get out of hope, take a breath and try again more confident.

It’s useless to try it thinking you would not achieve what you’re trying!

You can achieve it, don’t worry. Just believe you can do it, trust your efforts!

Very good advice, relax a little. :yes: That’s how I get a lot of mine. :content:

Now, Corey: Tell us everything you’ve tried and what seems to have gone the farthest in your attempts. (like getting close in WILDing, ext)